Wednesday night

Harvey and I had a play date Wednesday night at a hotel for a conference we were at the next day. It was so good to be away and not have to sneak around my home town that’s for damn sure!

Myself and the girls in my team arrived early afternoon and we had such a good laugh. We’d all bought drinks, chocolates, sweets & crisps etc and partied in my room in our comfies. I’d bought spa treats with me so we could chill and have a good pamper. So funny, the girls were laughing and letting their hair down and it was just nice to be relaxed. They got through 2 and a half litres of wine, a bottle of pimms and various soft drinks, those girls can party 😂 I’d bought some foot care kits which are basically a sock for each foot filled with intensive moisturiser so we put those on and then we had facial skin masks. We looked fucking hilarious, good job we decided to do it in the room rather than the spa 😂

After 2 hours of fun & games they left for their own rooms as we planned to go to dinner then have an early night. 5 mins after Freya left, she messaged to say she was lost so I had to rescue her wearing only my pjs! Shorts with a strappy top wearing no underwear 🙈 I prayed I didn’t bump into anyone I knew! Luckily I didn’t, but it did mean I got to scope out Harvey’s room and check it wasn’t next door to hers!! My room was next to one of the girls and directly opposite the other, I knew Harvey had a particular suite booked so I messaged him and told him I’d go to him this evening.

We got ready for dinner and had a great evening laughing and generally enjoying ourselves. I’d already laid the plan for my departure as the girls know I can’t drink, and that I need to rest due to my many health conditions so when I said I’d be calling it a night there was no arguments and the girls all decided to leave too.

I’d already seen Harvey in the bar through the window in the restaurant so I logged on to my email.
He said he’d arrived and that he’d left his door open for me by leaving paper in the lock. Talk about careless, anyone pushing the door would get in! I got to my room and packed my underwear, stocking, toiletries etc and my shaving stuff as he planned to shave me.
Got to the suite to find that yes I could get in and the room hadn’t been ransacked!!
Messsged him to tell him I was having a bath and that I’d see him later.
I bathed, washed and dried my hair, brushed my teeth then got into my underwear and shoes. I’d chosen a black lace bustier with attached suspenders, g string and stockings and put my heels back on and waited for him to return. I dimmed the lights, got comfy on the sofa and played Ludovico Einaudi. Totally relaxed I almost fell asleep 😂 I sent him a photo of my legs wearing my stockings and heels with the simple heading ‘bored’

He soon arrived after that! He came over to me on the sofa and kissed me and went in the shower. He said he felt very privileged to come in to the sight of me in my underwear waiting for him! He showered and came out wearing shaving cream and realised he’d made the rookie error of not bringing his blade so I gave him mine, he shaved and returned to me wearing a bath robe. He pushed the string away from my slit and very quickly started stroking and playing me with his fingers. He said he wanted to shave me straight away so we got organised and I positioned myself on the bed.
He had told me he had ‘engineered’ a leg spreader so I was a little apprehensive at what he’d come up with. Well it was a work of art, he’d fashioned a 3 piece interlocking bar out of a pair of crutches. At both ends of the bar there was a ring attached. He then removed 2 leg restraints that were thick rope with a carribena attached to clip onto the bar. Genius! Well apart from the fact it was too long at its shortest length as he hadn’t allowed for my very short legs 😂 I presumed he’d based it on where my legs come to on him, and he’d not taken into account I always wear heels. (Side note to add that when we went to lunch yesterday I asked him and it turns out there was no such measurement, he’d just winged it!). Problem solved as he removed the tie from his bath robe and tied my ankle with that then attached it to the bar.
He shaved me carefully, it was so intimate though, carefully stroking me with the blade and such a turn on. Once he’d finished he got a hot towel and wiped me down, buried his tongue in there and it got very hot and heavy and I told him to remove my leg restraints. I wrapped my legs round his head and pulled his hair as I came.
Time for a swap he laid on his back as stroked him hard, my g string was still on the bed so I tied it underneath his balls and round his hard cock. It was something we’d discussed in a previous email (I must start blogging these emails again!). With it tied tight I stroked and sucked until he was ready to blow, I squeezed the base to prevent him coming and we kissed and stroked each other, he then stood next to the bed and with me on all fours he fucked me from behind. There was spanking, restraints, biting and all angles covers over the next few hours. I know at one point I’d got the vibe on him with his balls still tied. I’d got the lube and rubbed it onto my fingers. Slowly fingered his arsehole and using the technique of a “come hither” movement my good friend Magenta had eluded to in our email discussion, Harvey seemed to appreciate it! I managed 2 fingers in and he was thoroughly enjoying it but I think struggling not to come he asked me if I could fuck him and do that at the same time. I said I’d try! I’m a fucking idiot as I planned to face him and reach my hand behind me (this was obviously never going to work 😂) as I got ready to climb aboard he suggested I may have more success facing the other way! Such a fucking rookie! I’m amazed the laughter fit didn’t kill the mood. Needless to say he got a very happy ending and if the smile on his face was anything to go by, I’d say he loved it!
A good time had by us both. We cleaned up, got washed and laid on the bed just kissing and hugging. It was a great night and I really enjoyed it. It felt so intimate this time but it made me a little uneasy at how easy it all was. Harvey was soon asleep, I cuddled up but couldn’t settle. He snores for Britain which I’ve never noticed before! Not sure if it was because he’d had a drink though. I realised I was unsettled because I hadn’t had my medication before bed as I’d forgot to pack it. I decided to do the walk of shame back to my own room. I had warned him before he fell asleep that I’d probably do that so he shouldn’t be surprised when he woke and I wasn’t there. I got back to my room but didn’t sleep, in hindsight I should’ve stayed where I was, at least I might’ve got round 2 when we woke!