Image of the day!


I saw this on Facebook and sent it to Harvey with the subject heading “So you’re good with knots”.

I hope he’s somewhere private when he reads it. He’ll probably shoot his load right there!!

I’m in a dirty, playful mood today. Shame there’s no one here to do something about it. I’ll crack on with my perusal of the internet and see where it leads me……..!


8 thoughts on “Image of the day!

      1. Dear Ava,
        I was actually wondering loudly about the artist who took the pains to tie such precise intricate knots on a naked woman without giving to the immediate urge of satisfying himself. I apparently do not understand the pleasure sought from the act of bondage, as my interests and urges are much simpler. But these interests of mine whilst they may seem basic or even primal, they are never lesser in essence or a profound understanding of pleasure than the artistic exhibition here.

        I have mentioned this before, I do not understand S&M relationships or bondage (or any of the 100 other forms of extreme kinks) and thus cannot appreciate the pleasure that people derive off of it. I however, do not stand to judge its presence in people’s lives. I am just eternally astounded by it, is all.

        I hope that explains my simple-minded expression (my my…) 🙂


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      2. Thank you for the clarification Walker. I too don’t get the whole S&M scene as the thought of pain does nothing for me. A gentle slap here & there is plenty! Each to their own. Different strokes for different folks 😂

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