Harvey dialogue part three 25th – 28th April


H: I know, it’s just wishful thinking, hope the prickly heat has faded and you are now comfy xxxxxx
A: Babe you’re really missing me aren’t you?
Either that are you’re doing a kick ass job of making me think so and making me feel wanted. Either way it’s appreciated xxx
Sat in the sun, rash has faded so hoping it doesn’t come back!
Enjoy site hope you’re ok xxxx
H: Not missing you at all ….xxxx you are however wanted, appreciated and desired xxxx
A: Sweet! Spoken like a man that’s desperate for a blow job when we return πŸ˜‚
Miss you xxx
H: TouchΓ© xxx
A: I’m sat by the pool listening to music. Halestorm has come on and I’m smiling to myself thinking of how much fun we’ve had to this soundtrack.
Babe I can honestly say if it ends tomorrow I’ll be gutted but I’ll always have a smile on my face every time I hear one of these tracks!
It’s no coincidence that I immediately get wet too. That’s some legacy right there babe xxxxxx
H: Xxxx were so on the same page xxxx
A: I’ve never been this comfortable with anyone ever. That medication is amazing πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ xx
H: And you should take that medicine orally as often as possible with the odd suppository xxxxx
A: I meant the amyltriptilene πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Your ego knows no bounds! You do make me laugh though babe.
Hope today has been ok xxxx
H: laughing like mad xxxx productive day but boring just home (nearly) from site.
A: Whoops! (I included a photo of my extremely white boobs with the contrast of the red sunburn!)


H: Xxxx I have some special cream I can rub into your chest xxxxx
A: I don’t doubt it πŸ˜‚ xx
H: #babyoiltitwank xxxx
A: Typical selfish man πŸ˜‚
H: Me selfish… I’m the one giving you a pearl necklace xxxxxxxx
A: Classy!
You are such a fan of 70s porn aren’t you?
My initials are ** for ******** not ************* πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Pressed send and thought shit. That has my actual real first & second name on it. So much for the anonymous email for fuck sake.
Immediately emailed him.
A: I’m an idiot. Delete your entire inbox & sent. I used my actual fucking name in that last one 😳
After 30 minutes I hadn’t had a reply and luckily Dick was on the patio reading while I was on the bed resting. I decided to log into his email account and delete it myself.
A: Deleted them myself as paranoia set in.
You’re crap at deleting email and so many that are unread too!
H: Doing it now xxxx
I think I’d just clicked mark as unread as I was trying to delete them, or have I missed some communications? Xxxxx
A: Loads I’d sent that had never been read! I knew this after last time which is why I rarely message more than once now.
I learned a long time ago never to bother telling you anything important/heartfelt on email as it rarely gets read!
H: Confused as I’ve not seen them to read?
A: It’s usually when I’ve replied to you on a previous thread then started a new one. They’re probably still in your trash actually as I forgot to clear it. Like I said nothing in there mind blowing or devastating anymore as I’ve learned.
Please delete your trash as I forgot xx
H: Trash deleted xxxxx has the sunburn calmed down a bit yet? What’s this evenings entertainment?
By now we’d gone back out to the pool as it’d cooled slightly but I still needed to be in the shade. In response to his email I sent him a photo of my legs on the sun bed.,
A: In the shade.
H: Long and silky smooth…… looking good babe xxxx
A: What would you give to have those wrapped round your waist, shoulders or face right now?? Xxxxxx
H: Anything and everything xxxx
A: Even your cars???
Luckily you’ll very soon have access to my legs and everything else again 😘 xx
H: Yes I can always start a new collection xxxxx
A: Liar πŸ˜‚
H: LOL, it’s my pension I’m trying to keep xxxx
A: Good luck with that! I’m only still married because he gets half of mine and I’m worth more πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ xxx
H: I know that feeling 😘😘😘
A: 😘😘😘 xxxx
H: Sweet dreams xxxx
A: Night babe xxxx


H: Morning Babe,
Busy day ahead?
A: Packing and check out for 12. Off shopping then airport at 5!
Arrive back 12 uk time, home bed & funeral tomorrow afternoon.
Probably won’t be around much. Hope you’re getting sorted for your holiday!
H: Times fast running out,
As we fly early Saturday so I have tonight and Friday to sort everything,
Safe journey back and I’ll see you soon xxxx
A: Take care and have fun xxxxx
About to leave the hotel. Hope you get everything sorted for your trip away. Thanks for keeping me amused while I’ve been away.
See you when you return xxxxx


A: Arrived back. What a long arsed day that was.
Now to travel back home!
H: Morning Babe, hope this doesn’t wake you, just thought I’d say hi,
What’s your lunch plans?
A: I’ve had 2 hours sleep! Didn’t get back until 3.30!!
Hope you’re not flying ******** motorway closed on the way back due to overnight closures, fucking nightmare 😏
Funeral today so no lunch for me xxxx
H: Sorry I forgot about the funeral, never a good day.
******* for me flying tomorrow morning.
A: Thank you.
At least you won’t have traffic nightmare.
Have a great time and safe flight xx
H: Appreciating it’s the last thing in your mind today but I have cr booked out all day for 1 to 1’s on the 8th I’m at ****** on the 10th (overnight in the 9th) cr booked all day on the 12th and site on the 16th (overnight on the 15th)
2nd June hotel TBC from 15.00 to ????
7th June overnight for the event
As you can tell I’m not missing you 😘 in the slightest xxxx
A: Thank you that made me smile xxx
I didn’t miss you either πŸ˜‚ xx
H: Night babe xxxx
I’ll call you at your desk on Monday as I may need you to log onto my laptop (it’s on your desk) look forward to hearing your voice on Monday xxxxx
A: You’ll have a job babe it’s bank holiday Monday and I’m not in until Tuesday πŸ˜‚
H: Grrrrr I’ll manage another 24 hrs xxxx
Night babe
A: What’s so urgent that it can’t wait?
What needs doing?? Xx
H: Nothing the grrr was because I’ll have to wait till Tuesday to hear your voice xxxx it’s nothing urgent just something needs uploading by the 5th as I ran out of time today xxxxx
A: Smooth! πŸ™ŒπŸΌ
Email them across and I’ll upload them when I get chance. I’ll need your password xxxx


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