Drunken arse hole!

Why does alcohol have to make decent people into arseholes?
You know I’ve fought my demons, resisted the urge repeatedly not to fall down that rabbit hole time and time again. I’m not a perfect person but right now I’m glad I’m sober. I’ve spent the last 40 minutes crying because Harvey got absolutely plastered this evening and turned into the biggest wanker I’ve ever met. Disappointed I think is the biggest emotion I’m feeling right now. Hurt, upset and devastated closely follow.
We had such an amazing start to the day. We’ve been practicing restraint because we’re too close and needed a physical break from each other, it’s been going well until today. I decided that I’d had enough of that and we had sex in the office again. Yes he booked the room for a chat and catch up but I’m the one that rocked up with easy access clothing wearing stockings and engaged him sexually.
Great start to a day that has ended in the worst way possible. He’s got drunk and been a nasty arsehole. He maintains he didn’t say what he said, but he did. And he should know better, but what’s been said can’t be unsaid or taken back. And then to add insult to injury he drops into the conversation about how he’s fallen for me.


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