My heart hurts today

There’s been a terrorist attack at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester. A concert that Joy wanted to attend, but I said no, it’s in the middle of her exams and it would be too much of a distraction. It’s not local so it would be too late for getting home.

So my baby girl is safe in her bed and I’m so relieved but my heart hurts so much. So many of her friends went and I know at least 2 are safe, I’m praying the rest are ok. I have to wake my baby up in 5 minutes and lie to her, tell her everything is ok and she needs to carry on and not let terrorists win. That what they want, chaos and misery. But I can’t tell her how fucking horrible this world is. That you can’t even go out and have fun because it’s not safe.

Bastards. I’m so angry and my heart hurts.

I will wake my baby, give her the worlds biggest hug and tell her I love her. Because some parents/children can’t do that today because of a fucking idiot with no humanity decided that terrorism was a good idea.

I hope the person responsible burns in hell for eternity.

Be safe people and vigilant.

Ava x


17 thoughts on “My heart hurts today

      1. So sorry to hear that, I hope all your friends are safe and accounted for. I know Manchester well and I know you will all rise up and be strong! You will not be bowed, you will show every one around the world how strong & defiant you are in the face of evil, as will we all!
        Big hugs my friend.

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      1. Let us know when all of her friends are back, Ava. And if I could, I would like to ask you to let Joy sleep a while more. Hope there is no school today, and she does not need to know about this so early – let her be blissfully unaware for a few moments more. Just a thought.

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      2. Walker, we’ve had a cuddle and she’s ok. She’s now furiously checked on her friends and they’re all accounted for thank god!
        She’s going to school, revision is necessary to pass the exams that she needs to make a difference in this world!
        I raised a brave warrior and I couldn’t be more proud. In fact she told me not to be upset, she told me to “stay calm and carry on” I’m very lucky!
        Thank you for the wise words x

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  1. Ohhhh Ava!!! I learned of this in breaking news a few hours ago as we have a few TVs around set on the news channel at work. Your poor heart and head! What an amazing woman you are, my friend. I can only hope I raise children as amazing as yours when my time comes. Much love to you and yours xx

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    1. Thank you Magenta that’s a lovely compliment! I know when the time comes you’ll make an amazing mum, like me you’re blessed with common sense and a loving heart. Big hugs my friends x

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