11th April

Woke up rather stiff and sore after an epic session at the gym. Also felt like my head was going to explode as I was starting with a cold. Not great, but hopefully it would dissipate before our flight next week. Dick and I are off on the first of our holidays this year. This one being just the of two us.
I messaged Harvey to tell him I’d survived!!

A: Thanks for the giggles last night!
I haven’t died in my sleep but I feel as rough as fuck. Everything hurts and I think I’ve bruised my neck with the bar bell. Shoot me now!
Hope you have a good day babe
H: Stretches and a warm bath. And if I I were able a warm oil massage xxx
A: I’ve never done that with a friend πŸ˜‚
Thanks babe I’m smiling xxxx
H: Morning Babe, what’s today got in store and have you had enough sleep to see you through the day?
A: Morning babe 😘
About 3 hours sleep so that’s good for me. I’ve just typing up the blog before I go to work. Meeting my sister in law for lunch so I’m keeping busy.
Did you sleep ok? Xxxx

Harvey was away so we had a few conversations on the phone. It was ok, I think we’d averted disaster and we seemed to have got the rhythm back to our conversation, a nice mix of genuine care, gossip, chat and a good mix of banter. I told him that I hoped my outstanding delivery of sex toys from lovehoney would arrive before Thursday as I didn’t want them to get opened accidentally as I’d sent them to the office. I joked that I’d pack them in my suitcase and that Dick would panic when he saw them. Once I put the phone down I wondered if me speaking so openly about sex with Dick and the fact I planned to share my new toys bothered him, so I emailed him to ask.
A: Be honest!
Does it piss you off when I talk about having (or not having!) sex with Dick?
I’m thinking the talk about the sex toys might’ve upset you.
H: No not at all xxxxx
It might piss him off if you talked about having sex with me xxxxxLOL
A: Honestly I think he’d be relieved sadly πŸ˜‚
On my way home now if you want a chat. It’ll make for an interesting bus journey πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Safe journey home babe xxx

We spoke while we travelled home. We always manage some innuendo and usually with him admitting he’s hard! It doesn’t take much to be fair! I thought it was only fair to tell him that I get just as worked up!
A: Even sat talking to you on the phone gets me wet! How is that possible and why do we have this strange sexual chemistry??
H: And reading that gets me hard
A: I’d apologise but I wouldn’t mean it lol xxx

Got home and I quickly did some chores, had quick wash, changed into my gym kit and out the door for double Zumba. Yes, fighting a cold, still stiff from the day before epic gym session and I decide 2 hours of cardio set to music would be a good idea! I got home beyond exhausted. I was so wiped out I cried all the way home as I think everything just escaped. All the thoughts I’d tried to suppress just came out as I couldn’t hold them in. I got home and ran a bath, as that ran I saw an email from Harvey.

H: Night babe xxxxx
A: Night babe sleep well xxx

Got in the bath and managed to calm myself. A short time later Dick came upstairs to check on me as he knew I’d been gone a long time. I told him I felt unwell and that I’d overdone it. He said he’d made me a drink and he’d bring it up with him. I got into bed after getting dry and sorting my hair and I couldn’t stop shaking. We lay in bed and got chatting about travel plans. I felt better for a conversation and he hugged me to keep me warm. He said he hoped I wasn’t coming down with a cold as it’s the last thing he needs before we go away! Yes so full of sympathy for me, not! He ought to be more concerned my consultant signs my fit to fly certificate than whether he gets my germs for fuck sake! He soon fell asleep and I settled down to sleep.


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    1. No Walker, I’m a dickhead. I had to delete it as I’d left everyone’s real names in there when I pasted the emails in it. My WordPress is acting up and wouldn’t let me edit it so I had to bin it. Sadly I deleted Magenta’s post too. Bloody technology πŸ˜”

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