15th/16th February

Wednesday – 15th

I was still reeling and feeling a little out of sorts from the night before. I had a very busy day at work though so that kept me occupied. Harvey was due in the office and called me on his way in. We chatted briefly as we’d not actually had a conversation since I left the hotel on Thursday. I asked him how his wedding anniversary went the night before and if he’d had a nice meal. He said it was ok as he’d cooked it. I was a little surprised to hear that, as last week at the hotel while we had dinner he’d told us he was coming back for a meal with his wife. I reminded him of that statement and he said he doesn’t remember saying it at all and that they’d shared an M&S meal for two. In the great scheme of things not a big deal. It’s not like I care one way or the other about what went on or what they did, but I hate being deceived. I have a photographic memory and I’m fairly intelligent so I know that’s what he said. I came back to my desk and carried on working. He arrived in the office and the first thing Freya said to me was “I wonder how his anniversary meal was at the hotel last night” We chatted about how nice the food was there and I said I’m sure it will have been amazing. I only wished I could tell her though that he didn’t do that and he claims he never said it, and get her to drop it into the conversation, but what would that achieve? Nothing. He came over to speak to me about a work related thing and he dropped a pack of red & black wine gums on my desk. It made me smile because this time last year while he was off after his operation he sent me a pack through the post. I’d reminded him that it was his wedding anniversary and he sent me those as a thank you. A few emails back and forth.

H: Restraints a bitch, glad I spoke to you this morning xxxxxxx coffee at 3ish?

A: Coffee would be good.
Restraint is for the best right now!
Thanks for the chat this morning & the sweets, you know me well xxxxxxxxxx

H: I’m thinking more of restraining your arms with your ankles tied to a spreader bar, you bent over and at my mercy ……..

A: Goes off to google spreader bar *but not on the work pc obviously*
😂 Fucking hell you’re more than 50 shades that’s for damn sure!

We went for a coffee in the breakout area and I thanked him for the sweets he said they were in lieu of a dozen red roses and laughed. I asked him if last years were for the same reason and he doesn’t even remember sending me them year. Whatever drugs he was on last year must’ve been some good shit or he really has an appalling memory. Given he can’t remember something from a week ago, I think it may be the latter!

H: Lol, your arse was fifty shades of red ……..

A: As was your face as you came in my arse…..

H: Mmmmmmmmm hard as hell xxxxxxxxxxxxx

A: I suggest staying at your desk then.
Admit it, you’ve wanted to touch me since you got in!

H: yes yes yes

A: I even put on an easy access top and the pink floral matching underwear that you like!

Then literally 5 minutes before I was due to leave the office I got this email.

H: CR?

I joined him and we literally had a few brief kisses and he removed my breast from my bra and kissed and bit my nipple.

Didn’t get out of hand at all but it did get me going! I left the office and sent him a message.

A: Brief contact is better than no contact at all!
Have a good night xxxx

Left work, got home to an empty house, threw off my clothes and called him but got no reply. I thought I’d treat him to a FaceTime session whilst I had the opportunity but it looked like fate had intervened once again. Just as I was going to send him an email telling him what he’d missed he called me back. I told him my idea and he said that this time he’d be ready. After the disaster last time I needed to know that FaceTime would work on mobile data!

Anyway it was a success, I stripped and moved the camera so he could see everything. He commented that it was a little loud and I realised he wasn’t wearing his earphones. I tweaked and played with my breasts then started fingering myself. He seemed to enjoy it but wasn’t participating, he then told me that he wasn’t safely away in the main conference rooms as I expected and that actually the office he was in had glass doors so people could see in. At that point I got cold feet and told him I needed both hands to finish what I’d started. Once I’d taken care of that I emailed him.

A: I hope that gives you something to think about later! I’m now suitably chilled after releasing the tension, it was fast but very needed!
Another box ticked via FaceTime but would be better if you were here. Sorry you couldn’t participate yourself I presumed you were in cr! Let’s coordinate diaries and sort something xxxxxxxx

H: Let’s xxxxx

A: Xxxxxx
Have a good night xxxxx

Loaded the washer, dishwasher etc and cooked tea for myself & Dick. Joy was out. Frank cooked tea for him & Jayne and I went in the bath. When I came out the bath the plan was to watch some tv and chill. Joy called and said her knee was hurting so Dick said he’d pick her up in 15 minutes. I asked why he was picking her up in 15 minutes (thinking that maybe she was angling for more time out as it was already her curfew!) and he said he was playing his game and wanted to finish it. Before I had chance to explain that I was only asking as I thought she was taking the piss and going to be late, he threw the Xbox remote, switched off the console and said I’ll go get her now and stormed out the house! Talk about out of nowhere for fucks sake! He picked her up, came in, declared he was off to bed and off he went.

Awesome! Stayed up and did my nails and read for a while, once I was ready for bed I went upstairs to find him watching Netflix on his iPad. He then declared there was 35 minutes left and he’d switch it off when it finished. I told him not to fucking bother as I’d sleep elsewhere. I went back downstairs and chilled on the sofa until I knew he was asleep. I finally went to bed about midnight.

Thursday – 16th

Got Dick up for work against my better judgement but as usual he pretended that everything was ok like last night didn’t happen! I stayed in bed until I needed to get Frank up as I couldn’t hear him moving about.

Had a leisurely morning getting ready for work in peace and woke Joy up at 8 as I was leaving. Came into work and got stuck straight into my day. I had my development discussion with my manager which is a useless, pointless, box ticking exercise but had to be done.

When I came out of there I’d missed 3 calls from Dick and a message to ring him when I was free. I called him to be told that his sister can no longer take his mum & stepdad to an event we’ve paid for and that he’s now taking them. I reminded him that the reason we couldn’t take them originally was because it’s the day before our wedding anniversary and we planned to go on that afternoon. We had booked a special offer deal for a hotel we’d stayed at a few years previously for dinner, bed & breakfast for the two of us. Because it was such a good deal it was payable in full in advance and no cancellation. He said he’d see what time the performance was and hopefully we could still go to the hotel.

Harvey had arrived while I was in my meeting so I didn’t see him until much later. He told me he was nipping to the deli so I went with him. He held my hand in the car and gave me a quick kiss before we headed back to the office. Tonight he’s away with his old team, I was invited but declined as it was too soon and would lead to suspicion from Dick staying in such a local hotel 2 weeks on the trot. No risk is rule number one so I’m sure he understood. However, I’m starting to feel I’m losing my appeal a little as he told me he’d been to the gym last night, which is great I’m glad he got some time to himself, but he usually emails me and I heard nothing last night after my impromptu facetime surprise.

We got back to the office and sat with a colleague and ate our food. As we were sat there I had a text message from Dick to confirm that the show starts at 6pm. I replied that it would finish about 9.30/10.00 so little or no point us going to the hotel. I walked away from the table and took his call. We had a frank discussion on exactly why I was so mad and to be fair he sat and took it all. He said he can’t see the tickets go to waste plus it was a gift for his mum from us and they really want to go. Fair enough, but his sister should’ve sorted something out as she knew we couldn’t make it. He understands I’m angry, but he doesn’t really, he just says that. It’s his mum, of course he’s going to make it happen and his view is we will have lots of other opportunities to go away this is a once in a lifetime for his mum. I reminded it was actually twice as we paid for her to go in Florida when we took them there, but by now all sense and reason had left the building for me. I came back to my desk and went to crack on with work. Harvey came over to check if I was ok. I told him I was fine it was my wedding anniversary plans ruined and that it’s annoying because occasionally we present this picture to the world and pretend it’s actually working. He made some flippant comment about welcome to the real world and off he went.

I went to speak to him about a work related issue to discover he’d already left. Fabulous, no goodbye no nothing. I was a bit surprised as usually he’d say bye or send me a message but I thought it was strange. He called me on my work mobile so I knew it was work related and we discussed an issue that needed sorting. I then got some work related emails but that was the only contact.

I finished work, picked up some essentials from the local shop and as soon as I got home I got changed for the gym. I have so much pent up anger & aggression that I needed to release I figured I’d channel it into something useful. I did Zumba, rowing machine, cross trainer & treadmill. I’m feeling it already! I came back, had a bath & tidied up. I did think that maybe I’d hear from Harvey tonight as he’s out with the boys but I’ve heard nothing. It’s all been very strange the last few days. I won’t message him now, he knows where I am. I’m a bit pissed off at the lack of communication but I’ve been down this road before with him before, but I think it’s evident that it’s a little one sided and I get so little back compared to what I give. Maybe the novelty has worn off now he’s ticked those boxes, who knows, but I do know I need a distraction from everything and he was supposed to be that distraction, not be the focus of it! I’ll leave him to it I think. Focus on myself and see how I feel.

Dick had a bath and when he came downstairs declared he couldn’t find the tv remote so he was watching Netflix on his iPad again. I told him that was a selfish plan but I was off to bed so he could please himself. He hasn’t said a word to me about our plans changing I guess that’s the end of that conversation. I’ve offered Frank & Jayne the hotel, they’re going to see if they can get the Monday off, someone might as well benefit from it! I think I’m done ranting, I’m going to try and sleep!


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