3rd – 7th February

3rd – Friday

Very quiet day all round. Got a text first thing to say my colleague was calling for bacon sandwiches and coffee on the way in and did I want one? Hell yes! So my morning got off to a great start.

I logged on to my emails and saw one from one of my friends from here. It was so lovely to hear from her and made me smile. I’m reminded that there are some lovely people in the world and it’s amazing how complete strangers can make a difference. I’m also struck by how many of us are in similar situations. Married but have little or no sexual contact so we’re forced to go elsewhere for it. I find this blogging arena to be so helpful, I think if I didn’t have anywhere to vent or empty my head it would explode from the pressure of it all. Anyway Magenta if you’re reading this Hi! I hope you’re well and thank you!

Day passed fairly quickly but I almost shortened my life when I accidentally rang Harvey instead of my best friend! I clicked and it rang for 2 rings before I thought fuck and pressed cancel. I have him in my phone as Rebecca and my best friend in as Becki so what a rookie error. I immediately emailed him.

A: SHIT I accidentally clicked the phone sorry

H: No worries, I did panic I’m sat at the side of a mate so didn’t answer, how’s you? What’s happening tonight ?

A: Fuck sake I’ve changed your name. I went to ring Becki but rang Rebecca instead. I think I’ve just nearly died. Lesson learnt!
I sent you a nice email this morning so that’ll make you feel better later xxxxx

H: It’s made me feel very hard xxxxxx

A: Then my work here is done xxxxx

Quite the sobering experience and immediately I changed his name in my phone. That could’ve been a disaster but luckily we seem to have avoided disaster.

A little later I saw the following photo on instagram so I sent it to him.


A: Too funny!

I had an early night as the next day was clinic with Lisa & Tina.

4th – Saturday

Early start to get Lisa to the clinic for 8am. Less said about this portion of my day the better. It was nothing short of horrific. Nearly a week later I’m still coming to terms with just how emotional and tragic a day it was. Needless to say there was lots of tears and the outcome was a success. Witnessing a 14 year old go through an abortion is something I didn’t need to experience. However, I can’t feel sorry for myself as it was a million percent worse for poor Lisa that had to go through it. My heart breaks for her as she will never be the same unfortunately. I can only hope that she doesn’t suffer any trauma later from the horrific decision she’s had to face. I received an email from Harvey while I was at the clinic.

H: Very funny, I’m sat in the Physio waiting room, just laughed out loud and then a rush of blood as I remember holding your ponytail whilst fucking your mouth……

A: I thought of you immediately! Hope you don’t have to get up soon!
Oh next Wednesday will be so worth the wait! Xxxxxxxxx
Ps I’m showing great restraint by not telling you what I want you to do to me, or me to you. I’d hate you to get kicked out of the clinic 😂😂😂

H: Xxxxxx thanks I’m thinking of Mrs Thatcher at the moment xxxxx what’s in your diary for the weekend? It’s the father in laws birthday today so I’m cooking a roast for everyone!!!

A: I’m at the clinic with Lisa and her family atm (not great, sorry for the downer).
I’m meeting my friend later for catch up then no plans. Will keep myself available for Lisa & Tina if they need me. Quiet weekend.

Hope the dinner goes well, you make a lovely wife lol. Have fun xxxxx
Mrs Thatcher is so formal 😂😂 oh Maggie 😂😂

H: You make me laugh xxxxx catch you later. Hope things go well xxxxx

A: Thank you! You make me laugh too, we’re really good friends I think that’s why this is so easy.
Later babe, good luck with the cooking xxxxx

Got home and settled Lisa in then went to catch up with my friend Pat. Then got home had a bath and watched tv and chilled for the rest of the day.

I knew I’d struggle so I took something to help me sleep.

5th – Sunday

Rested most of the day as I was totally wiped out from the day before. Had a bacon sandwich that Dick made me with a coffee and did very little. Heard from Harvey off and on.

H: Cooking was easy, it’s the cleaning up that’s hard! I’m still at it! What are you on with? I’m gym bound later xxxxxx

A: Morning! Get the others to chip in and help.
I’m having a lazy day as yesterday was pretty hard. Feel a bit sluggish today as I took something to help me sleep. Might go to the gym myself actually might shake the wooly headedness off a bit.
Might do my nails, rock n roll lol!
Glad the cooking went well, I’m sure everyone appreciated it xxxxxxx

H: They did, but daughter went back to Uni last night, Son1 and his Mrs to be got up early to go to church!! Son2 went out on the town and came home at silly o’clock so I’ve been a hero and done it all myself. Sat with a lemsip watching football on Tv.
But a good night was had by all.

A: What a guy!
Lemsip??? Have you got man flu or did you need a cheeky paracetamol😂
Glad you had a good night xxx

H: Both xxxxxx slightly fuzzy head

A: Your man flu has 48 hours to do one!
#justsaying xxx Loads of sympathy obviously 😂😂
#selfishava xxxxxx

H: No problem xxxx

A: Hope you feel better babe xxxx

H: Xxxxx I’m concerning energy for Wednesday xxxxx

A: I’m concerned too! Do you mean conserving energy 😂😂😂 xxxx

H: Lol yes 😘

A: I know you too well babe xxx

H: Gym done, managed to run a few steps!!! First ones in over 3 years, now out for a walk with the dog more stamina needed xxxxx (he sent a photo of the dog!) Night babe xxxx

A: Well done on the run! You’ll get there. Cute dog!
Night babe xxxxx

5th – Monday

Nightmare morning, got to work and I’d left my phone at home! Luckily I was meeting my friend for lunch so she took me home to get it. I normally wouldn’t be bothered except I keep my debit card in there and had no cash on me. I seemed to have one of those days whereby nothing went right at all.

Harvey called me for a chat on the way to the dentist. It was nice to hear from him, we caught up on our weekend and we had a good laugh about the upcoming hotel trip. Discussing our plans and what might happen. He reassured me that it would all be ok and that I have no need to worry as he knows I’m more than a little apprehensive although I’m really looking forward to it.

Work was a disaster, got home to the house looking like a bomb hit it, kids were moody and Dick was his usual delightful self. Great, not!

A: Thanks for the laugh you always make me smile even if I’m terrified 😊
So looking forward to Wednesday xxxxx

H: Me too both terrified and excited xxxx
I’m now minus a wisdom tooth xxxxxx

A: Why are you terrified? You’ve nothing to worry about babe, it’s going to be amazing I’m sure.
Shit your mouth must be sore, hope you’ve got some painkillers xxxx

H: I’m either a brave little soldier or the injections are still working well, can’t feel anything… so I’m just at the gym going to swim fit xxxx catch you after 8 when I come out xxxx

A: Enjoy. Catch up later xxxx

H: Home now for a tin of tomato soup xxxxx
Fantastic session only spoilt by the fact I forgot to bring my jeans so I’m going home with wet shorts……

A: Clown!
I spent my time shaving in preparation for Wednesday night………!
See you tomorrow xxxxx

H: Can’t wait to play xxxxxx night night Babe xxxx

A: Me neither! Night babe xxx

Did my chores, had a bath and an early night. I paid extra attention to all areas, shaved, moisturised and preened until I shined 😂 I knew I’d be busy the next night and wouldn’t have time!

7th – Tuesday

I got ready for work but before getting dressed I sent Harvey a photo of my pussy looking all nicely shaved!

A: I don’t think I missed much did I?
You tongue here soon xxxx

Crazy busy day again. Harvey was in the office but we barely spoke other than to agree the agenda for the away day topic and organize the teams for the event. He then dropped the bombshell that he needed myself and the two girls in the team to join them on the actual event. We planned to skip the team building element and just hit the spa so I was less than impressed but we agreed. So it would cut into our spa time but at least it’d make us look like we were a legitimate reason to be there!

He had to leave to go to site again so once there he replied to my photo email.

H: Nearly crashed into the gate at site!!
Can’t wait xxxxxx
Do you think Freya picked up on you touching my knee?

(Whilst discussing the event and his lack of planning skills I accidentally touched his knee!)

A: What a shame you didn’t look sooner!
No Freya won’t have picked it up, don’t get paranoid on me!!!
Please tell me you went to pick the compasses up before you went to site?

H: I’m going now, Freeport should have some

A: Enjoy! See you tomorrow.

H: Remember it’s bring your toys to work day tomorrow…..

A: You’re lucky I’ve not thrown my toys out of the pram due to your changing of my plans!
You realise of course it’s your own time you’ve cut into?? Oh well I’m sure it’ll be fun even if it is time limited!

I rushed round like a blue arsed fly when I got in as I had booked myself & Joy on a Zumba class at gym. I thought it’d be fun and a bit of a laugh. Jesus it nearly killed me! It’s not for the feint of heart as it’s an hour of proper cardio & stretching. Even walking home I was feeling it! Got home to Dick in the worst mood I’ve experienced so far. Once again he was in the Xbox shouting, balling & swearing. Not wearing a headset I might add, no he was just venting randomly so it’s not like his ‘team’ could hear him so it wasn’t really constructive. I went in the bath so I packed for the next day as the bath was running. Harvey had replied to my email.

H: Yes I’m an idiot

A: So am I. I’ve done Zumba and will be aching everywhere tomorrow. You might not need those ropes as I probably won’t be able to move lol xx

H: Lol, I’ve just finished at the gym so I’m definitely going to be stiff!!!! Night night babe

A: Stiff is the plan!
Night babe I’m soaking in the bath then going to pack xxxx

Once I’d bathed and got packed & dressed I came downstairs thinking maybe Dick had got it out of his system and we could watch tv while I did my nails. No that was a bad idea as when I asked what we could watch he bit my head off and said watch what you like I’m playing my game! I told him there’s no way I’d be able to watch anything whilst he was ranting at the side of me so he suggested I watch tv upstairs out of the way! Do you know when you get to that point when your blood boils and you just explode? Well that’s where I was. I was just so angry! All I wanted to do was have a nice quiet night before I went away and his attitude ruined that completely. I told him exactly what I thought of him and his pathetic game and that I was grateful that at least the next night I’d get some fucking peace & quiet. (Well I’d get some fucking at least, but I wasn’t going to share that fact!). I decided to do my nails upstairs as my head had gone. I could still hear him ranting so I came back down but he must’ve heard me coming as he’d switched it off. I asked him if it was worth it, if carrying on like a spoilt child, was it worth all this unhappiness and upset? His response was “I don’t know what you’re talking about” to say I was angry would be a sure thing at the understatement of the year award! I told him that I didn’t want to argue as it’s counter productive but he needs to know that this is unacceptable and that I hoped he enjoyed the following night and me being away as it would give him an insight into how much fun it’d be living on his own. I went upstairs, put my headphones on and disconnected from the world. Approximately 3am he came to bed. I know this because I got zero sleep!!

So in summary, it was a shit week from the domestic front but I had the most amazing night with Harvey to look forward to so that made it all bearable!


8 thoughts on “3rd – 7th February

  1. I find when I fight with X, I feel better about cheating, lol. So fucked up! Harvey seems so awesome to you and you guys seem to have a lot of fun together. He is very paranoid, lol. I’m sorry about all the stuff going on with Lisa, =/ It can’t be easy.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Nawww Ava, so chuffed to see a shout out – thanks for returning the smile, great start to my morning 🙂
    So glad you had your amazing night after a shit week on the domestic front. Here’s hoping you don’t have to wait too long before your next Harvey adventure xx

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Again with the video games? It sounds like you laid it out for him pretty clear. The video games were going to make him single again. And he still stayed at it till 3am. At least you have a real man in your life you can respect.

    It’s one thing to not pay attention to your spouse. It’s another to be so completely absorbed in video games that you can’t see anything they is happening with them. I know he has other issues you’ve mentioned but this is such a large undercurrent. He’s living in his own world. And now his wife is living in hers as well. And his wife’s is pretty sweet.


  4. Why is Dick such a Dick for? Video games really? At least you had an amazing time on the 8th. Still can’t get it out of my head!

    You and Harvey are just amazing and I will I could go to gym frequently the way you too do. I skipped about twice this week but tomorrow I will be on it, motivated by the two of you haha.


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