8/9th February

8th – Wednesday

Against my better judgement I got Dick up for work, I figured the last thing I needed was him being late and in an even bigger mood. He left for work without a hello or a goodbye. I figured it was his loss, I had better things to think of frankly!

I received an email from Harvey which made me smile.

H: Been awake and hard all night…#excited

I got into work and had a load of stuff to do before I could leave for the event. The girls also were up to their ears with deadlines so the decision was made to skip the event and just join the guys for dinner. We’d have a quick spa session if time allowed. Harvey called the office to ask one of the guys to bring a projector etc to the venue and as luck would have it, I answered the call. I told him that we had issues getting away and apologized that we’d have to skip the team building exercise. I think he thought we were making up excuses, but we weren’t we’d even bought our trainers and come dressed for an afternoon of orienteering! I emailed him to explain.

A: Not deliberate about cancelling the walk. Boss needs stuff doing, E has a meeting with J & his tutor and we’ll be across then. We’ll hit the spa so let me know when you’re back.
Very excited/terrified/grateful lol!
I’ve packed the underwear, the vibe & the balls……..!

H: Xxxxxxx

A: So looking forward to it xxxxxxx

H: 4hrs ish, check in is at 15.00

A: See you soon xxxx

Finally got our work finished and left the office. Got to the hotel and checked in to find the most amazing room waiting for me. Harvey had spoken to the hotel about allocating the rooms and mine had a glorious four poster bed with a chaise at the bottom of the bed. This can be seen in previous post https://privateava.wordpress.com/2017/02/08/its-on/

I sent Harvey an email with a photo of the bed as per the above post.

A: Spa with the girls then this!
You chose well xxxxx

H: I did indeed, mine looks similar, I’m in room * it looks straight out over the bridge and you?

A: I’m currently in the spa with the girls. I’m in * with a view of the back I think xx

H: I’ll have a walk and check the route

A: Ok. I’ll be heading back shortly. I’m next door to Freya but there’s a storage room between us it’s all good xxxx

Spa was really good, I’d taken my facial stuff with me so that the girls could relax and have a bit of a pamper. It was fun but it was time to get down to the main event!

A: Heading back! Xxxx

H: Just getting a shower xxx

A: Shame you could’ve done that here 🙌🏼
See you soon xxx

H: Still can xxxx are you in? Just checking its *

A: It is indeed see you soon xx

H: Put the door on the latch I’ll be with you in 2mins I’ll carry my gym kit in case I have to walk past

A: done xxx

For details of the rest of the evening you need to see https://privateava.wordpress.com/2017/02/09/well-that-was-well-worth-the-wait/ if you haven’t read my previous post.

9th – Thursday

So Harvey left just after 3am and I wrote a brief post Wow! and hoped I’d go back to sleep but sleep was not forthcoming. I started writing up events before I forgot them but had to stop as I got so turned on reliving it I had to take care of that first. I did stop and take a little video to send Harvey but the file was to big to send so I took a photo and finished myself off!!

A: Open with care – wish you were here.

Laid back on the bed and dozed but my mind wouldn’t settle. I was supposed to be meeting the girls at 8.30 for breakfast but realised that it was too late for me as I needed to be in the meeting at 9am. I messaged them and said I’d go alone. They weren’t needed at the meeting and would be heading back to the office. I got up, showered and dressed and went down to breakfast. I was joined by my colleagues and Harvey and caught up on all the gossip from the night before. Luckily we weren’t the subject of gossip as we’re totally under the radar. No one would suspect at all as we’ve always worked quite close together and I can’t imagine anyone would think for a minute we would do such a thing.

Meeting went well and made good time so I was back in the office for lunchtime. We forgot to bring back the LCD projector we’d taken with us so I called him and he said he’d bring it back on Tuesday as he was still there.

A little later I’d text him about a work issue and he called me back, once we’d discussed that we were soon talking about plans for us personally. There’s another event at the same hotel next week and I’ve said I’ll see what I can do but not making any promises. I told him about trying to send him the video at 4am this morning and that he’d had to settle for photo. He was laughing and told me I was insatiable! I told him that I was more than sated when he left but the the thoughts of what we’d done had set me off. He then said he’d got hard just having this conversation! We do have a genuine connection I feel. I believe he’s honest when he tells me this is the first time he’s had an affair.

(Yes, it’s an affair, I don’t make any excuses for it, yes, if our partners found out it would be horrible and the repercussions I can’t bear to even think about it, but it’s fun, it’s not an affair in the real sense of the word as we know it’s time limited and neither of us plan to change our situations. He makes me happy. Do I wish I had what I have with Harvey with Dick? Yes I do, but as that’s not ever going to happen or be an option I shall continue to enjoy myself with Harvey until one or both of us decide it’s not working or worth the risk any more).

He told me I had to think about what was next on my list and I told him that I was happy that I’d ticked so many things off already and that we maybe we needed to start on his list. He said that my list is his list, he’s very sweet and accommodating. It’s a nice contrast of sweet and masterful lol! I think maybe we will explore the dom side of him now I’ve given the ropes, etc a try and I know I can trust him.

Finished the working day and went home. I was not prepared for the fresh hell that awaited me! The kitchen looked like a tornado had tore through it, plates, pans, food everywhere. Head went I honestly could’ve sat and cried. I was so tired from being away that I just didn’t need it. Dick rang just as I got my coat off, he wasn’t expecting me to be home already and said he’d sort it when he got in which he did. We went food shopping, and once it was all away I made tea and had a bath.

H: Mmmmmmmmmmm xxxxxxx

A: Every time I think about you restraining my hands behind my back and fucking me over the bed makes me catch my breath and my nipples go hard all on their own.
Everything is so sensitive today but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and loved being at your mercy. Thank you for bringing this side of myself out and doing it in a safe trusting way.

I typed up Wednesday’s account and sent a link to Harvey.

A: Enjoy I’m sure I’ve missed loads but I hope you feel it’s an accurate reflection of last night xxxxxxx

I had gone from being exhausted to being on edge and wide awake, I stayed up after everyone had gone to bed an made a start on the blog post for last weeks missing days. I went to bed just after 1am.


One thought on “8/9th February

  1. What you speak of here could totally be my words about TheMaster…..I get caught up reading my accounts of our meet ups to date, getting so turned on by the thought of him. I couldn’t imagine what it would be like if we lived in the same city let alone worked together! Your comments re wishing you had this with Dick, I totally wish hubby could/would give me what TheMaster does….it would be bliss.
    And your gratitude for Harvey bringing out and fulfilling this side of you in a safe and trusting way….I feel that TheMaster does that to me too, but just that we’re mostly strangers yet I oddly feel safe with him.


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