21st/22nd February

21st – Tuesday

Usual morning routine of getting everyone up and out of the house. Decided today that I’d get ready last for a change, showered, dried applied body butter and let my skin dry naturally. Thought to myself, I know I’ll give Harvey a treat today, nice black balconette bra and brief set he likes, hold up stockings, knee length easy access skirt and a buttoned blouse. Took a photo of myself in said underwear and sent it off to him so he knew what awaited him.

Got into work, booked CR for a ‘teleconference’ this afternoon as I figured life is too damn short and we needed something even if it was only a short kiss, hug, fondle etc. We won’t get another opportunity this week so I decided to strike while the iron was hot! I cracked on with emails etc quite excited at what today would bring. Well the universe decided to teach me a lesson in optimism as he’s not even in! I did check his calendar the day before and it said he was here but no, it’s not correct. He called the office to speak to my colleague, but as she’s not here I answered the phone. He said he’s at site today and would I let everyone know. Of course I replied, leave it with me. If I hadn’t answered the phone I wouldn’t even have been informed. He’s not text, called or emailed.

I then get sent an email asking me if I can provide him with some information for his meeting on Thursday and if we can through it tomorrow in a room. Erm no love we can’t, we’re both at a meeting elsewhere with about 8 other people so that’s not going to happen either. A little disappointed and more than a little pissed off at his total lack of thought. I’ll get over it though because number 1, he wasn’t aware of my plans and he’s not psychic, number 2, it’s totally his loss and number 3, it’s further proof that he’s just not worth all this effort and attention. I deserve so much better.

I met my friend for lunch and had a good catch up with her. I missed her party on Saturday as I was so unwell so it was good to catch up. She had an amazing time at her party and thoroughly enjoyed herself.

Came back and ploughed through my emails. I found a few from Harvey that I needed to deal with so I cracked on with that. We then had an instant message conversation and he’d commented that I was right about a work issue and I replied that as usual I was right and he shouldn’t be so surprised. He replied that he was laughing and I replied that he wouldn’t be when he read his email!

H: Wow, Zumba is working xxxxx rush of blood has made me hard, shame I’m not in, maybe tomorrow we can hang back at the hotel to go through the information for my meeting Thursday xxxxx
I so want to taste your sex and bring you off with my tongue and fingers xxxxx

A: Well to be fair, I’m still wearing it and had CR booked for that exact reason but if a guy can’t keep a girl up to date with his movements then he’ll have to miss out! Restraint is good but I think we both need a release. Anyway, team event is only 5 weeks away 😂😂😂
I’m only there first thing sorry. I’ll make sure you’re up to date for your meeting as far as I can xxxxx

H: I could be under your desk playing teasing and tweaking your clit, gently slapping your lips to get the blood flowing 2 fingers working inside you as I squeeze your clit between my thumb and fingers before circling it with my tongue …..

Caution on messenger required xxxxxx

A: Well you could, but you’re not here! I presumed messenger was ok as you’d put about being hard on there. Lesson learnt in more ways than one!
Safe journey home, see you tomorrow maybe xx

H: I said it’s hard to be at the right place at the right time xxxxxx
I’m at site, I just presume messenger conversations are stored somewhere xxxxx

A: Well other than work related I won’t be using it so worry not!

H: Xxxxx

I didn’t reply and then he sent me a rainbow on our messenger system. Given that he’s having a paranoid meltdown about the chat being stored somewhere I made the executive decision to not reply. He called me for a chat on his way back from his meeting. We caught up and said I’d see him tomorrow at the meeting and he said he’d be in first thing so we could go through some stuff.

H: Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
My loss

A: Big style xxxxx

H: I hope I can find some quiet time for me when I get home xxxxxxx

A: Fingers crossed! Xxx

H: You have your hands on your head
“Turn around”
“Lean over the table”
I trace the outline of your slit with my fingers pulling the material between your arse cheeks 👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋 on each cheek turns them pink, I gently stroke you until the colour starts to fade 10 more turns the bright red, I roll your silky black pants down your legs the white flesh above your stocking tops attracts my attention 👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋 on each thigh and a nice glow appears, dropping to my knees I pull your arse cheeks apart as my tongue probes and darts in and out of you my fingers toying with your clit as you cum in my mouth, pulling your hair hard your back arches as I slide inside my free hand spanking your arse as I cum hard …….

A: After 5 weeks of waiting for that you’re going to last five fucking minutes xxxx

Left the office and raced home so I could crack on with tea and chores before the gym. Joy and I were booked on our usual Zumba class. Worked off some of my frustration on the treadmill, cross trainer & rower before the class.

Got home and had a bath. Came downstairs and Dick decided he’d have an early night so I spent an evening on my own doing my nails listening to music. More conversation with Harvey strangely. There’s no happy medium with this man it’s either feast or famine. I know he has so little free time so I appreciate the fact he checks in when he gets chance.

H: Xxxx longer than normal xxxxxxx

A: You’re not that bad! You’re so hard on yourself!
Finished gym now home and had a bath! Hope you got some peace
See you tomorrow xxxx

H: It was tongue in cheek ….Just hit the gym

A:  Enjoy the gym xxx
I don’t want to think about your tongue in my cheek, it’s far too depressing 😏 as it’s too far away!! Xxx

H: Friday afternoon 3 pm hotel?

A: You’re hilarious 😂😂
How on earth are you going to swing that?

H: Daughter’s coming home I think

A: It’s a bit of a risk though, what excuse would you use and chances are you wouldn’t be there on time as we know things happen. I can be there but I’d only have until 4.30 at the most as I’m at the gp. Is it worth it for you?? Plus the audit trail it would leave?? I’m not trying to dissuade you as I’d love nothing more, but you’ve not had chance to get your story together as it’s a bit short notice.
Totally appreciate the offer though babe honestly xxxxxx

H: I’m game if you are! Just say the word and Harvey will book a room! 15.00 to 16.30 is easier for me I could easily have a work meeting, audit trail is cash and this email account. Your call xxxxxxx
Night night see you tomorrow xxxxxxx

A: I’m definitely game! Bring it on xxxxxxx
See you tomorrow xxxxx

I went to bed a little happier knowing there was a possibility of a hotel and a hook up in the next few days.

22nd – Wednesday

Everyone up & out. Didn’t get more than 5 words from Dick before he left the house for work but I think I’ve just got used to it now.

Busy day getting ready for a meeting at 10am at a local hotel as we had no conference rooms available in the office. Harvey was at the meeting too and I arrived he was alone in the room so he shut the door and pulled me in for a kiss and told me the hotel was booked. I logged on to my email and he’d sent me the confirmation.

H: Any special requests…… ?

A: Be on time and rock my world basically.
I’ll do the same xxxx

Meeting finished early afternoon and we walked back to the office together and I joked it was a shame we’d left a hotel without having sex, didn’t seem fair. He laughed and told me we only had 2 days to wait.

Rest of the day passed uneventfully and I left work for the day. Got home and cracked on with Tea and cleaning as usual. It’s great, honestly I’m thinking of changing my name to fucking Cinderella. Wanted a nice peaceful night which I got in a roundabout way as Joy had her friend over and they were upstairs, Frank & Jayne were out and Dick was his usual monosyllabic self. Awesome! Joy’s friend went home and I had a bath and did my nails. I did try to make conversation with Dick but gave up as there was absolutely no point. I either got one word answers or ignored. I put the music channel on and sang along until it was time for bed.


5 thoughts on “21st/22nd February

  1. Hey Ava,

    Not an advice, but if it is possible, stay off official communication channels and getting frisky in the office. You never know when you can get busted and you will never be able to get over it if you do. It would be a shame to have a relationship crash because of something you actually had control over; given that there are quite a few things you cannot. Again, not an advice, not even a suggestion, just a random thought.


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