Cranky pants


Yep. Tired, cranky, hormonal Ava.

Insomnia is at an all time high, there’s no rhyme or reason to it, it just is what it is but it’s always worse before the hormone fairy descends and sends my already erratic sleep patterns further askew. I already feel like I have an octopus wrestling in my uterus. Deep joy! I read this post by BizarreLoveTriangle

And marveled at the fact that even online friendships appear to synchronise periods!

I’m out on Friday night with work colleagues including Harvey, I had booked a hotel room but I’ve cancelled it. We’re on a physical break, still lots of contact and it would’ve been nice to have but the risks outweighed the fun and then with the imminent arrival of the period I decided to can it.

A little bit gutted but in the words of my good friend Gloria Gaynor, I will survive!


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