The story goes on

I will catch up but I needed a little timeout. I’m ok. Harvey is ok. We’ve had plenty of contact but we’re now having a little physical break from each other. Still lots of contact but restraint has to happen. Things got out of hand again on Friday in the office. We can’t keep our hands off each other and if I’m completely honest it scares me. We walked to the deli on Friday and he said he had to put his hand in his pocket to prevent him reaching out for my hand. I told him that for someone that maintains that he doesn’t like being touched he’s incredibly tactile. He replied that he’s not usually like that and it’s just me. Now it could be bullshit but he’s no reason to lie. I think we both miss affection in our relationships and we seek that from each other, I know the more time I spend with him the more I want. He admitted that we’re too close and I have to agree. Distance is the key, let’s have a little break to give ourselves a bit of space again. We’re going out with work on Friday and I cancelled the hotel I booked last week after I got all bent out of shape so it’s for the best. We can’t take any risks. Friendship first!



11 thoughts on “The story goes on

  1. I get the touch thing. Most people I don’t want to touch in the slightest. Even handshakes I stress about. Hugs positively send me over the edge. But there are a few people that I don’t mind touching or being touched by in the slightest. In fact I will often go out of my way to make touch possible. Those people are my wife, kids and Meredith. That’s right even with my mom it’s awkward for me, but those four are on the good list. I could not give my kids enough hugs and kisses and they can crawl all over me and even get away with shoving their fingers up my nose if it amuses them. My wife is obvious. But with Meredith I remember at some point that switch happened and it was so hard to not touch her all the time. Since we were in the office and lots of people around it took a lot of effort not to touch her. I completely understand Harvey here. It was odd for me too.

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  2. I’m the same way. I don’t like people to touch me that have no business touching me. I’m weird like that. Maybe some day down the road, you and Harvey can have something again. I’m glad you will continue you to be friends though. It seems like you really value each other’s friendship.

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    1. I’m exactly the same, I hate people touching me and make a point of making sure people know that. It’s interesting that we allow certain people in, I know though that I can contain myself whereas Harvey is worried that he cant. Harvey and I are failing already at the no physical relationship as we both know we will have some contact on Friday, but saying that we will still be friends first, you’re right we completely appreciate each others friendship.
      Hope things pick up for you soon,
      Ava x

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  3. I’ve accidentally deleted amfeelingright’s comment whilst on my damn phone but if you’re reading this Walker thank you. I completely accept that this is addiction. You’re right to suggest a gentle approach to our relationship rather than cold turkey. Thank you once again for being a voice of reason and common sense. Apologies that my technology failure means I’ve deleted your very valued insight.
    Ava x

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