The next days reading material from Harvey

H: Hi Babe,

Wednesday I woke up in a cold sweat truly believing I had stolen a helicopter, I pinched it and flew her home, calling in at my friends on the way to avoid a weather front. I truly believed it would be in the back garden when I opened the curtains. LOL it wasn’t

This morning I woke hard and leaking, you had been naked and face down on the bed, you were very brown with a lovely white arse, I asked you to bend your knees and bring your ankles towards your bum, I slip my belt off and am tempted to use it on your milky white skin, you hear my belt and must have assumed the same as you tense in anticipation, I wait a second watching you as you wait for the pain and pleasure, it never arrived and I stroke your arse softly until you relax, I take the belt and wrap it around your thigh and the back of your gorgeous calf immobilising your leg, I mirror the action with a second belt pulled from the bag, you can open your legs and close them but other than moving your feet you are bound good and tight, your white arse needs attention so I slide between your legs and lick and gently stroke your cheeks my tongue dipping into your ring and down your slit, a feather from the bag strokes and tease your cheeks as I bring you off with my fingers…..

As a friend would you like to hear how it ends or have I crossed a line…?

Read in order

If I have crossed the line delete and don’t read:
You are instructed to hold on to the bedhead, you obey, I kneel between your legs and stroke your arse teasing and tickling you with the feather, you wriggle and squirm and I remind you not to let go I lower my head and probe your arse with my tongue as my fingers work your clit stretching and pulling your lips, your hand reach around and pull my head into you as you shudder to a second orgasm, I smile as you have now disobeyed me and given me a reason to change the colour of your arse, but first I secure your wrists to the thigh straps, I ask you a question “Left or right” Left is your answer I take the feather and stroke the left cheek caressing and teasing with my hand, the right cheek is going to receive pain and the left pleasure, smack smack smack smack smack smack, 6 of the best do the trick you are nicely pink……


Part 3 delete or read

With one cheek stinging and red one cheek sensitive I decide to make you look symmetrical the feather teasing your red flesh and my hand spanking your white cheek red you legs pulled back and wide by you wrists, I kiss your arse and make sure you are wet as a slide the butt plug into your arse pulling on your hips your face buries in to mattress as I fuck you fast and hard you scream as we cum together……
shall I continue?

Continued any way as I’m hard and stroking one out in the upstairs disabled toilet…

With my cum leaking out of your sex sliding down over the base of the glass butt plug I roll you over on your back kissing my way from your pink clit to your breasts and neck before settling my lips on yours for a lingering passionate kiss, I reach for the bag and blindfold you to block out one of your senses, I hit play on the stereo and the Halestorm play list kicks in you feel steel on you skin as I tease you with chains and clamps pinching your nipples the clamps

Then I woke up with a big smile on my face

You are still at my mercy and the bag has a newly purchased pussy pump my wish is your command…..

Oh my god! He knows what I like so well, it’s a shame we couldn’t have carried on but as much as I enjoyed reading it (and boy it got me so hot reading it, but more about that later) but mainly it made me sad. Sad that I’ve had to say no more and call it a day. It’s too hard feeling the way I do about him. I know I made the right decision for me, the longer we carried on the harder it would be. I know writing this I probably come across as very selfish but I have to be. I didn’t know how to respond so I left it a while to gather my thoughts.

A:Β Happy to read & listen xx
Glad you had a release xxx

H: How’s you?

I decided I’d be honest and tell him the truth.
A: I’ve read all those paragraphs and yes it’s had quite the effect! I’ve had to make my excuses and head back to the room to finish what your emails started. Yes I enjoyed it enormously thank you! It would’ve been so easy to call you and let you talk me through it. I’m glad I didn’t though because chances are you weren’t free and then we’d be back where we started!!
I’m not sure where we go from here though. I don’t want this to end up being like before where we pick up where we left off. I can’t go back down that road it’s too hard. I have to be honest because that’s what we promised each other.
I will always be here to listen, always. But I can’t respond it’s not fair.
Still here, still your friend,
H: Agreed xxx
A: Back to man of few words!
That’s completely fine too.
See you next week xx
H: I thought you would like that, just home and once son goes to work I’m all alone so I’m going to read and play xxx
A: Enjoy the playtime! Where’s your wife??
H: Out with friends for a meal until 9 ish
A: Must be nice that things are better and you at least get time to yourself now. I’m currently on a sun bed chilling by the pool. Dick’s in the room asleep and the girls are in theirs getting showered etc.
First time I’ve had some peace since before Italy and it’s well overdue!!
Enjoy the peace x
H: I’m glad, are you reading any good books? How’s the tan progressing?
A: I’m reading The Babylon Idol by Scott Mariani it’s ok so far. It’s a bit historical thriller meets deadly assassin with a good measure of death & destruction. Suits my mood πŸ˜‚
Tan is getting there thanks slowly x
H: Laughing, have you read the psycho killer books yet…..
A: Read them? Who do think wrote them? πŸ˜‰
H: πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
A: I’m off to get ready and rejoin the family.
Thanks for the laughs & chat, enjoy your peaceful evening xx
We will totally be fine I’m sure when I return xx
H: Keep smiling xxx😘
Son has just gone to work so I’m happy 😊
A: Enjoy xxx

Now because I felt bad about the fact he was alone with only his imagination to guide him, I sent him one last photo of me (without my head, obviously!) so he had some inspiration and could see my white bits!
A: One last time – enjoy! Xxx
H: Committed to memory, you are looking very hot xxxxxx
I’m empty… but instantly hard. What a friend xxxxxxx
A: You’re completely welcome. Treasure the memory as I will.
Tomorrow I’ll go in and delete if you haven’t already xxx
H: Deleted – Xxx
It’s raining here, it must be Silverstone weekend!
Will you be watching?
A: Thank you!
Probably not, plan to top up my tan as much as possible!
Enjoy the race xxx

I honestly think we’ll be ok. I was worried that everything would evaporate, it still might to be fair, but for now we seem to be ok and I’m grateful.


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