26/27/28th January

26th – Thursday

I was up at the crack of dawn as I had a 3 hour trip to another office for a meeting.

I emailed Harvey whilst I travelled.

A: Hope you have a good day. If you need a happy thought of the day you could think of me this morning.
I woke up thinking of you so it was only fair I finished what you started yesterday.
My fingers dipping in & out of my wet slit, hard clit throbbing as I stroked myself imagining your tongue licking me. Tweaking my nipples that were already hard, red & throbbing. Shuddering as I came thinking of you xxxxxxxx

H: Xxxx morning, great minds think alike I stroked one off this morning thinking of yesterday and you sucking my cock until I exploded in your mouth xxxxx

A: Then I’m glad I still have my uses xxxx

Long boring day but luckily managed to get  back on the road for 2.30! I emailed Harvey to tell him I was on the way back.

A: On my way back now. Hopefully you’ve had a busy day and not missed me too much xxxx

H: Stuck in a CR with the managers it’s not much fun.

I needed to speak to him about something work related so I called him from the car. I had my colleague with me and he was with the other managers so I kept it completely professional. I replied to his email once I got off the phone.

A: It’s not anywhere near as therapeutic as cr was with me yesterday…….
Hope you didn’t get hard at the sound of my voice 😂😂

H: Not on this occasion, but I did on the thought of yesterday when you sat down in the corner xxxxx

A: I’m so pleased I have the ability to make you hard & smile!
Just passed the office xxxxx

H: Still here leaving soon

I got home and called him we had a quick chat and I asked him if he was somewhere private and if he was I’d FaceTime him. I had 10 minutes to myself before anyone came home so thought it would be a fun way to spend it. I told him I’d FaceTime  him back in 1 minute. I rushed upstairs, hastily climb out of my clothes and positioned myself on the bed, started fingering myself and called………!


And the fucker didn’t answer

I finished what I’d started and emailed him.

A: What a shame. Another time maybe!
Your loss xxxxxx

H: ?????? I’m sat here in CR waiting what happened?

Bollocks, mobile data had FaceTime turned off! Now rectified 6% on battery !

I called him to tell him there was no time now as Jayne was due back. I think it’s safe to say we were both pretty disappointed.

A: Obviously not meant to be!

After such a long day I was exhausted. I was pretty disappointed after getting so excited at the thought of FaceTime it’s made me question why I’m chasing all this excitement. Why am I putting myself out there for this? Is my self esteem so low that I need to do this? Is the fact my husband thinks so little of me that I have to get validation elsewhere? It’s exhausting and I think I need to call it a day before I go too far. Had a bath and went to bed.

27th – Friday

Briefly back in the office before another meeting elsewhere. I’m not sure how I’m actually supposed to my job if I’m always in meetings but it could be worse. At least with it being Friday it’s an early finish.

Tina messaged me to ask if she could come down for a chat after work as she’s struggling. I told her of course she could. I was at my doctors for blood pressure check & blood tests as usual as it’s Friday but I’d be home for 4.30. Appointment was ok, no change, no emergent need to see my consultant, things seem to be levelling out so it’s all positive. Got home and Dick was already there, he too finished early. Tina messaged to say she had company so wouldn’t come down but she was ok. I told her that if she changed her mind when her visitors left she knows where I am. Joy had been in contact with Lucy and she said she’s ok, just getting through the days until Tuesday.

Joy slept out her friends, Frank & Jayne went out to dinner so Dick & I had a quiet night. Talked about a family holiday he wants to book but Frank has said he doesn’t want to come with us so that’s disappointing. I messsaged Joy’s friends mum to see how they’d feel about letting us take their daughter with us abroad. I thought it best to talk to her before we spoke to the girls. Happily she said she’s more than happy for us to take her but insists on paying for her. I said we’ll sort it out tomorrow and let her know. Watched some film and went to bed!

28th – Saturday

Joy called from her friends and asked me if I wanted to go prom dress idea shopping with her friend & mum. I had nothing else on so was delighted to be asked. Dick & I went out for breakfast beforehand so I had something decent to sustain me through the day!

I got ready to go and checked my emails.After sending that email on Thursday after the abortive FaceTime attempt, I’ve heard nothing since from Harvey. I don’t know whether he’s just busy or if there’s something wrong. I have left him to it. I have enough going on with various dramas on my own doorstep right now. But I figured he’s my friend first and foremost so I sent him an email to see if he was ok.

A: Appreciate you’re busy with your family but you normally pop in at some point, hope everything’s ok your end. I’ll be going in to delete your inbox later but I’ll try and leave this one in if you’ve not seen it.
Hope you have a good weekend xxx

The girls and I had a fab day. It was so lovely to see Joy and her friend Lisa happy & trying on beautiful dresses. Lisa has suffered quite badly with depression & self esteem as she has struggled with eczema. Her mum Katie is lovely, she said Joy has been a god send at keeping her cheerful and getting her out of the house, the last 2 years have been really difficult but she’s finally turned the corner. Everything has improved and her skin is in a great condition at the moment. Katie & Lisa needed to find an outfit for a wedding they’re going to and the prom dress shopping is just as we’re there. Happily we sorted them both for the wedding and added bonus we sorted Lisa’s prom dress too. Not only that but the shoes & bag will do for both events! She looks beautiful and I think the trip out did her confidence the world of good. It was a lovely afternoon and useful. Joy now knows what colour she wants and what style she wants, the hard part now is finding it!!

Got home and Dick & I found a few holidays to choose from. I spoke to Anne (Taylor’s mum who were taking on holiday) and sent her the links to the options. She replied they’re all amazing whichever one we choose will be perfect! We chose one we’ve stayed at before as everything was spot on and couldn’t fault it. So that’s booked and we have that to look forward to. I’m sad that Frank won’t be coming with us but I have to accept he’s 19 and wants to do his own thing.

Had a peaceful night so I painted my nails in honour of Chinese New Year as I haven’t really bothered with everything going on. I had a nice surprise when I uploaded them to instagram, about an hour later my nails had been reposted by the maker of one of the polishes. Gave me a real confidence boost that my skills are improving and even though Dick told me I was “sad” I didn’t let it spoil my night and I went to bed happy!



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