Harvey dialogue part one 17th – 19th April

A chronological account of our emails with no context to where this fit in relationship to whatever was going on.


H: How’s you, any sleep?
I woke up this morning as hard as hell thinking about your nipples and how responsive they are to my touch and tweaks…..
A: I did actually sleep last night so feel a little more human today. Still coughing but at least I look alive!
I see I still have some uses. Hope you stroked one out thinking of me xxx
H: I will do later, once the hangover clears xxxxxx
Enjoy the day and try and rest! Get plenty of paracetamol and vitamin C, to help get rid of the pesky cold, it might turn into man flu then you’ll be knackered…. has your gym got a sauna?
A: Best cure for a hangover is hot, sweaty sex followed by a cold shower. Fresh air, water and paracetamol in that order!!
I’ve had man flu and survived so I should be ok now. Getting my holiday stuff done today.
No gym for me, I’m on rest rest rest so my bp is ok for my fit to fly certificate!!
Enjoy stroking one out later, imagine I’m on my knees, you’re holding my ponytail and I’m sucking your cock as my hand is stroking you as my other hand is tickling your balls……….

H: Morning babe just driving at the moment catch you when I land at my meeting kiss kiss kiss hope you slept rest Babe rest xxxxxx
A: Morning. Can I recommend you don’t call if you were planning to? I’m off to the dentist this morning plus I won’t be alone. Not sure if you knew that so apologies if you just meant email. I’m totally all yours on email!
Safe journey, don’t work too hard xxxxx
H: Sorry for the panic I did mean email kiss kiss kiss
Currently stuck in traffic on the motorway.
Be brave and try and relax I know the dentist isn’t your favourite place!!
kiss kiss kiss
A: Thank you. It’s just a check up but you know I’m a drama queen!
Hope you’re not too late for your meeting
H: Open up and say Arhhhh
Place holder for the 8th is at *******
Overnight for the 7th should be fun xxxxxx
A: Sounds grim. I’ll see what I can engineer when I’m back xx
H: I’ll try and make it less grim and more exciting xxxx
A: I need a plan for not going with Freya unless we stay local to here the night before xx
H: That works for me
A: Excellent! I’ll find a hotel when I’m back. Very much looking forward to spending some time together. It’s been a bit of a disaster lately, be good to spend some time with no external pressures xxxxx
H: Couldn’t agree more, I’m dying to spend the night with you xxxx
A: Don’t die πŸ˜‚
Especially before or during!!
It’ll be something to look forward to xxxxx
H: If I do just put an orange in my mouth and leave me in the wardrobe xxxxx
Can’t wait to play with your latest toy to tease and probe whilst I give your clit the attention it needs from my tongue….
A: πŸ™ˆ don’t even joke about it!!
It’s so far away but the restraint will make it so much more intense for waiting xxxxx
H: Lol, just about home now, horny as hell after listing to the Halestorm Playlist! Hope the house is quiet when I get in as I’ve not managed any me time this weekend! So many memories to call on πŸ’‹πŸ˜˜πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦
A: You’re well overdue a good wank then!!
Enjoy xxxxx I’m at Zumba. I need to release some tension of my own xxxx
H: Was it worth it? Hope the cold is on it’s way out. When do you fly? Xxxxx
A: Yes it was. I nearly died but I’m glad I went.
I got my fit to fly certificate so I’m all set.
Fly tomorrow
Did you manage some ‘me’ time last night?
H: Yes indeed I did, most enjoyable thank you, you were face down with your wrists tied behind your back bright red arse filled with the butt plug as I fucked you fast and hard whilst pulling the chain that clamped your nipples I pulled out as I filled you with my cum… as it oozed out I rubbed it furiously into your clit whilst smacking your arse making you catch your breath as you cum on my fingers, kneeling down I lick the edge of the plug and slowly pull it out with my teeth reaching for your new toy I focus on your clit as the vibrations take hold I stretch your wet slit and fuck you with it fast and hard…. standing up I enter your tight arse now both holes are stretched and fucked at the same time the vibrations stretched pussy drive my shaft wild I cum in your arse feeling the vibrations through your stretched pussy, I leave my cock deep in your arse until you catch up with me and cum over your new toy……
A: Yes yes yes!
Just got out the bath, freshly shaved and very wet after an epic fingering imagining it was you.
Thank you for that xxxxxx
H: Soon babe soon xxxx
A: Can’t wait!
Is it quiet without me?
H: very!
You command me to kneel down as you lift your boot clad leg onto a chair, your hands forcing my face into your wet silky smooth pussy I lick and suck greedily as commanded….
A: Does that mean you miss me?? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I think I’m going to enjoy telling you what to do! Xxx
H: I’m going to enjoy following your command
A: Nice evasion of the question! Your torn between telling the truth and lying aren’t you? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
H: Yes I do….😘😘😘. especially in a perverted filthy sex way xxxx
A: Correct answer πŸ™ŒπŸΌ
You win a prize, care to guess what it is??
H: A kiss would suffice but what did you have in mind….
A: It is kind of a kiss…..
Blow job next available safe opportunity xxxxxx
H: I’ll Settle for a pic of your freshly shaved pussy until we can get that cxxx
I sent him a photo of it of course!


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