Well that was well worth the wait!

I’ll catch up on the last few days later but right now I need to get this out while I can still remember most of what happened.

So I had been in the spa with the girls chilling and was just heading back when I received an email telling me he had arrived. We exchanged room numbers and he said he’d be with me soon. I literally had time for a very quick wash, brush my teeth and change into my underwear. I changed into a purple body suit that fastened under the crotch and fastened at the back like a bra. It had a string up the arse and a love heart cut out at the back, I wore black hold up stockings and my heels. I left the door on the catch as instructed and he arrived as I was fastening the ankle straps of my high heeled platform stilettos. I had my back to him on the chaise lounge at the foot of the four poster bed as per the earlier post. See my post https://privateava.wordpress.com/2017/02/08/its-on/ to see the amazing four poster bed that greeted me upon my arrival to my room!

He came round to face me as I finished fastening my shoes, I stood to greet him and he looked a mixture of surprised, happy and excited. We kissed and I removed his jacket. I don’t think he knew what part of me to grab first but soon his hands were everywhere. My body suit was soon undone as he reached for my already wet slit as he pinched my nipples and removed my breasts from the suit. He told me to lean back on the chaise as his tongue got busy bringing me to the first of the many orgasms I received. I told him it was high time he undressed so I could have a play with him. I helped him disrobe and pushed him back on the chaise as I gave him a blow job. He needed a break from that as he didn’t want to come so soon, so I stood as he fingered me from behind. He was on the chaise and from his viewpoint could see our reflection in the full length cheval mirror opposite. He made several comments about the view. He smacked my arse as I stood until it turned pink. I was a little shocked as there was no warning but it wasn’t unpleasant. The initial smacking was hard but after each slap he stroked my cheek where it stung, nice gentle sensation and a nice caress after a harsh sting. I could get used to this!

We then moved to an armchair and he grabbed my hair and fucked my mouth whereby I once again brought him to the brink. Telling me stop as he needed to or then commanding me to suck until he told me to stop. I enjoyed being told what to do. I then stood on the chair he was sitting on so he could insert his fingers and tongue. Then it gets a bit sketchy about who did what to who. I know we ended up on the four poster bed eventually. He went over to the table to what I thought was his gym bag, but it turned out to be more toys, not sports related!! He took out 4 lengths of coated rope and looped it around both ankles and wrists and then wound them and tied them to the bed posts. He positioned me in the centre of the bed and played with my breasts and stroked my clit until I was dripping wet. At this point he lifted my hips and entered me. With my arms and legs at full stretch so I couldn’t do anything but commit to him. It was a nice pain, not too rough but rough enough to know I was out of my comfort zone. It started to cut into one of my wrists so I told him to release me which he did immediately. Throughout he was masterful but very quick to stop if I needed him to. I think he’s well aware of just how vanilla I am and he’s careful not to push it. He then used the rope to wrap around my breast so the pressure made it change colour and my nipple was so sensitive. Once again though I had to ask him to stop as I was worried about getting bruised and he did as I asked.

Still on the bed he then got the steel balls and rolled them across my breasts down to my vey wet slit, at this point I’d lost count of how many times I came. I was pleasantly surprised to find out they were both in as I presumed he’d only got the one in. I walked across the bedroom unsteadily, I imagine with more practice I’d be fine, but they definitely take some getting used to. Very strange but pleasurable sensation, only downside was I was terrified they were going to fall out and clang to the floor ha ha! It was decided that I wouldn’t be attempting to wear them to dinner tonight. He removed them quickly and I think the look on his face mirrored mine. Massive smile.

I think we pretty much covered the entire bed, chaise & armchair in every position imaginable. At some point I bought out the small vibe he’d bought for me and decided to use it on him in an effort to keep him hard. Not that he needs help, he’s never gone soft on me but he has mentioned that he can’t last long but I’ve yet to see that for myself. Just before we needed to start getting ready to meet the others I was on the bed and he fucked me from behind, fingered my arse until I was relaxed enough to enter me there. He told me not to move and removed something from his bag and I felt something smooth against my arse as he pushed it in. An amazing sensation as it filled me. I was so shocked when he pulled it out and I saw the size of it!!! See this post https://privateava.wordpress.com/2017/02/09/wow/ for a photo of it. Much bigger than I expected and I can’t believe it fit!!

He left to get ready in his room and I quickly had a shower and got ready myself. I joined the team and him at the bar and we laughed until it was time for dinner to be served. It was a good laugh and a great night, and other than a quick panic call from home about Joy’s whereabouts, the evening passed pretty quickly. At one point one of the guys was suggesting he could tie one of my male colleagues to his four poster bed if he stayed over and immediately looked down and saw the mark that had been left on my wrists and I laughed.

I made my excuses to return to the room. This isn’t unusual for me, I don’t normally enjoy the company of other people, especially work colleagues, I call it a day after food and go for a bath. Tonight would be no exception as I needed a bath and I had the added incentive of another visit from Harvey.

I got back to my room and spoke to Dick & the kids whilst my bath was running. I had a soak then showered, wrapped myself in a big fluffy towel and wrapped my wet hair in a towel turban just as Harvey returned. He grabbed a quick shower while I dried off my body. As I was tidying round the room he smacked my arse with what appeared to be a short belt. Turned out it was a cuff for my wrists. He put them on my wrists and fastened them tightly and I noticed a little metal hole on them sticking out and presumed it was for putting the rope through so it didn’t chafe but oh no Ava is a complete bloody novice! You probably know what’s coming but imagine my surprise when he grabbed both arms and put them behind my back and clipped them behind me. Beautifully executed I have to say, if a little shocked. He pushed me on to the bed and fucked me from behind again getting me wetter and wetter, he then took the butt plug from the dresser and inserted it inside me – so hot and unexpected and just when I thought I couldn’t take anymore he fucked my pussy while the plug was still up my arse. Oh My God, I have never experienced an orgasm like it in my life. I didn’t even realize that was a thing or even possible. This is how vanilla I am. I think he enjoyed it too as he came. Definitely another box ticked and I’m overwhelmed with just how amazing it was. After exhausting possibly every scenario I’ve ever thought of we settled down for the night. I’ve lost count of how many orgasms I’d had and probably half the stuff we did, I was in the moment having the best damn sex of my life so I didn’t think to make notes!

He decided he’d stay until 3am so we cuddled up in bed like we did that every night. It wasn’t weird or strange. We had a conversation about how easy this was and how comfortable we are with each other. I stroked his back as his breathing changed as he got ready to go to sleep. All of a sudden he turned over and stroked my slit complaining jokingly that I’d turned him on and got him hard again. I’m fairly sure I had nothing to do with it but once more we had sex and I came again. What an amazing night between two genuine friends. It sounds like the ramblings of a crazy woman reading this back but I think it’s because it was more than I expected, I think in retrospect I didn’t think any of it would happen, or that I’d refuse if the opportunity arose. I’m glad we shared that together, I don’t feel bad or at all ashamed either. Two grown consenting adults having fun.

Roll on next time!





9 thoughts on “Well that was well worth the wait!

  1. Holy Mary mother of Jesus, this is one hell of a HOT night you had Ava. Harvey is sooooo full of surprises! And the way he seems to never get enough of you, and that’s something beautiful about a man and mostly about you Ava.

    I enjoyed reading this! It was fun!

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    1. It certainly was Samantha! I loved every minute, thank you. That’s an interesting observation about Harvey not getting enough of me. I’ve never thought of it that way, I’ve always thought he was having his cake and eating it and rightly so. I think it’s a great friendship and he’s enjoying his time with me.

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      1. I hope so Samantha, I’m sure he’ll get bored eventually so we’re making the most of it I feel. Thank you for your insight, it’s certainly given me something to think about. I had an amazing time so I’m glad I was a little out of my box as it were!


  2. I agree with Samantha it’s beautiful when someone can’t get enough of you & it’s definitely about you.
    I also feel like I know where you’re coming from, Ava, when you ponder if Harvey is having his cake and eating it too. I need to read more of your past posts, but I feel we have some similarities in struggling with self-worth/loathing due to emotional trauma from our upbringings, if I recall what you’ve posted about correctly. This is something I have been personally working on and actually finally feeling like I’m breaking some new ground – partly because of getting new perspectives of myself from playmates and most prominently, TheMaster.
    With regards to having his cake & eating it too – is that such a bad thing? I want to explore discussions on ‘monogamish’ soon…that is, relationships where all parties are comfortable with the idea of multiple partners, whilst maintaining your commitment to your ‘life partner’. Obviously not for everyone and there are many cases where the chosen life partnership clearly isn’t positive in enough ways anymore, but in cases where it is, perhaps monogamish could work and be beneficial? I’d love to have your contributions to the discussion especially given you’ve mentioned coming back from 2 almost break-ups with Dick.
    Haha well, not an expected comment from me on this post but I felt like I had to comment on Samantha’s response.

    All that aside – wow!

    Glad you had an amazing, AMAZING night. Enjoy the high & memories xxx

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    1. I have absolutely no problem with Harvey having his cake and eating it he deserves to after all he’s been through. And I totally get monogamish as a concept. I don’t think we’re meant to spend our lives with one person forever sadly. I used to but I’m older and wiser now. I’m loving the freedom of being myself with Harvey and I love the fact he’s helping me in a totally safe way. We care about each other dearly but it’s not love it’s just nice. No strings, no promises, no demands fun. I’m happy to discuss this further as yes I definitely have self esteem issues. It’s evident that I’d rather do these things with a well chosen friend/Colleague rather than my husband I guess but that’s because he’s not interested so what’s a girl to do? My philosophy is life is short so I’m going to have all the fun & take chances that I can with hopefully minimum risk and see what happens. That being said though I can’t imagine exposing this side of me to anyone else ever.
      Yes I know I’m a bit gushy but I can’t tell you how happy I am after that amazing night so thank you Magenta I hope the buzz lasts a while! Xx

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  3. It was excellent reading your excitement and cherishment of your time with Harvey. The only thing I would say is, do not look back to judge yourself – no point in it either way. As long as you are happy and you are positive that you have caused no willful harm to others, you should be fine. No one should have an opinion about what you choose to do – not even yourself 🙂 Sometimes, we are our worst critics. Am living that experience, hence the free, unwarranted and probably useless piece of advice 🙂


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