Dick, the holiday & beyond!

So onto the holiday, I’ve eluded in earlier posts that it was amazing, and it was. It was everything we needed. It started off on the right foot, we’d already had conversations about our relationship and we’d agreed to be more open and honest following on from the death of our friend. More about that here:

A brief look back to the past!

We’d agreed that we really needed to put every thing behind us if we’re going to make the best of it!

And to be fair things have been pretty good. No Xbox, no arguments, no taking the piss or nasty comments. Soon it was time to go away.
I packed our things and Dick helped which made a change. I usually tell him it’s easier to just do it myself. He made a valid point that I never give him the opportunity to help as I’m so independent, and that he feels like I don’t value his help and it makes him feel shit. I then stress myself out packing and he feels it’s my own fault!
Fucking hell, that was quite an eye opener I’ll be honest. Not only did he offer to help, he explained that he wants to help and that’s why he no longer offers. Turns out communication really works when it goes both ways!
Woke up day of departure, said goodbye to the kids, dropped Joy off at school and set off! Dropped off the car and arrived at the airport. Had breakfast, did some shopping in duty free and it was the most stress free travel day we’d ever had.
Arrived at the resort and it was beautiful, everything you could possibly want spread out over a gorgeous resort. Dick had really done his homework for this one. We had a week of great laughs, amazing food, plenty of rest, quality time and thankfully a few decent sex sessions too!
We spent most days having breakfast then either exploring the locale or spending it by the pool. Lots of reading & relaxing. Within a few days we were well rested and until my unfortunate sun cream allergic reaction we were well on for quite the tan. Luckily we found a pharmacy that could give me a cream to use to alleviate it so it wasn’t the end of the world. It did mean though that most afternoons we had to go back to the room to reapply it and usually that meant sexual adventures!!
I’m not one for showing my body in public, in fact I don’t even go topless abroad. I’m not a prude and I don’t have a problem with other people doing it, I just don’t have the confidence. The rash on my chest was irritating me so in the lift we were alone so I removed my bikini top. I was wearing a sheer cover all with a deep v neck down to the navel so you couldn’t see anything if anyone else joined us the lift. Dick pulled my cover all up and said he was checking I still had my knickers on. He was laughing as he said he knew I had as he knows I’d never do it, but he was surprised I’d removed my top so he was just checking. I decided to call his bluff and step out of them in the lift. I took his hand and put it on my breasts and told him if he was good I’d reward him in the room. He immediately got busy with his fingers much to my delight and surprise. Lift arrived at our floor and he left the lift first. I was a little out of breath and dropped my knickers, as I bent down to get them I gave the lift on the opposite side a full view of my bare arse 🙈 the shame of it. We got the giggles and practically ran to the room whereby he finished what he’d started in the lift, but that wasn’t without incident either! In our rush to get it on I put the do not disturb sign on the door and off we went. Dick was sat on the sofa and I sat riding him facing the door as in walked the guy to refresh our mini bar! So embarrassed but I just winked at him and carried on 🙈 he left rather quickly and I didn’t break stroke I just carried on. Too funny!! Afterwards we sat and laughed and Dick told me that he couldn’t believe we’d done that, it was like he had a whole new wife. I told him that life is too short and that we need to enjoy ourselves, if nothing else it was certainly memorable. After that afternoon we took advantage of having no kids and had sex as often as possible. Every time was something different, new positions, new things to try. I lied slightly and said I’d picked up these ideas in books like 50 shades and that I’d been curious. To be fair I had a few pangs of guilt thinking I’d done most of them already with Harvey but what the eyes don’t see the heart can’t grieve about! I finally feel able to express myself sexually with Dick, it’s ridiculous I haven’t before now. He’s not totally onboard with all my ideas but he might come round to them. Spanking & anal are two definite no’s which surprised me, I thought that might intrigue him but the thought of hurting me stops him from wanting to try. As far as I’m concern we’ve had the conversation and that’s the end of it. If he decides to change his mind that’s up to him. I’m sad because I really enjoy that, but he doesn’t know that as he doesn’t know I’ve already done both!!!
Since we’ve been back we’ve been ok, he’s more relaxed and he’s taken on board what I’ve said about bringing work home with him. He’s made a concerted effort to keep things light and I’ve only once had to remind him. He snapped at me on Monday and I told him straight away to stop and he did, he apologised immediately. We’ve had sex once since we got back, once in two weeks. This is an improvement providing I don’t have to wait another two weeks for the next instalment! I appreciate though that he hugs me every night and he kisses me before he leaves for work, it can’t be sex all the time when you have a demanding house and the kids around.
We’re ok I think.
It doesn’t stop me thinking about, emailing or wanting Harvey though……….!


4 thoughts on “Dick, the holiday & beyond!

  1. Ahhh Ava, definitely some similarities between our marriages! Has me wondering now if hubby feels unvalued too hence why he doesn’t help, I sort of started to wonder this a few months ago.
    LOVE that you winked at the hotel guy, hilarious.

    There’s a fabulous ball coming up in my town for adventurous types, TheBull told me about it although he hasn’t been. And I know I’d have the best time at it with my Harvey (aka TheMaster), although TheLinguist offered to fly in and take me (well, I’d be taking him as solo men aren’t allowed). Anyway I digress – I think you & Harvey should come! (and cum of course haha) – if only it wasn’t so far away…..

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Not sure I’ll get to the one coming up soon – they’re on a few times per year. I will definitely post about it when I do go though!


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