Weekend was ok, I kept very busy and stayed out of mischief. I met my friend Alice for afternoon tea and a cheeky glass of wine, just a small one though.
I’ve started to reach out to old friends as I’m starting to feel like my old self. My social side is coming back which is about time. I need to fill my time doing things that don’t include moping around at home feeling sorry for myself or brooding about how terribly unhappy I am.
I was part of an online group of ladies that took up a great deal of my time and kept me busy and engaged. These ladies I referred to as #thesisterhood and became like family. I know I’m not an idiot and know that online friendships are not real life. As a collective we shared common interests (nails) and through the power of online chat we discovered that we had a great deal in common. My post thanksgiving here gives you an insight into how close we all became.
Anyway slowly one of the girls in the chat, the youngest, got a little too big for her boots and decided to throw a grenade in the chat by calling out of the others. A big no no and I jumped in to defend. Long story short it exploded in spectacular fashion and I left the chat. I figured I’m 46 and far too old for all that shit. We now have a new chat with those of us that had formed the strongest friendship and that’s a better fit for me. I was asked to join which makes me feel better about my decision to leave #teamadolescent

I’m not as active in the new group as I was, but I dip my toe in occasionally if I feel I can add value, or need a good laugh, the girls are a good tonic. We’ve all met in real life too which helps I’ve found.

One of the readers of this blog I’ve become quite good friends with is Magenta. What started as a simple contact form from my home page asking a question about setting up her own blog, has developed into a proper friendship. We’re both in similar low sex marriages and seek our fun elsewhere.
Over the course of email we’ve had conversations regarding our relationships, background and even a section on ‘Ask Ava’ where she asks me to elaborate on various sexual practices I’ve enjoyed with Harvey. I’m grateful to have people I can talk to in the real world about issues & topics that affect/motivate/move me personally but I’m even more grateful to have Magenta as a non judgemental sounding board with my exploits with Harvey. Thank you for continuing to be a light in dark times and being a consistent support & true friend. Long may we continue to flourish in our unconventional but very rewarding friendship 😘



4 thoughts on “Friendships

  1. My dear friend, Ava….I am ever so grateful to have found you. Thank you for listening to my crap haha! I truly value all that you bring to my life, you are a very special woman 😘

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