Harvey dialogue part two 19th – 24th April

Following on from my last post Harvey dialogue part one 17th – 19th April


A: Your wish is my command xxxx
Enjoy xxx (I’d sent him a naked photo!)
H: Mmmmmmmmmmm I can taste you in my mind xxxxxxxx
A: It will keep you going!
H: It will come in handy when I get home xxxx
A: Good. Please delete your inbox please later. I’m no longer safe to log in xxxxx
H: Will do xxxx
A: Thank you xxx
I miss you too for the record. Not enough to boil your bunny, just enough to make it worth coming back for 😘 xxx
H: Xxxx well articulated xxxx home soon so bye for now xxxx
A: Bye babe catch up as and when we can. No pressure, no promises, no demands xxx
H: Just at the gym xxxx need to get fit for June xxxxx music on shuffle hope Halestorm don’t make me hard xxxxx
A: That would be embarrassing if you’re next to a big burly guy weight training 😂
Well done! I’m on it as soon as I’m back xxxx
H: Thank god for Maggie T (and men in Lycra) xxxxxxx
Managed a whole 1k on the tread mill at 9.2 HR hit 180!!
A: Well done babe. It all starts now xxxx
H: It does, that’s day 2 with no sugar, day 3 should be easier xxxx
A: I’m so impressed! You know you can do it if you set your mind to it. Plenty of water should help wash out the toxins too.
#gymbuddies #stilllookgreatnaked xxxx
H: I have a better view than you do…. but I’ll fix that with a bit of time xxxxx night babe home now xxxxx have a safe flight and send me some pics of your white bit’s if it’s safe to do so xxxxxx
A: You’re too kind! #harveyisblind
Night babe xxxxx


H: Happy holiday xxxx what time do you fly?
A: Boarding now so will update as and when I can.
Be good xxx
H: 😘😘😘


H: Morning Babe,
Hope the flight was bearable and not full of screaming kids, I sent you 3 😘😘😘 last night but it looks like they may be lost in cyber space.
Enjoy the sun and tranquility, catch you as the day progresses xxxx
A: Morning xxxx
Arrived safely. Place is amazing! Won’t be around much but I will log in when I can and it’s safe to do so. Hope things are ok there xxxxxx
H: Things are fine here, not missing you at all (lol) xxxx
Enjoy the peace and quiet and concentrate on you and Dick, have an ace time and don’t worry about checking in I understand it’s difficult and a week without any distractions will do you good.
A: It’s nice to be away and have some chill.
I’m not missing you either 😂
H: I’m in the car park for the next 5 mins doing email, if junction * works let me know if not I should be down again next week x

Not missing you either but can receive face time for the next 5 mins

Maybe next week xxx enjoy the vitamin d and chill time. I did say I wouldn’t pester you but it’s hard…. not to x till monday xxxxx😘😘😘

(Now I was really confused by 3 emails in quick succession- wasn’t sure actually if they were for me because I know that he knows I’m with Dick so not sure how he thought I could call or FaceTime!)

A: Your email about being at junction * makes no sense unless I’m missing emails
I can’t FaceTime you while my hubby naps
Next Monday I’ll still be here.
H: J* is site*, I fancied a cheeky FaceTime I’m here most of next week sorting out the ****** issue.
Meant for you
A: Mystery solved I guess!
Enjoy xx
H: Xxxxx enjoy xxxxxx I’ll try and leave you in peace …… but like I said I’m not missing you xxxxx
A: No I can tell!!
I miss you too. At least if you were here I’d have a reason to be indoors……!
H: I’d be massaging after sun all over your back and shoulders, relaxing you and making you feel drowsy as you close your eyes and enjoy, you drift of to sleep face down and naked you wake dreaming you had been tied to the bed then you realise you have been you open your eyes and it’s dark, the blindfold cuts out all the light, you wriggle as a feather tickles your skin the more you wriggle the tighter I pull the bonds, you laugh and wriggle as I find every sensitive area of skin tracing the feather down you spine to your tight arse
Smack smack smack your white arse starts to match your sunburn I put the feather down and swap it for my tongue bringing you off with my finger as I kiss your ring probing with my tongue stretching with my fingers forcing the tip of my cock inside your forbidden sex I pull your head back with your hair as I fuck your arse fast and dirty cuming fast and hard…..
A: Now that’s a good use of time being indoors!
Can you be here soon???
Good job we have fantasy and memories to keep us going 😘
I hope thinking that up got you hard??
Wish you were here so that could be a reality and that way I wouldn’t have to get myself off, you could do it! Xxxxx
H: My cum leaks out and I massage it into your clit and lips smacking your arse as you cum in my hand xxxxxxx
You’re my whore for the day and I’m going to fuck you so hard and abuse both your holes not forgetting to fuck your mouth and cum down your neck xxxxxxx
Catch you later xxxxxxxxx
A: And they say romance is dead 😂😂
Thank you xxxx
H: A good whore deserves a little romance, I untie you and you dress for dinner in your finest cocktail dress that hides your stockings and exquisite underwear, I put on my DJ and black tie and we walk hand in hand to the restaurant and an evening of fine food and good conversation ensues, you’re on Tonic so I finish the wine you lead me back to the room I pass out on the bed pissed, I wake some hours later bound and blind folded the hear the words “you’re my whore now”…. I’m at your mercy …..
Your go xxxxx
A: You wake up disoriented. You’re thirsty and your throat feels dry, you try to swallow but realise there’s something stopping you from doing that. You realise at that point your wrists & feet bound and your blindfolded and lying on your front as you can feel the mattress underneath you. Your head is hanging over the bed and the penny drops that I’ve fitted a ball gag while you slept………!
H: Hard
A: You can hear something moving behind you.
Smack, smack, smack as the belt comes down on your arse hard. You try to cry out but the ball gag stops you. Hands stroke your arse where the belt hit you and feel gently blowing on the area. Hands travel up your back and massage you with oil. Back down again with gentle pressure as fingers stroke and massage your arse cheeks. You feel the sharpness of a finger nail as it scratches your back, you still can’t cry out as the belt smacks you on the side of your leg. Again gentle strokes ease the pain and as you’re distracted you feel a finger just at the entrance to your arse. It’s cold and slippy as you feel the lube slip in slowly followed the index finger of a right hand………….
H: “Mmmmmmmmmm”
Night babe, I’ll log on tomorrow to find out what you have in mind for me xxxxx


H: Morning Babe,
Story of my life I’ve got a day of DIY, and to make matters worse it’s the B&Q variety.
How’s the white bits coming along?
A: No rest for the wicked!
Pool day today so limited contact. I’m still working on part two of your captivity 😂
Have a good day despite the diy xxxx

I sent Harvey a photo of me fingering myself. Working on the last part of his captivity email had got me quite hot under the collar. Dick had gone to the shop to find aftersun as I’d foolishly burnt myself so I had the hotel room to myself.
A: Something for you……..!
H: Mmmm thank you, I can taste you in my mind xxxxxxx
A: I thought it only fair! God you’ve no idea how much I need a release!!!! Might have to get Dick drunk and take advantage of him. I’ll try and pretend it’s you but that illusion won’t last long. Seriously hope you’re getting some at least!
Later babe xxxx
H: No I’m not getting any xxxxx see you soon xxxx
I sent Harvey the final part of his captivity story:
A: …….. It’s obvious that you’re in some discomfort given the level of excitement but being on your front means your hard cock is restricted.
I tell you that I want you on your back and that I’ll release you from your chains but you must not try to escape or touch me. If you do not do as you’re told you will be punished hard. I tell you to nod your head if you agree. You nod your head, I untie your arms, followed by your ankles. Still with the blindfold on, I guide you to roll over onto your back. You grab my breast, possibly by accident but I told you that you’d be punished. I take the leather belt from the bed that you can’t see and bring it down hard on your hand! You cry out but as you’re still wearing the ball gag I can’t hear you!
I retie your arms & ankles. Your breathing returns to normal as I stroke your chest with my hands. Moving down your legs with my hands I take your cock in my mouth, licking the tip and tickling your balls. I ask you if you like this and you nod your head. I release you from the ball gag and you say thank you.
I climb on your chest on position myself over your mouth and command you to lick my pussy. While you do that I continue to suck your cock. I tell you that you’re not to cum yet. Once I’m wet I stop you, pull off your blindfold so you can watch me fuck you until I’m ready to cum. Just at the point of no return I tell you that you can cum and together we both explode!

None of this will ever happen but it’s a nice fantasy! It was enough to get me nice and wet so I got myself off thinking it was you!

No contact as I’d been busy with Dick we’d gone for a walk on the beach that turned into a 13km jaunt but there will be more about that in a separate post.

I checked my emails the next day.
H: Never say never xxxxx hard as hell at my desk and leaking pre come xxxxxx
Enjoy the day and catch you later xxxxx
A: My work here is done!
Enjoy, don’t work too hard xxxx
H: I’m going to keep my head down ……
A: Everything ok? Xxx
H: Yes fine, just the usual Monday mayhem But nothing too taxing. Mondays are better when I can look up from my desk and see you xxxx
How’s the tan?
A: Cute you’re such a sweet talker!
Tan is on hold as it’s overcast today so I’m not impressed but still chilling by the pool as I did a very steady 13km walk yesterday along the coast so I’m knackered today!
H: Well done you, I presume you wore flats not 9″ heels, are you on WIFI or roaming?
A: I keep the stripper heels for the evenings!!
Roaming currently, wifi is shit!
H: Has the cloud lifted yet?
I sent him a photo of my hand wearing nice bright nail polish on my thigh so it showed my tan off!
A: indeed it has!
H: Excellent, I’d like to slide my hand into your Bikini bottoms to tease your clit and slide my fingers inside you xxxxxxx
A: And if you were here I’d like just that!
Then you could come back to the room and fuck me quickly!
Then straight back out to catch the rays!
We’d have all night for a slower more involved session…….!
H: I’d like to take you in the pool and finger fuck you without anyone noticing….
Make your excuses and head back to your room get yourself comfy and play with your nipples rub after sun all over your tits and then imagine my cock fucking your cleavage as you bring yourself to a quick orgasm xxxxx send me a pick of your glistening fingers xxxxxxx then walk back to your sun bed with a smile xxxxx
(Whilst this conversation was taking place I had an allergic reaction to the sun cream I put on Dick’s back. Quite severe that meant I needed a trip to the pharmacy)
A: I’d love to babe but currently waiting to go to the pharmacy as I’ve had a reaction to the sun cream and now look delightful covered in prickly heat.
Rain check 😂😂
H: Lol 😂😂😂 plenty of antihistamine for you and a massage with cold after sun, get it in the freezer now xxxxx
A: Because I’m allergic to everything inc bees they can’t give me antihistamines ffs!
I’ve got cream to put on. When can you get here??? 😂😂😂
H: Ouch, poor you. I’d kiss you better if I could xxxx😘💋💋💋
A: That would be lovely but we both know even with me covered in spots it wouldn’t stop there 😂
H: You know me too well xxxxx night babe try and find some shade and maybe a cold bath!
A: I’m in my room. Cold shower, cream applied and chilling naked on the bed! Ricks on the patio reading. What a waste 🙈
Night babe xxx
H: That’s what happens when you’re married! Tie yourself to the bed and see if that spikes his interest xxxxx catch you tomorrow I’m heading to site in the morning if you wanted to chat xxx
A: I can’t imagine there will be chance to chat but thanks for the offer!!
Night babe xx


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