1st & 2nd February

1st – Wednesday

Such a busy day, you know when you have a plan for your day and before you’ve even got your coat off it’s all changed? It was that kind of day. I didn’t mind though as I much prefer being busy. I’d bought my lunch in with me in an effort to eat healthily. Harvey asked me what my plans were so I told him I would be eating at work so he went to pick his lunch up and ate it with me in the office. We were joined by another colleague so it was all perfectly above board. A little awkward though when people ask him about his wife and her recovery. I feel like the worlds biggest bitch sat there listening to that knowing the whole time what we’ve done. Plus I know he feels uncomfortable if I’m there, he’s not said anything but I can tell. He emailed me a little later in response to my email last night.

H: Agreed xxxxx

A: Man of few words!

H: But with a good tongue

A: No complaints from me regarding that score xxxx Apart from the fact that I’m actually not getting anything 😂😂😂 xx

H: Restraint is good

A: Evidently

H: I’m thinking of restraining both arms and ankles……

A: Yours or mine?

H: Yours xxxxx but never say never

A: I’ve retrieved my portable drive. Have a good evening xxx

I was picking up a definite backing off in his contact and email. I could only imagine that talking about his wife over lunch had maybe bought him back to earth with a bang. I’m not proud of myself or my behaviour in this. I left the office and went home. Once I’d got in I sent him an email.

A: Getting a vibe you’re not feeling it, which is fine. Just say the word and it all goes back to how it was before.
No harm, no foul!

H: !!!! Where do you get that from!!!!
Not at all although now you mention Vibe……

A: Good to hear. See you tomorrow if you’re around xxx

H: I’m paranoid everyone can see through me….. I must be hiding it well if you are feeling I’m not feeling it xxxxx

A: You’re doing a great job then! Only problem with that is that I might do the same and give the game away because we’re ignoring each other one extreme to the other.
Makes me question why we bother!
Anyway, it is what it is, I have bigger things to worry about than whether you still want me or not frankly.

H: Well I do want you so don’t waste energy worrying about that. We should be able to chat tomorrow xxxxx Night night babe xxxx

A: Night babe xxx

I figured that was the last I’d hear from him as he’d already said goodnight so early. I pottered about getting tea ready, I got another email from Harvey.

H: Just at next weeks hotel checking out rooms! Some are only accessed through the bar! They do have a four poster bed on the top floor.

A: Now there’s something to look forward to! Maybe you need to mention that you need a luxury room as you’re a regular and I can steal it as you’ll be sloping off home!
I’m doing the spa with Freya while you boys play, then I’ll be doing you after……..!

H: I’m working on room allocation 4 poster in my room xxxxx

A: Bring it on xxxxxx

It’s amazing how much my mood changed from a few emails. Sad, but true. I sent him a photo of my breasts as I was feeling quite benevolent for the mood improvement and thought he deserved to see what he was missing!

A: Missing you xxxxxx

H: Xxxxxx yes I am xxxxxx

A: Thought you needed a reminder xxxx

I then had a quiet night, I had a bath and typed up a nails related blog post. Once that was posted I went to bed!

2nd – Thursday

Once I’d got to work I got straight in to an urgent job that needed doing. I hadn’t even realized Harvey had arrived until I saw an instant message on my screen. We had a quick chat about our evening and I told him I was off to lunch with the girls today. While at lunch he sent me an email.

H: I could be under the table right now hidden from the rest of the girls with my face buried deep inside your thighs…….

A: I’d much rather be in a hotel room with no risks…..!
Naked and totally at your mercy xxxxxx

H: The 8th is fast approaching xxxxx

A: Thank god for that! A girl has needs, it’s been too long xxxxx

We said we’d have a coffee later and catch up as we were both busy. Next thing I hear is that something has happened at a different site and that Harvey needed to leave to go investigate. About 15 minutes later he called me from the car so I found an empty CR so I could talk to him with no eavesdroppers. We had a frank chat about how I was feeling about everything and he gave me his thoughts on things. Turns out we both want the same thing, we both want this to continue and want to be careful. I said we needed to be careful but ignoring each other in the office is only going to make it more obvious surely? We agreed that we’d go back to having coffee at 3pm. We spoke a little about next week and how excited we both are. We’re totally on the same page and just want no strings fun with little or no risk.

I left work and had to pick Joy up on the way home a little later than normal as she was playing in a school football match. I had 40 minutes sat in the car so I emailed Harvey.

A: Thanks for the chat & the reassurance. I’m looking forward to the 8th so much you wouldn’t believe. Every time I think about it and you talking of blindfolds & ropes makes me catch my breath. Bring it on!
See you next Tuesday xxxxxx

Once Joy came back I set off home. Dick called to say he was on his way home, well that s not strictly true. He called me and I answered hello he just immediately went into rant mode about the fucking traffic and how he didn’t need it after the day he’d had. I told him he’d be home before me as I had just got Joy from football and was nipping to Tesco to I’d call him back. Once I got back in the car I called him to see if he’d calmed down. That would be a no as he said he was at home now and it didn’t matter.

I got home to find Dick sat on his arse on the xbox, he’d got home 5 minutes before me. Instead of thinking, I’ll make a start on tea, or call me to find out what the plan was he just did nothing. I was beyond fuming. It’s so selfish and typical of him. I did my usual chores of loading the washer, dryer, unloading the dishwasher and getting tea ready. He asked me what was for tea so I told him. I told him it was cooking and when it was finished I was off in the bath.

I received email from Harvey.

H: No problem excited beyond belief xxxxxx

A: Me too. You have no idea how much I’m looking forward to this. All of it!
Have a good evening xxxxx

H: Xxxxx grrrrr still not home, 2hrs from site, motorway has been closed and it’s been a nightmare just called in the chip shop but at least I had a salad at lunch xxxxxxx

A: Yeah it took Dick & Frank ages to get back too. Enjoy the chippie sounds like you deserve it. I’m thoroughly fucked off so I’m off in the bath to soak away my stress.
Wish you were here………..! I’d steal your chips 😂😂😘

Dick doesn’t even ask me about my day, offer to help or pay attention. He really couldn’t care less. I dished up dinner and went in the bath, so angry and upset I didn’t even bother having anything. Once I got out the bath and came downstairs, I reloaded the washer and got my nail stuff together to redo my nails. He passed me the tv remote and told me put whatever I wanted on as he was going to finish the game. Frank was now home and helping him so I told him I’d leave them to it. Last thing I needed after the day I’d had was to listen to those two huffing, puffing and generally carrying on. It’s not at all peaceful or calm for me so I went upstairs out of the way.  Played my music on my headphones and painted my nails. Once I’d tidied all that away I went to bed.

I received an email from Harvey whilst I was typing up yesterday’s post.

H: I’d let you !!! Xxxxxx sweet dreams xxxxx

A: I’m on a bloody diet!!!
Night babe xxxx

When I woke up at 1.35am he was still on the sofa. I was tempted to leave the fucker there but I woke him and he came to bed.



2 thoughts on “1st & 2nd February

  1. No offence but Dick seems like a dick. It’s not nice how he is totally inconsiderate. At least you have the 8th to look forward to.


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