Tell your inner critic to shut up!

Love this! So resonant right now for me.

This Way Up

“Tell the negative committee that meets inside your head to sit down and shut up!”

― Ann Bradford


Do you ever feel like your inner voice is not your best friend? Do you find that voice telling you that whatever you’re doing, you’re doing it wrong? My inner chatter is often telling me that I’m not doing ‘it’ right. It doesn’t matter what ‘it’ is – doing a task, helping someone to do something, even just trying to meditate. I used to think that I was alone in this and that I was just flawed and hopeless. Then I started working with other women in workshops and discovered that almost all of us do this one way or another. It is painful to realize how many of us believe these negative voices in our heads. I wrote about this topic recently on Thrive Global.

Most of us received plenty…

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3 thoughts on “Tell your inner critic to shut up!

  1. Hello Ava,

    I wanted to say that you seem to be playing on both ends of the court – much like me (I know that is no consolation :)) – you seem to be rallying against yourself and the scary part is, I feel that you are almost always right. I have been following your blog for a while and I know that there is this one wild being that wants to live through life that way and there is a more subtle side which always guilt trips you. Even on this post I could see that you long to live a carefree simple life, yet you believe you cannot be that because of all your responsibilities. I guess that puts you right along with 99.9% of mankind, that lives life this way, so you are more normal than you think. You know, I have always told myself that as long as we feel no guilt or even a sense of right or wrong, life would be blissful. Easier said than done, I know. Because I have never been able to do it myself either.

    I will refrain from trying to explain or talk about Harvey here. What you decide to do with your relationship with him is all your decision and there is no right or wrong way, there is only a popular way. Whichever is popular in the real Ava’s world (people you have seen, spoken to, lived with, read about etc.) is what would feel right for you. So you can decide on that yourself.

    Yes, you are a mom, a wife and a daughter and all those roles come with expectations, just as you have, of those relationships, from the respective counterparts. Based on what you have written so far, I am still not sure where you think you have failed. I guess unless it is your fault, you should not feel bad about any of it. Again, I am being a freaking preacher who finds it hard to live by those words myself. However, I would still like to say you are doing a heck of a better job than most people I know. Despite all the things that are/are not happening to you, you still seem to hold your own and have raised a strong daughter and son. I wish you recognize that.

    I actually wanted to write this out in a direct e-mail to you, but I did not wish to ask for one, lest the intentions of my message be misinterpreted as a subliminal appeal to approach you. I would like to be a friend – nameless-faceless or otherwise – but always a friend.

    Despite the frivolousness of the following words (and the annoying/appalling rhetoric that it is) at such circumstances, I would still like to say – It is all going to be ok. Sending you hugs. 🙂 Keep smiling


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    1. Thank you for your continued support & friendship. It’s completely appreciated. You seem to have a good grip of how fractured my mind is. I truly appreciate the comment and the thoughts. You’re right it is going to be ok! Feel free to contact me through the contact form on the blog, always happy to chat to people, especially ones like yourself with constructive advice & support. Have a good day ❤️

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