Life is too damn complicated

The karma thing is still happening, not to me directly, but to the people I care about.

Bad news so far;

My aunt has been knocked over by an 84 year old man speeding, she’s broke her wrist and arm and is bruised everywhere. She’s lucky to be alive, she reckons she saw my mom, she said as she stepped out my mom stepped in front and said stop. She reckons if she hadn’t she wouldn’t be here now, she’d have taken full impact.

I found this out through Facebook of all places, so I text my brother to see if he knew and he called me to apologise. He did know but right after getting that call he got a call from his fiancée to say her mums cancer has spread and it’s now a waiting game. It’s devastating, she’s a wonderful woman and been an absolute rock to him. I love her dearly and I can’t believe in a space of a year he will have lost both his mums. It’s not fair at all and I feel so useless that I can’t do or say anything to make it better.

Harvey’s wife has relapsed and is seriously ill again. He seems ok and plans to work as much as he can but I’m worried about him.  He’s not just someone I fuck for shits & giggles, I care about him enormously. He’s my friend first and foremost and I’ll always look out for him and his well being. I pray she recovers and he gets a break soon.

My friend is struggling really badly with grief. She lost her mum shortly after me, she then lost her dad 3 months later and then at the weekend she lost her grandfather. She doesn’t want to go on, she’s always struggled with depression and I’m worried that she won’t survive this current knock back. I’m trying to help her where I can but she won’t go to her gp. I’m praying hard that she finds strength.

Since my last catch up Dick has bought a motorbike & been on his best behaviour out of sheer guilt. He’s a believer in the old adage that it’s better to beg forgiveness than ask permission! I’ve reached the point I no longer care sadly.

In good news my father in law has returned from his hospital stay and is making a good recovery.

After not seeing Harvey for over a week (in fact I hadn’t seen him since our afternoon delight in the hotel the previous Friday!) he came to work Tuesday and we caught up in CR in a very professional fashion. He did make a bid for a cuddle/kiss but I laughed and told him restraint. He agreed but god it was so hard! Little did I know though that when I returned from lunch he’d had to rush home as his wife had relapsed.

Life seems very cruel right now. People I care about are struggling and I’m frustrated that I can’t fix it or make a difference.

I know in the great scheme of things I’m very lucky and it seems that I don’t have much to complain about, which I guess is true, but it feels like everything is in turmoil and I don’t like it.



7 thoughts on “Life is too damn complicated

  1. I’m very sorry Ava. Sounds like a lot of pain surrounding you. Can I make one unrelated comment? Dick bought a motorbike??? Does this mean his most important relationship – that with his x box – has had a turn for the worse? And he bought it without discussing with you first? I really don’t understand people who do that. Dick move Dick.

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