Last week!

Things are pretty chaotic here right now. It’s been one drama after another. After my last post regarding my fun with Harvey the universe has given me a particularly heavy dose of karma!

I woke on Saturday with the most horrendous headache and back pain, as if that wasn’t bad enough I then started my period. In TMI territory I was losing so much blood I could barely move ☺️

Had a relatively quiet weekend, luckily we’d cancelled our wedding anniversary plans as his fuck wit of a sister dropped out of taking his mum & dad to an event so Dick had to take them!

Harvey & I are fine and although I haven’t seen him this week there’s been lots of communication. Especially after a mis-communication on the phone on Monday! I wasn’t expecting to hear from him so it was nice to chat. We discussed some work things that needed sorting. The signal on a particular section of the motorway network is shocking, we were discussing sex toys and I told him that after Friday and seeing the contents of his bag I’ve realised he’s not as inexperienced as he made out. He said that’s not true it’s the only chance he’s had to experience this and 50% of the contents are unused!!! That made me feel physically sick that they’d been used already and I told him the thought of that made me feel green and want to vomit. I got off the phone and couldn’t stop thinking about the fact he’d used those on his wife or worse still someone else. I sent him an email.

A: It was a lovely surprise to hear from you. Nice to hear your voice and catch up. I’m glad I still have my uses in Donna capacity to keep you straight work wise!
However I’m struggling to get past the 50% of the bag contents are unused. I think because I fooled myself into believing you were as unfamiliar as I was, that I thought they were new. The fact they’ve been used by ‘others’ has triggered a massive OCD type terror that I’m going to have to bleach myself to within an inch of my life. I honest to god wish you’d said nothing. I told you I have more issues than cosmopolitan. Sharing your penis is one thing but using someone else’s toys is a step too far for me! Save them for your own bedroom thank you ☺️
See you next Tuesday xxxxx

Once he’d seen the email he rang me immediately. He was laughing as I answered and he told me I’d misunderstood what he’d said. Yes 50% of them have been used so far, by and with me. The other 50% we still have to look forward to!! What a complete idiot I am but it made me laugh all day!

A: It’s too funny. You couldn’t script this could you? No wonder our readers think it’s fiction 😂😂😂
Still laughing xxxxx

H: Me too ….. but just wait until your clit is swollen tickled xxxx

A: Bring it on you bad boy! You must’ve watched the biggest amount of porn to come up with this stuff!!

H: either that or a sick individual and maybe a little of both….. and what’s your excuse? Kiss kiss kiss LOL😘😘😘

A: A vivid imagination spurred on the rubbish sex in the 50 shades books and a partner that is less than experimental in the bedroom. His loss, your gain!
I’m not going to lie, having you tied up at my mercy was a definite tick in the box xxx

Dick & I went out for dinner on Monday evening to celebrate our anniversary and came home and watched TV before bed.

Tuesday started ok but I got a call at work to say my father in law had been rushed into hospital, he’s had a heart attack and although he’s fine at the moment they still haven’t got to the bottom of it. Needless to say our week has been sent into disarray as Dick needs to ferry his mum to and from the hospital as she’s in a wheel chair.

It was my birthday on Wednesday. I’d been given my gifts on the morning before work and we said as we had hospital stuff to sort we’d not bother celebrating. The girls at work throughly spoiled me! Lots of wonderful, thoughtful gifts and balloons, a flashing tiara & birthday badges. We went out to the pub for lunch so I did get to go out. I had a brief panic when I received a massive bouquet of flowers to work but they were from my online friendship group. I know Harvey has more sense but for a brief moment I did wonder if he’d lost his mind. Thankfully it wasn’t him so I sighed a massive sigh of relief! He did laugh though when I told him! Came home to a tired grumpy Dick and he couldn’t even be bothered making conversation!

Thursday was very busy as I was training all day. Tom (work ex from 5 years ago) decided to engage me in conversation and picked today to tell me he misses me. Why now ffs? I put him straight and made it clear that only friendship was available and if that wasn’t enough then that would be the end and he accepted it. (In fact I wasn’t that diplomatic but it seems a long time ago and I can’t remember exactly what witty response I gave him!).

Dick was exhausted after being pulled from pillar to post with juggling work, hospital & his mum so he wasn’t in the greatest frame of mind still. He was in a foul mood so I went to the gym, expected him to snap out of it before I returned. Well that didn’t happen and we had the mother of all rows, to the point I told him that I didn’t have the energy to repeat all the other times we’d had this conversation and that it would be easier to just ignore each other for the foreseeable future. He doesn’t have the monopoly on misery. He’s a selfish twat with absolutely no thought for anyone else but himself. I went to bed and left him on the sofa!

Friday was busy again at work. Dick was on half a day so I came home to find him on the Xbox where he’d been for 4 hours. We were going to visit FIL in hospital, he was still in a mood so I finally spoke to him to tell him we needed to leave the house to pick his mum up at 6.30, he grunted and got ready. We didn’t actually say a word to each other on the way, in the hospital or on the way back. Result! We got home and I had a bath, when I came downstairs Dick was complaining he’d not had any tea so I told him I’d presumed he’d eaten before I came home plus it’s now 9 o’clock and there’s no way on gods green earth I’m cooking at this time of night especially considering he’d finished work at 12.30 and sat on his arse all afternoon. Cue the second blazing row of the week! I’m afraid I blew my stack, unfortunately though I was so angry I started crying. I hate that, it makes me look weak when in actual fact it’s my pressure gauge going off. I told him exactly what I thought about him, that I had every sympathy for him for being tired and cranky but it doesn’t give him the right to talk to me or behave the way he does. There’s no appreciation for how hard this week is for me, my first birthday without my mom and the fact it’s the anniversary of her death in 3 weeks is looming too. I have enough stuff going on without having to deal with him and his moods. He apologised but I told him to shove it. I went to bed and he followed 3 hours later!


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