13th April

Slept quite well after a decent session with Dick. There’s nothing like a good orgasm to relax the mind and body! I still spent most of the night coughing and spluttering but at least I rested.
Got up and showered for work. Received a reply from Harvey in response to the anal hook suggestion!

H: Laughing so hard I might pee xxxx
A: Admit you got hard. You can’t pee when you’re hard surely?? Xxx
H: You know me too well xxxxx
A: I think I know you intimately πŸ˜‚
H: TouchΓ©
A: Get you! Thank god for autocorrect hey!
Enjoy working at home. Today is the new Friday. Bacon sandwich and no work for me until 2nd May whoop whoop mother fucker!!!
H: Xxxxx whoop whoop your lovely arse until it glows xxxx

Busy day in the office trying desperately to get everything done before I left. I had to ring Harvey about a work related thing. I called him from my work phone to his work phone. This way we both know it’s work related and safe to call. He seemed surprised to hear from me so I told him what I’d called him for and he gave me the information I needed. He said he thought I wasn’t in today and I explained that I said goodbye yesterday as he wasn’t in today! Turns out the man is an idiot and never listens. He’s working from home as his meeting elsewhere got cancelled and presumed I wasn’t in.

He called and we had a pleasant chat about our evening plans. He joked about the email I sent him about the anal hook and he said at no point was that ever in his plans to be used on him and I said never say never!! He laughed. I told him he’d be the one restrained and I’d do as I damn well pleased to him especially as he had a week for the marks to go. Now that might conjure up a very erotic image but all it does is make me laugh so we had a good giggle about that.

Went to lunch with Freya and had a good chat to her, she’s is struggling massively with lots of things she’s juggling personally. I’m so worried about her but thankfully she’s made an appointment to see her gp so that’s a start. I spent a small fortune in chocolate in readiness for Easter Sunday.
Work day finished and I left for the day.
I’d received emails from Harvey.
H: Are you on the bus?
I’m driving for the next hour or so

I kept trying to call but got the engaged tone so I emailed him so he’d know I tried.

A: Keep getting the engaged tone. Hope you enjoyed the testing xx
I’m free until at least 5

He then called me and he kept me company until my bus arrived. He planned to get his head back in the gym and eat healthily as he’s lost his focus. I said I hoped the weather was good this weekend so I could top up my tan and he made a comment about my skin being like leather. Instead of taking offence I told him that he never learns and that he should think before he opens his mouth! I know he was joking but that man really has no filter. So I’m fat and I have old leathery skin, I’m such a catch. I didn’t let it derail me I just reminded myself that he’s a lucky bastard to even have me as a friend, let alone see me naked and touch me!!
I’ve realised he definitely gets the better deal, he tells me this all the time and I tell him not to be so hard but he’s right. I might not be as pretty or as slim as his wife but that’s fine because I’m not competing with her. I’m just an occasional benefit to our friendship and he’s not as tall or as good looking Dick and I’m fine with that. It’s all good!

A: Thanks for the chat. Stay on it with the healthy eating and the gym, you’ve totally got this babe.
I’ll miss you (I know, rule breaker but you started it!) loads. Lots of memories to keep us both going. See you on the 8th
H: I’m on it, unless I die of boredom before I get home…. I’m still here trying to find a way home I turned round before the roundabout as it was going nowhere and now the other routes gridlocked
A: Oh no babe that sucks!
Safe journey back xxxx
H: Lol you know what I’m thinking ……
A: You wish I was in the passenger seat so I could do that for you xxxx
Cheeky lay by πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

I arrived at the gym and did an hours Zumba with Joy. It was so lovely to have her back and we worked our butts off! Totally destroyed after that session I came out and bumped into my trainer from the legs, bums & tums class from Monday. He has decided after my sass in the class on Monday (I called him a sadist and he winked at me so I started laughing. The bastard made me plank for a minute!) that I’m his next project and that when I return from my holiday he’s going to coach me to fitness and give me an eating plan & exercise programme. I asked him why me and he said because he wants to prove 2 things.
1 – that I’m completely capable of doing it and sticking to it.
2 – for him to show others he can do it.
He usually works with hulking, rippling muscled men so to take an older lady, not in the best shape (his words, cheeky fucker!) and help me reach my fitness goals would be a real achievement for him and he knows that I want it and will work for it. He said he’s seen me in the gym working my arse off and wants to help.
I’m quite flattered that he chose me and I’m looking forward to the challenge.

Got home and tried to decide what to have for tea as Dick & Frank decided on fish and chips 😳 I caved and said I’d have half a fish only! I checked my messages.

H: Xxxx yes please, I’m just home! I’ll hit the gym tomorrow, hope you had a good session. Night night xxxxx
A: Night babe glad you got back ok, better late than never!
Gym was good trainer has decided I’m his new project when I get back off my holiday. Core strength & eating plan! (Not a diet lol!) just back now and Dick has gone for fish & chips πŸ˜‚
Why do I fucking bother? πŸ˜‚
Night babe xx

We all ate tea together which was lovely. My family all together round the table really makes me happy. I told them all we were having Easter Sunday lunch together and they agreed. It’ll be lovely if the weather is nice to have it outside but it appears rain is forecast so that dashes those plans. After tea I had a nice relaxing bath as I’d literally come in from the gym straight into tea and sat down in my gym gear so I was desperate to get clean & relax.

Had a bath and an early night. I’ve got 4 full days with my family and I plan to make the best of it!


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