Tired & cranky

So I’m getting ready to go away again on holiday on Monday. Today I’ve been really busy getting everything up to date so that I can leave the office with a clear-ish conscience tomorrow.
I’ve mostly had to listen to people today tell me how very lucky I am to have so many holidays, how generous my husband is to treat me to these lavish holidays and I’ve basically spent the day having to bite my tongue and resist the urge to tell these people to fuck off as they have no actual clue at all. I’m fortunate that I was left a great deal of money as a child by one of my aunts and that I get a very generous allowance from it monthly, this allows me/us the freedom to treat ourselves occasionally. They have no idea that actually I don’t even want to be in the same room as him let alone go on holiday with him. We talked last night about me taking the girls on my own (We’re taking Joy’s best friend to keep her company) and he agreed. He said he’d drop us off at the airport and pick us back up. I’ve thought about it all night after another epic night of no sleep again and I’ve decided that that isn’t a good idea. I’m worried that if I tell Taylor’s mum & dad that we’re not going together they will be reluctant to let us take her.
We will go and make amazing memories for Joy & Taylor, hopefully by then I will have chilled out enough to get through it without committing murder. I’m not looking forward to him being there but hopefully I can sit in the sun with my shades on, headphones in, drink in my hand and a good book while I relax. God knows I deserve that after the last few weeks.
No Harvey, no Dick (literally & figuratively) or work drama to distract me.
I just pray that he has the good sense to keep his crackpot views & thoughts to himself for fuck sake as I know I have to keep a lid on it all in front of the girls.


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