24th February

So today’s the day!

Dick left for work & busied myself getting everyone up & out of the house. I packed a small wash bag containing toothpaste, stockings & the black underwear from the other day Harvey had missed out on. He must’ve been excited as I got an early email from him in response to my message last night.

H: I look forward to testing and tasting xxxxx

A: Good. Now hands off! It’ll be so worth the wait babe I promise xxxxx

H: Haha I’ve been practising restraint xxxxxx

A: So excited xxxx

I wore jeans & a jumper to work as it’s bitterly cold here. Got to work and had a bacon sandwich and coffee to start my day.

H: Me too, I can give you the best 30 seconds you’ve ever had!

A: You’ve already done that, and more!
It’ll be nice to spend sometime together, naked!

Worked through my lunch so me leaving early wasn’t an issue. I planned to finish at 3. I got an email from Harvey saying ETA 2.45 so I replied call me when you’re ten minutes away. He called me at 2.35 to tell me he’d arrived and gave me his room number! The man is useless at following directions ffs!! I called a taxi and it arrived within minutes so I arrived at the hotel at 2.45!

He answered the door and we kissed, told him I needed to freshen up so I had a quick wash and changed into my underwear. He put music on from Spotify and played a halestorm playlist. I highly recommend Halestorm it’s the perfect soundtrack to getting fucked to! I came into the bedroom to put my stockings on and he seemed very pleased to see me. He couldn’t keep his hands off me which was hilarious as I was trying to get my stockings on! Things quickly progressed and within seconds his fingers were inside me getting me wet. I bent over the bed and told him it was a better position for him to spank me. Using his hand he slapped and caressed, all the time never losing his momentum on my clit!

Next I was on my back on the bed whilst his tongue and fingers bought me to my first orgasm. It’s safe to say he definitely knows what I like and what works. I told him that I’m not a lie there and take it girl and to sit on the chair. I got to my hands & knees and sucked his cock, I bought him to the brink until he told me he didn’t want to cum yet so I slowed down. Various positions later he told me he’d got there early so he could attach ropes to the bed legs. I decided that sounded like a fab plan and tied his legs to the bed, then his arms! Totally at my mercy, I bit and licked his nipples, tracing my fingers down to his crotch. I climbed on him and took his hard cock inside me, up & down all the time him straining against his restraints. I think he enjoyed it. He told me he’d bought his bag and that there was a blindfold in there. I went to get it and nearly died of shock at the other things in there! He’s a proper dark horse! (At this point I realised he’s not as vanilla or inexperienced as he’s made out, but fuck it, who am I to judge?) I put the blindfold on him and sucked his cock, he managed to wiggle some room and turned to the side so I smacked his arse quite hard. I then got one of the cuffs from his bag that he’d restrained my wrists with last time. I slapped that across his arse and he liked it I could tell. I climbed up onto his face so he could taste me and I removed the blindfold. One of the things in his bag was a vibrating cock ring with a clit simulator attached (yes I had to fucking google it as I’m so naive!) I put that on him, upside fucking down I might add, and climbed aboard. I then climbed off, adjusted it and climbed back on. (I have no idea why I’m laughing typing this, it’s pathetic that I’m this old and so clueless!) it went well, pleasure for the both of us. He asked me stop fucking him as he didn’t want to cum yet. I decided that I’d do as I was asked but I must admit that I enjoyed having him at my mercy. I left the cock ring on and sucked, licked and basically fucked him with my mouth until he exploded! He was straining against his restraints and managed to work his one hand free. I untied him and we laid together, he stroked me as he kissed me and his hand headed south and he was soon busy bringing me to another orgasm. Various positions later and the time went too quickly. He flipped me on my stomach and fucked me from behind, his thumb in my arse until I was wet enough for his cock in there. We both came for one final time before collapsing in a sweaty mess on the bed!

We laid there for a short time discussing the fact it’s a shame we can’t do that every Friday!! I showered first whilst he collected all the toys & ropes. I got dressed & dried as he showered. It’s all very normal, there’s no embarrassment or awkwardness. He makes me feel very wanted & desired but more than that I feel safe with him. I can’t imagine any man I’d feel comfortable enough with to say & do all these things with. I don’t know why him, I know we’ve been friends for a long time and we’re in a similar situation relationship wise, may be it’s that. We have a definite sexual connection. We both want the same thing, fun, excitement & great sex but neither of us want to change our personal situation. We both know that we’re not really happy at home, we make the best of the situation and this is just fun. I should feel bad that I’m having this amazing sex with Harvey, but I don’t. If we exercise restraint & caution there’s no need for anyone to find out. No risk is rule number one.

I got home and had a bath and changed into comfy clothes. I emailed Harvey to let him know I was home.

A: I’m home! Thank you for an amazing few hours!
Have a great weekend xxxx

All I actually wanted to do was sit down and relax and think about how amazing the afternoon had been but thought it best to crack on with tea & chores. Joy came home with her friend and asked if she could stay over. Frank & Jayne were going away overnight so they packed & left. The girls had tea and went to the cinema. I was cleaning up in the kitchen when Dick came home. He had his tea then as I loaded the dishwasher he vacuumed the living room. It surprised me so I presumed he’d spilt something, but apparently he decided he’d help me as it’s not fair that I come in from work and don’t stop! The man is a living contradiction, I thanked him for the help and asked him what his plans were for the evening. He said he was going to play his Xbox quietly while I had a bath then we’d watch some tv afterwards. I’d already had a bath but hadn’t washed my hair so I figured I’d have another bath! I had a good soak as I’d rushed the previous one. Lots of relaxing was just what I needed. Washed my hair and wrapped myself in a big fluffy towel and laid on the bed before putting my pjs on and then went down stairs.

H: And you WOW…… home now after a swim and sauna xxxxxx see you on Tuesday cxxxxxxx

A: Just out the bath after a soak!
See you next Tuesday xxxx

Dick turned the Xbox off and we watched tv. I did panic at one point as his hand was stroking my leg, I’m not sure I’d be able to have sex with him the same day that would be too weird, but luckily I don’t think he even knew he was doing it! The girls came home and we went to bed.




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