Was a very strange, out of sorts day!

It started off ok, everyone up & out of the house fairly easily. I had a very busy day at work, in fact so busy I bought my laptop home and worked when I got in!!

My evening unravelled thanks to Dick not returning home at his usual time, Frank was late too. I asked Frank where his dad was and he told me he’d gone to drop his motorbike off and that he was going to pick him up in 90 minutes. To say I was pissed off would be an understatement. At no point did he think to call me and tell me. He’s had the damn thing delivered today and already I’m not even an afterthought. Thank god I decided against cooking dinner tonight it would’ve been ruined by the time he got home.

I’m such an idiot though, because instead of channeling my anger/disappointment on something constructive I reverted to classic Ava and called Harvey. He’s in a hotel tonight away from home, so I knew he was safe. I called him but got no reply. You’d think that would put an end to that but no, I decided to run the bath, take a pretty photo of my breasts and send it to him with the subject header “your loss” and tell him he’d missed out on an epic FaceTime session as I was home alone!

Once I was out the bath I checked my emails and he’d replied to say he was free so like the desperate whore I am I face timed him. Wrapped in a towel I chatted to him while I dried myself with the towel. My hand everywhere until I decided I’d give him a show by fingering myself on camera. It soon got both of us hot under the collar and while he told me what he’d do if he was here, and directing me what he wanted me to do to myself, he joined in his end!! A happy ending was soon enjoyed by us both! Practically at the same time too. Definitely cheered me up and put a smile on my face. I love the fact that what we have is so easy. I feel no embarrassment or shame, I don’t even care that he sees me with my tummy wobbling, he makes me feel amazing about myself and I’m grateful for that. We’re both on the same page and I’m sure he’s just as appreciative of me as I am of him. It is what it is!

Dick returned and proceeded to make his tea, he didn’t ask if I’d eaten or if I wanted anything. I sat with Joy as she returned literally 10 minutes after her Dad got home, and talked about her day. She’s quite animated and looking forward to starting her GCSE’s tomorrow. She’s totally not stressing thankfully. When I went into the kitchen I made myself some toast, Dick asked me why I hadn’t eaten. I explained that I waited for him to come home as I planned to eat together. He just made some derisory comment about how I can kiss all that goodbye now his bike has arrived. Now I know he’s joking, not even he is that cruel & nasty, but it really upset me. I should’ve just laughed or ignored him but as I’m a little hurt I decided to explode and told him that I realised that already when he didn’t have the common courtesy to tell me he would be late or have the decency to ask if I’d eaten & offer to cook me something! His face was a mixture of stunned & shock. I came into the lounge and ate my toast. He followed me apologising that he was sorry for the comment. I told him he should be sorry for not telling me he was going to be late! And so it starts. He went to bed 2 hours ago, I’m too angry to sleep. I knew the fragile peace couldn’t last. But on a plus side I did get an epic orgasm earlier. Every cloud has a silver lining!

Ava out!


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