I’ve not been around much as life has plodded on in it’s usual manner. Things are ok. Dick is being reasonable, Frank is ok, he’s working, socialising, going to the gym and is generally happy, Joy has had a break this week but about to carry on with her exams so she’s not stressed but she’s not carefree either. She is ok. Ok pretty much sums up our life right now.
There has been plenty of interaction between myself & Harvey, there’s been resistance but lots of emails and conversation. We’d wound ourselves up to the point of frustration so we needed a plan and one was made.
We have an away day with work this week so we cautiously planned to slip away from our colleagues and bunk together. The anticipation of the upcoming night was making us both crazy but luckily we managed to sneak in a cheeky Friday afternoon hotel visit and it’s safe to say we both throughly enjoyed it!

Harvey’s wife is away with a friend for a little break so he wasn’t missed or being checked on. I told Dick I was at a meeting at this hotel and that it would probably run on until 5.30. Excellent plan. In theory, in practice though not so much. Harvey had booked the hotel only the day before and usually sends me the confirmation, I was literally just leaving work about to get in the taxi as he calls me and tells me he’s booked the wrong hotel! Luckily it’s only 10 minutes away and not the end of the world, but I don’t know who works there, it’s right next door to a chain restaurant that Dicks brother lives near and often goes there on a Friday night for dinner!!
Fuckwit. You had one job Harvey for fucks sake!! He messaged me in the car and told me what room he was in and to go right at reception. 3 people manning reception luckily I didn’t know any of them! I got to the room and Harvey opened the door on the phone to my colleague. (Note to self, must remember to tell him I heard everything and knew who he was talking to so he’s never to answer the phone to me unless he’s alone!)
He continued his conversation as I removed my dress and hung it up. I walked round to him in my underwear and heels and started to unbutton his shirt. He obviously approved as he couldn’t get off the phone quick enough! We kissed and he said he needed to shower as due to the change of hotel he hadn’t had chance. There was a sofa in the room so I sat in my underwear and waited for him to return, it soon got hot and heavy so I played some music to hide the sounds.
He removed my breasts from the cups in my bra and pinched my nipples, sucking them in turn until they were pink and upright, his other hand got busy in my knickers, he pushed them to the side and fingered me through them. I ran my hands through his hair and stroked his back. We kissed and as he stood I sucked his cock while sat on the sofa, soon he dropped to his knees, removed my knickers, put my legs over his shoulders and buried his head between my legs. He is very skilled!! First of many orgasms right there.
At some point my bra & shoes came off and we were on the bed, kissing, stroking, biting, getting spanked (both of us). He asked me to tie him to the bed and fuck him so like the good girl I am, I complied!
Shocked him a little because I’ve been practising my knots so his face was surprised when he realised, in fact I got so good he told me I needed to release the one arm as I was at risk of cutting off his circulation 😂 so yes knots are tight, I need to work on being accurate on where to tie!
I blindfolded him, kissed him and made my way down his body. I stepped away from the bed and removed some goodies from the bag of tricks. I smacked him hard on the thigh with my hand and he groaned, left quite the handprint so I stroked it gently, blowing on it to cool the sting and I slapped his other thigh with the leather cuff. I sucked his cock and he begged me to stop as he didn’t want to come. I rode him for a while, bringing him to the edge then got a cock ring out of the bag and put that on him. I removed the blind fold and sat on his face so he could taste me. Blind fold back on I made my way down his body again. I’d put the lube on the bed when I bought the leather cuff out. I applied lube to my finger and gently slid it slowly into his arse, pushing a little further with each stroke. Using my other hand to stroke his cock and suck him, licking the tip as I increased pressure as he groaned and wriggled beneath me. I asked him if he was ok and said yes. I slid in two fingers and applied more lube. At this point I could tell he was loving it, I lubed up the butt plug he’d used on me last time and gently entered it, moving it back & forwards until it was in. I switched on the vibration on the cock ring and stroked his hard cock. He begged me to fuck him so not knowing what the protocol is I removed the butt plug as I didn’t want to kill him. I climbed aboard and fucked him until he came! I can honestly say I’ve never had a reaction like that ever. I removed the blind fold and he had a look of happiness and then when I showed him what I’d used on him it changed to complete astonishment on his face. I cleaned him down and untied him. He held me and said he needed a nap 😂
We lay together for a while chatting about how easy this is, there’s no embarrassment or discomfort we just click. His hands started to wander and I was told it was my turn. I laid there stroking him while he got me off a few times with his fingers and just when I thought I couldn’t come again he proved me wrong! A thoroughly enjoyable 2 hours for us both. Once we had washed & got sorted he gave me a lift to the original hotel so I could call Dick and let him know my meeting had finished. I got the bus home as Frank had Dicks car still so my alibi and cover story were in tact. I’m not asked or questioned but I need a reliable back story if I’m ever seen. At the end of the day this is where I live. I run the risk every time I do this so I have to be prepared! I got home, had a takeaway, long soak in the bath and chilled out!
Not long to wait until next time, Wednesday night will soon be here!