Mini meltdown in progress

I’m struggling. In spectacular fashion.

Harvey is being attentive & communicating. We’re practising restraint in the office before one or both of us get fired. This is good.

Frank is ok, he’s busy at work and with his friends and seems happy. He’s currently using a courtesy car as his own is at the garage with a cracked engine manifold but being sorted under warranty. (How the fuck you crack an engine manifold in a 2 year old car is beyond me, but hey thank god for warranties!). His girlfriend is still a major pain in the arse as she’s a lazy bitch but that’s a whole other different post. But he’s ok and that’s good.

Joy has had her prom and she looked absolutely beautiful even if I say so myself. She was nominated for prom queen which surprised her and although she came second, she was happy with that as she didn’t expect to be nominated. We had a very stressful Friday getting her ready. I say we meaning Joy & myself. Dick was working and was never going to be part of the getting ready process.

We spent the day getting her nails done, she decided to do her own hair and make up and she looked stunning. Hair didn’t go to the plan but we styled it out, literally.

Dick was supposed to finish at lunchtime, come home, get changed and the plan was to take her to her friends at 4.30 so they could all get photos and set off in the fun bus we’d hired for them. Sadly though due to some emergency Dick couldn’t get away from work so my sister took us to Joy’s friends house. I got lots of photos and the photographer there took photos of us all. I have a few nice ones of me & Joy but none of me, Joy and her dad!

Waved her off and balled my eyes out when I got home. Once again I’m doing it all on my own. I know things happen and work is important but I think he could’ve said no. Just put Joy first for a change. He must’ve felt bad because after work he went to the venue where prom was being held to see her and take some photos. One of my friends took a photo of him giving Joy a kiss which is lovely and I know she was happy he went to see her.

Since Friday night I’ve been exhausted and out of sorts. I think I’ve probably overdone it and stressed myself out, and now I don’t have that to focus on, maybe it’s the anti climax of it all.

Last night I took something to help me sleep so hopefully I’ll feel better today.


4 thoughts on “Mini meltdown in progress

  1. I understand your feelings. Mr. Ava could have taken time off that day. I hope he has a really good reason not to have. But he did make amends (maybe a little bit). I hope Joy did not feel bad about it.

    In any case, pass my congratulations to Joy for becoming the Prom Princess!

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