18/19/20th February

18th – Saturday

A quiet uneventful few days as in the early hours of Saturday I was taken ill with some kind of vomiting bug. I did nothing other than lie down and feel close to death. I had to cancel my plans to go to my friends surprise party which was a disappointment as I was really looking forward to it. I stayed on the sofa feeling sorry for myself once I stopped throwing up and started watching a new series on Netflix. Well it’s not new, it’s new to me. It’s Once upon a Time and its watchable, it’s a distraction. Dick played calmly on his xbox, Joy was out with friends, Frank & Jayne went out so it was a peaceful day despite the fact I felt like shit. I hadn’t heard from Harvey since the conversation yesterday morning but that’s not unusual, he’s quite hit and miss with contact and although it does annoy me, it can’t be helped at he end of the day. I realized on Friday typing up my day that it’s because I have more time on my hands and I need more of a distraction so it’s not his fault. We played cards against humanity as a family when everyone got home. If you’ve never heard of this game I implore you to google it, its hilarious. It’s incredibly offensive and not suitable at all for under 16’s given it’s adult nature but it’s so funny.

I had the question The secret to a lasting marriage is communication, communication and ……………………..

I gave the answer An AK-47 assault rifle. It made me laugh so I took a photo of them together and sent it to Harvey.

19th – Sunday

Had a lazy morning. Dick was out looking at cars for Joy and I had plans in the afternoon to see my friend for cake and coffee. I wasn’t 100% but felt much better so I still planned to go. It was her birthday the day before too and I wanted to give her her present. I was surprised to receive emails from Harvey so we had a chat via email.

H: Haha, and a shovel to dig the hole xxxxx
Morning Babe, how’s you? I’m just walking the dogs for my mum and dad, what a lovely day xxxxxx

A: What a very British statement “what a lovely day” 😂
I’m ok, meeting my friend for coffee at 2 so having a lazy morning while Dick takes Joy to look at cars 🙈
He doesn’t realise I’m intelligent enough to work out it’s a smokescreen and really he’s looking at replacing our car!
It’s hard being the clever one in the relationship 😂😂😂😂
Hope you have a good weekend xxxxx

H: I’m sure he will be looking at sensible options! The weekends shaping up ok I’m enjoying the me time (everyone is in bed still!) with the dogs! I’ll cook breakfast for everyone when I get back.

Woke up hard as hell thinking of you xxxx you had your wrists tied to your ankles and my head was buried between your thighs with my tongue circling your tight arse dipping in and out of your sex, your moans were stifled by the ball gag but your eyes were showing excitement……..

A: I don’t think he knows what sensible looks like. He’s currently looking at range rovers ffs!
Sounds like the me time is very much needed!

Glad you get hard with no input from me, all sounds great apart from the ball gag. Only one of us will be wearing that and it won’t be be…………..!
Not had a play myself for days, but maybe later now I have some inspiration 😘
Enjoy your brunch xxxxxxx

H: 💋💋💋👅👅👅👅👌👌👌👌

A: 😍 bring it on. Only 5 weeks to wait xxx

H: Mmmmm have you picked the hotel yet?

A: No I need to talk to the other boss and see what he wants to do. There’s no activity or venue big enough to take all of us.
I’ll sort it Monday xxxxx

H: Cool, I’m just about back home now so I’ll catch you later xxxx

A: Have a good Sunday xxxxx

I went into town and met my friend, she’s one of the online nail ladies that have become real friends. It was lovely to see her and time went really quickly. After 2 hours I went home and Dick was on the xbox (for a change!). He didn’t ask me how it went, how I was or anything. It was literally like pulling teeth trying to get him to tell me how the car shopping went. I gave up in the end and went in the bath. I can’t get my head around how he go from being so lovely and interested to a complete sulky uninterested person. I don’t know what I do to bring it on but I know I don’t deserve it at all. I had a quiet night catching up with friends online and doing my nails for a change.

20th – Monday

Busy day at work and not a great deal to report, I didn’t hear from Harvey nor did I expect to. I can’t remember a single thing that happened other than we went food shopping after work. I know after that he was on the xbox, I had a bath and went to bed out of the way. I really need to get back in the habit of updating this daily. Luckily I had done most of this post Sunday evening. Now I’ve come to finish it I haven’t a clue what I did on Monday. It couldn’t have been anything exciting or upsetting as it’s not in my head.



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