Current thoughts

I’m sat here reflecting on the last few weeks since I returned from holiday. Things have been remarkably different in the house, there’s a sense of calm and the whole house is peaceful. I can only attribute the sense of peace to the fact that Dick and I are getting on, there’s no air of anger and the kids aren’t having to react to it. Is it everything I wanted and dreamed of? No not really. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice not to be arguing and I’m grateful we’re getting along, but it’s very flat. I might go insane as there’s very little conversation and no hint of sex. I know, some people would love to have this idyllic sounding relationship, but I’m bored shitless. I’ve often put our lack of conversation down to the fact that one of us is usually angry at the other, but it turns out we just don’t have enough in common. All this week with not being able to go to the gym, (long story, new trainer is a sadist and I managed to injure myself) we’ve spent our evenings in front of the tv watching mindless programmes. I’ve either read a book or done my nails. It’s not the stuff of romance novels is it? It could however be a lot worse. I’m thankful at least we’re ok and getting on.

Harvey is still very much a feature of my life. We’ve been in constant contact via email while he was on his holiday and that has continued upon his return to work Monday. We managed a brief conversation Monday morning getting up to date with work stuff, that ended with a hug and a kiss. It didn’t get out of hand and it was so good to have him back. I missed him far more than I should. He was away Tuesday and Wednesday so we chatted via email & phone. We’ve still got a very definite connection that neither of are fighting. It’s ok though, because our expectations are managed now we both know how we feel about each other. It helps that we have this almost chemical attraction to each other. Thursday things got out of hand again. We were on a teleconference in our usual room and when it was over we were soon back in familiar territory, hands everywhere, kissing, touching and generally one step away from getting it on. He took a call from our boss and the for the entire conversation I stroked him through his trousers, I unzipped him and got busy with my hand. His other hand that wasn’t holding the telephone was in my blouse squeezing my breasts and tweaking my nipples. As soon as that phone went down I was on my knees giving him the relief he needed. We got our breath back and was sat at he table as an maintenance engineer came in to say there would be a break in the power. Good job he hadn’t done that 5 minutes earlier! A valuable lesson as in our haste we hadn’t locked the door. We now have a definite agreement that we will not do this again. Yes, we can hug and kiss but that’s it. No more getting out of hand. We have made a plan to spend an afternoon together in a hotel and the week after an overnight. Hopefully this will give us both something to look forward to.

I know, I’m ashamed of myself.




7 thoughts on “Current thoughts

  1. Goodness me, again sounding like hubs & I a little – lacking convo and mindless tv 😑 Although hubs wouldn’t say that I don’t think -he loves waaay too much tv. I do enjoy keeping up with the odd series, like GoT & Suits etc, especially to be social at work or wherever, but he’s constantly watching something whether it’s sport or a show. We do have a bit in common & laugh about same things & agree on plenty but he’s not into a couple of my fave things at all – obviously not into sex, but I love a couple key things to me that he is most certainly not into at all.
    Ps. Dont be ashamed of yourself xx

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    1. It’s good to hear you have some commonality Magenta, makes things easier to get along.
      I wonder why we have similar men with low/no sex drive?
      Thank you for the p.s too, it’s appreciated xx

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      1. That’s so sad babe! It’s little wonder we seek validation elsewhere. I hope things improve, but I’m not holding my breath for us either! X

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  2. I would like to say you shouldn’t be ashamed of your feelings, but then, there are some social boundaries that no matter how vehemently we argue against them, we are sometimes bound by them. So my only suggestion would be to keep it cool when you are in the office – I shall desist from expanding further. Keep smiling my friend.

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    1. Walker, I hear you! I know you’ve advised before about being careful in the office but it’s hard! Now we have narrowly avoided detection that won’t be a problem. Thank you for being a voice of reason.

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