Communication before I went on holiday!

Decided I’d post the emails we shared before I went away and we lost all communication.

H: I woke this morning as hard as hell xxxxx you were on my mind all night,
I’d been shopping and bought some new toys…..
Dressed in your basque stockings and suspenders stood in your heels as I walk around and around you, touching, caressing feeling and teasing you as I admire your body I blindfold you and continue to tease, your legs open as my hand forces it’s way into your knickers, I spread your legs further and attach the shortens spreader to your ankles, your perfect tits get my attention and your nipples respond to my teeth, you hear the bag of toys rattle and bite your lip when you realise the cold chain and clamps are in my hand, squeezing your nipple with my fingers allows me to apply the cold steel of the clamp your breathing sharpens as I repeat the process the weight of the chain pulling on your nipples, the 3rd clamp dangles and brushes you slit, I drop to my knees and finger fuck you fast and hard whilst sucking your clit out of hiding, squeezing and teasing it until I clamp it at the base, you yelp as it grows and pulsates my tongue making you hyper sensitive, I lower you to your knees and you instinctively open your mouth…..
My cock traces a line around your tits, pre cum leaving a trail as I lift the chain onto the top of my cock and raise it to your mouth , as I fuck your mouth the chain pulls and strains on your nipples and clit your protests for me to stop go unheard as I cum and you swallow ………..
With me flaccid I can fully concentrate on your pleasure, releasing the clamps lets blood rush freely with the associated rush comes a scream….
I lead you to the bed and tie your wrists to your ankles I have a perfect view and easy access to your glistening pussy I can reach to smack yourself arse cheeks pink to match your swollen pussy colour.

A: Yes please! It feels like it’s been a while since you were inside me.
I’ll respond properly when I get home xxxx

H: You are still blindfolded on your back, legs stretched and hands tied to ankles as I reach into the bag, a second later you feel cool plastic around your pussy at the same time you hear air been expelled a quizzical look comes on your face as the sensation hits your pussy lips, I squeeze the hand pump and watch your Pussy grow and fill the pussypump, I release the air and repeat your lips grow and you are so sensitive to my tongue you cum in my face as I lick and bite your clit xxxxxxxx
Rolling you over your arse sticks in the air just at the perfect night for my tongue to lick and probe wet finger slides in and out as I tease your rim, fingers on the other hand deep inside making you squirm as the toy bag rustles and I reach for the newly purchased Anal beads your arse resists but not enough to stop the beads as I gently push them in one at a time, smacking your arse hard if you resist too much..
fingers inside your cunt my thumb hitting your swollen clit you tense to another Orgasm as I pull the loop and watch you shudder as the beads stretch your arse one at a time…….

A: Cannot wait to get home and and relieve the pressure I’m currently feeling. Wish you could feel how wet I am right now!

He then sent me the following photo and description:


H: Pump your pussy to a new level of sensation

Through a strong vacuum you can increase the sensitivity of your vaginal area. Through a regimented pumping schedule one can increase the size of their labia. Pictures shows increased size after just a few pumps. Due to different physical makeup’s you may need to adjust the cylinder so you can get a tight seal around your vaginal area. A high level of pressure will be required to get a good seal. We also recommend Eros Lube to help create that necessary seal to get a successful pump. Measures 3 inches wide and 4 inches long.

This accessory is hand crafted and made of the finest, industrial strength crystal clear acrylics. The pussy cylinder is tapered toward the top to match the natural shape of your anatomy for maximum comfort. Each cylinder contains a state-of-the-art air valve which allows for quick and easy disconnection from the pump while maintaining pressure within the cylinder. No gaskets are required.

A: Oh my god!
Slightly terrified xxx

H: Slightly excited? Xxxxxx

A: I feel sick but in a good way xx

H: πŸ€—

A: The hug was very much appreciated xxx
I don’t think you have any idea the effect you have on me. I wanted nothing more than to be on my knees with your hard cock in my mouth xxxxx

H: Bizarre I had the same feeling xxxxx

A: Soon babe. Planning always leads to disappointment but at least we got a hug, kiss and a brief cheeky feel. I’m so wet you’d slide right out of me!
Cannot wait to be naked and at your mercy xxxxx

H: Soon very soon xxx

A: 😘
Have a good evening & great day off tomorrow.
I’ll keep in touch where I can xxx
No promises, no demands communication will be what it will be xxxx

H: Night babe, just leaving work xxxx catch you tomorrow if possible xxxxx

A: Night babe 😘 I’ll be around until 4 so speak tomorrow all being well, if not we’ve got email xxxx

After re-reading all of today’s emails I climbed into bed thinking of you and all of your deliciously wicked plans for me!
Immediately my nipples got hard so I gave them some attention. Before long my hand headed south to stroke my very wet slit. One hand squeezing my tit whilst the other got busy sliding in and out of my soaking pussy.
Hard clit pinched between my fingers making me squirm. I raised my knees so I could take the vibe from the drawer and use that to finish off with a shudder. Quick but very much needed after today.

Wish you’d have been able to see it. I think you’d have enjoyed seeing me pleasure myself. I doubt you could’ve just sat and watched though you’d have wanted to join in.
I’d have let you. But not before I had you at my mercy, begging me to stop you coming as my tongue licked the rim of your hard cock as I stroked your shaft, my other hand under your balls, scratching the skin gently so they moved in my hand. My lubed finger just pushing past your arse as I gently motion my finger upwards, all the time sucking and stroking. You tell me to stop but I don’t. I remove you from my mouth but still fingering your arse and stroking your cock you cum all over my tits. You watch as I rub it in, licking the cum off my fingers. You bend me over and smack my arse, telling me that I’ve disobeyed you and that you need to punish me. You cuff my hands, push me backwards and tie me to the bed. You kiss me on the lips and move down my body slowly, kissing, licking and nibbling every bit of me as you move down. Twisting my breasts as they change colour. With my wrists and ankles tied you bury your head in my pussy, holding my lips apart so you can lick every bit of my wet slit, sucking my clit & fingering me until I cum. By now you’re hard again and with no warning lift my legs and thrust straight into me as I pulse & clench against you………..

I miss you already 😘 xxxxxx

Next day!

H: Wow, thank you that sounds amazing, I stroked one out this morning xxxxx

A: 😘😘

Then heard nothing πŸ˜‚

Isn’t communication wonderful?


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