23rd February

Quiet day planned as there was going to be very few people in the office. I was surprised to see an email from Harvey before I left the house.

H: Morning gorgeous xxxxxx

A: Morning handsome!
Early start for you today xxxxxxx

H: How are the girls this morning?

A: They’ve had lots of attention!
Already dressed otherwise I’d show you but you will see them for yourself tomorrow
Thoughts of you and what we’ll be doing tomorrow made me very horny this morning.
Getting dry after my shower I had to get myself off!
My fingers stroking my wet slit, my clit hard and sensitive as I held the vibe to it.
My nipples rock hard as I tweaked and played. Can’t wait for your tongue inside me tomorrow, licking, sucking & bringing me to orgasm with my legs over your shoulders and your face in my thighs!
I need to suck your hard cock, my fingers stroking, gripping you until you want to cum.
Bring it on xxxxxxxx

H: Now I’m steering with no hands xxxxx

A: For fucks sake you’d better be emailing using Siri xxxxx

Got to work and ploughed through my day. I spoke to Harvey regarding some work things and he let me know he’d be leaving shortly. It would appear that we had the same idea as our emails were sent/received simultaneously.

A: Call on my personal phone if you want a chat. I’ve got my headphones on so I can walk away!
If not I hope it’s gone well and I’ll see you tomorrow xxxxx

H: Happy to talk if you want to call in the next hr or so

A: I’ll call in ten xxxx

I went to the printer and he called me. I told him I’d replied and that I’d call him back in 5 minutes, he joked that I was playing hard to get. I told him I wouldn’t do that however I’m not easy either lol!

I finished what I was doing and slipped away to call him. We had a chat about plans for the evening and our day generally. We talked about tomorrow’s plan and what we needed to do. I’ve asked him to give me some notice when he’s on his way unlike last time when he emailed to say he had arrived ffs! I told him that I’m excited but we’d have to exercise caution as I’ll be going straight home after that and they would be no time for marks to disappear (caution is my watch word!!) but I’m sure we’ll still have fun! Just talking to him is a pleasure he makes me smile and in return I make him hard apparently!

H: Xxxxxx i’m not sure how are you do it, I’ve been hard most the way home kiss kiss kiss
Mmmmmm “freshly shave” keeps going through my mind xxxxxx

A: Save some for tomorrow babe!
I’ll try to achieve smooth perfection for you.
Wet at the thought.
See you tomorrow xxxx

Finished work and raced round getting ready for the gym & Zumba. I’m enjoying getting fit, but I need to be careful I’m not overdoing it! Another good session but realised I’ll be stiff tomorrow so I didn’t really factor that in. Came home and there was a gift wrapped box on the sofa. I asked Dick what it was and he told me it was my birthday present. (It’s not until next Wednesday) he said he meant to move it before I came home but he forgot. I hate suprises and we don’t do extravagant gifts as we buy what we want all year. I’m a little surprised and I hope it’s something jokey. Had a bath and prepared myself for tomorrow’s adventure with Harvey. Once I’d finished I emailed him.

A: Freshly Shaved!
I’ve probably missed loads but I did the best I could given how little time I had with minimal movement lol!
Can’t wait for your tongue to test if it’s a good enough job xxxxxxxx

Came downstairs and watched tv & did my nails ready for tomorrow. Decided on an early night.


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