14th, 15th & 16th March

I’ve been feeling out of sorts and my last few posts have been full of misery and unhappiness. I’ve not been blogging daily and emptying my head so I must get back in the habit. You haven’t missed a great deal, there’s been plenty of communication with Harvey and we have a plan for an overnight tomorrow.

I have emails from Tuesday of last week onwards so hopefully it’ll help bring me up to speed!


We had been really good at the whole avoiding each other in the office – it was helped by the fact he hadn’t been in to be fair, but as his wife is making a slow recovery he has spent more time in the office this week.

We nipped out to lunch in his car and had a kiss and a hug, it was the best we could do! We picked up lunch and ate together in the work canteen. He’d got CR booked in the afternoon and although we’d been practising restraint it was inevitable that we’d end up there later for a hug.

I decided to email him a verse to the tune of 12 days of Christmas!

A: On the 9th day of waiting Harvey gave to me:
Feels in the car & a possible fumble in CR3

H: Laughing, but it’s cr4! And noise travels, I can hear someone in cr3!
And visibility to the corners isn’t that discreet you may have to sit on the cabinet while I pleasure you quietly…..

A: Well that ruined my song, how rude.

On the 9th day of waiting Harvey got what for.
Ava on her knees giving him a treat in CR4!

H: Come on down, or should that be Cum on down, I need easy access and you sat on the cabinet xxx

So against all common sense and reason I wandered down. He refused to let me get to him and insisted he wasn’t undoing his trousers. I ripped a hole in my tights so he had access (classy, sexy bird that I am) and he pleasured me with his hand up my skirt and through the hole in the tights! Epic, things progressed naturally to me being bent over the cupboard and him fucking me from behind through his open zip. I know. Restraint! Great in theory but in practise common sense goes straight out the fucking window. It was fun and a good time was had by both! We had coffee and a catch up and he said he’d read my blog but was worried that it would be easy to track down our county at least from the details I’d posted about Joy. I hadn’t thought of that and deleted my post.

I left the office and went home. Had a quick shower & change before the gym. I emailed Harvey.

A: Well that worked well!
Happy Tuesday xxxxx

H: Happy Tuesdays indeed xxxxx grinning I’m like a Cheshire Cat xxxxxx

A: Good. Nice to see you smile xxx

Dick decided he’d join me at the gym so he did what he needed to do while I did my class. Came home and had tea then had a bath. Had an early night.


No Harvey in the office today so I followed on yesterday’s 12 days countdown but taking a photo of my breast and emailing him.

A: On the 8th day of countdown Ava needed to get something off her chest,
So she sent Harvey a photo of her breast

H: Xxxxxxx morning xxxxxxx
Very perky

I had a dental appointment so arrived later than usual to work. Very busy so just kept my head down. I replied to Harvey’s email.

A: Well it was just there asking to be sent!
In other news I was on the bus back to the office when Halestorm- I like it heavy came on and I pissed myself laughing. I can’t hear that song without seeing you tied to the bed singing take me to church! Very happy memories

H: Hallelujah mother fucker xxxxxxx

A: I bet you’re smiling xxx

H: Yes, and twitching at the thought xxxxx

A: That’s not going to go down well in the meeting, down boy!

H: Lol, meeting finished, I’m now ******* for a different meeting xxxx

A: Enjoy! I’m working through lunch as I was in late. Safe journey back xxx

Went home and had a mammoth clean up of the house as I didn’t have the gym to attend and as I’d been ill all weekend I didn’t get all my jobs done that I’d normally have done. I made a start and thankfully I think the rest of the household picked up on my vibe and helped where they could. Had tea, had a bath and went to bed.


Wasn’t a great day due to lots going on, not to mention a mis-understanding with Harvey that managed to piss me off.

We had a small catch up in the canteen in the morning whilst we discussed some work related stuff. We made plans to nip out to lunch and pick up a salad and maybe a hug in the car. He couldn’t stop looking at my legs. I sent him an email when I got back to my desk.

A: On the 7th day of countdown we sat in the canteen.

You kept looking at my legs and presumed I hadn’t seen………….! 😂😂😂😂😂


H: Imagining them over my shoulders xxxx

A: Imagining or remembering???

H: Both xxxx

Lunchtime came but just as we were leaving our colleague tagged along. No harm, no foul. Helps keep things in perspective and looks completely natural. We all went in the car to the deli and Harvey chose a Halestorm song deliberately as I saw him select it from his playlist. He played Apocalyptic which is quite raunchy but I knew it wasn’t the one he meant to play. We returned to the office had lunch together and I left them talking about work. Thought we’d probably catch up later as we’d barely spoken to each other and I knew he had a CR booked for his teleconference in the afternoon.

A: You picked the wrong halestorm song, did you mean to play I like it heavy 😂😂😂 xxxx

Not long after I saw him put his coat on and leave. I checked my email.

H: Yes but I couldn’t find it, happy days xxxxx

No mention of having to go and I was worried that something had happened for him to suddenly leave so I emailed him a reply of Bye! I gave it 10 minutes and called him. His tone was so dismissive and off hand when he answered which surprised me. He said he’d just decided to do the teleconference from home and nothing was wrong. It seemed a strained conversation so I said I’d leave him to it, but he said no its fine he was free to talk. I was upset at his lack of thought so I told him it wasn’t important and I was just checking everything was ok and now I know that I knew it was, I was going.

I hung up and couldn’t put my finger on why I was so upset, I think the realization that he didn’t think to tell me was what upset me. He’d emailed me literally 10 minutes before he left, why didn’t tell me then? Because he didn’t think or feel that he needed to. That reason, and the fact that he sounded surprised that I’d called him, made me feel like utter shit. I’m not one of those whining, demanding mistresses that need a lot of high maintenance. I’m a kind, caring, compassionate friend that doesn’t deserve to be treated like that. I wrote a massive rant email but decided not to send it, what would be the point? I figured he wouldn’t give it a second thought and I’d hear no more until he returned to the office on Tuesday.

About 2 hours later he called me. He’d seen my one word email of Bye! And worked out that I wasn’t happy. He had gone somewhere in the car and called me to chat. I told him exactly why I was unhappy and that I’d ranted in an email but deleted it. He laughed at me so I told him I’d send it maybe that way he’d know why I was so pissed off with him.

A: I called you because I was a little worried that you’d disappeared suddenly and thought it was strange you hadn’t said anything, then thought it was strange you hadn’t called. You seemed a little surprised I’d called and seemed off hand.
Sorry lunch didn’t work out maybe the way you intended, I’m grateful he came with us, it keeps things above board and keeps things below suspicion. I was genuinely concerned and you made me feel like I was a pain or a nuisance for calling. To add insult to injury when I said I’d leave you to it, you then said no it’s fine I have time. It’s not fine at all, as it makes me wonder why I bothered to call as you made me feel like shit, like I’m an inconvenience rather than your friend which is what I am.
I know this is just fun (and so far it’s all good) but stuff like this lack of thought or communication really pisses me off and makes me feel like a cheap fuck. I deserve better than that surely?
Now I’ve got that off my chest I can let it go. Reply, don’t reply, it matters not to me as long as it doesn’t happen again.

Felt better for giving him my one sided rant.

Got home and changed for gym and blew the rest of the cobwebs away with 1 hour of zumba class on my own. Joy was at football training. As I came out the class Joy was waiting there for me. She had already trained with her team but said she had come to ensure I stick to my goals bless her. We had a good circuit and although I was knackered, I felt better for getting it out of my system. Got home and showered as I was too tired even for a bath! I was surprised to see a response from Harvey.

H: Ouch, I wasn’t surprised I was happy! Agreed for him to join us as it normalises the work stuff. It’s never my intent to make you feel like shit, my intent is to make you feel wanted, desired and happy so I apologise xxxxxx
I thought you had overheard me telling admin that I was on my way home for a TC, I’m scared the whole office can see my feelings for you!
Have a good gym session catch you tomorrow.

Ps you’re not a cheap Fuck and it’s a lovely chest to get stuff off

Night babe

A: Thank you. I can’t hold on to anger and feeling like shit so apologies if it wasn’t want you wanted to hear but I needed to vent. Honest & open is the only way this will work.
Apology accepted, I believe you when you say it wasn’t your intention to upset me so that’s the end of the matter as far as I’m concerned. I think we have a great friendship and that will always come before any physical relationship irrespective of how good it is.
No one in the office would ever put us together as firstly, they’re fairly sure you have enough on and secondly, you’re not THAT stupid. And the way you feel about me is just lust/sex, that’s just a man thing and any bloke in there with a dick would feel the same.
Gym was hard. Dick decided not to go so happily I could crack on. I’m going to hurt like the bitch I am tomorrow.
Hope you have had a quiet night & hope you have a great weekend. See you Monday. Night babe xxxxxx

H: Just opened my first beer, it’s 220ml bottle of corona, I did a double take I thought my hand had grown!
I can have 3 of these and feel fine, I think I’m coming in at some point tomorrow for a meeting xxxxx hope to see you then xxx

A: Enjoy the beer!
See you tomorrow if you’re in xxx

Dick wasn’t in a particularly good mood as he’s stressed with work, but I had enough on and kept out of his way. I did my nails and went to read in bed.


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