25th January

25th – Wednesday

H: Morning xxxx I missed that one but the thought of you nice and naked makes me hard, see you soon xxxx

A: So glad I can still make you hard!
See you soon xxxxxx

H: See you in 15 xxxx

A: Safe journey xxx

Busy day at work as I’m out the office on Thursday so I carried on with my day as best as I could. I arranged to have lunch with Harvey but without going together. He met me down the road and I climbed in his car. We behaved though, a quick kiss and then back to the office to eat in public. We are adamant that we will practise restraint!! He told me that he had a sample of rope on his desk that I needed to handle to check I wasn’t allergic to it. I popped across after lunch under the pretence of work and asked him about it. I made sure to handle the rope as provocatively as possible being conscious that there are people around us. It was worth it to see the look on his face. I returned to my desk and he had emailed me.

H: Are you thinking wrists and ankles tied to each corner of the bed with me eating your sex, teasing and stretching with my fingers …..

A: Absolutely for starters…….
I’m looking forward to a little role reversal though and me tying you to the chair so that I can have my wicked way with you

H: Fine by me

A: Bring your rope on the 8th!

H: Your wrists tied to your ankles knees bent legs spread, pillow under your firm arse my head buried deep inside your stocking clad thighs as my tongue brings you off…….

A: Can’t wait. I’ve missed being licked, kissed, fingered & fucked

H: CR is free, once Freya goes to lunch fancy a kiss? xxxx

A: Brave. See you there Xxx

H: let’s hope the 8th is a room with no neighbours xxxx

A: You won’t be able to make any noise whilst wearing that ball gag………..!

H: Are you bring that to the party…. and any favourite toy?? Sat here with a hard cock xxxxx

A: Then my work here is done. Only fair as I got wet so easily at lunch and you didn’t even get through my jeans!

Harvey was trying to think of an idea for the team event on the 8th and came up with a 1920’s theme murder mystery. Sounded good so fingers crossed. I then found an outfit online then my thoughts turned to underwear. I found this amazing outfit and sent it to Harvey.

A: What every well dressed flapper girl wore under her fringed dress……….!


H: Wow, in your size not mine!

A: Well that’s just killed the mood! Men in sexy underwear don’t do it for me

A: I’ve just ordered my outfit!

H: This one?

A: No it’s a flapper dress. The underwear will be dress appropriate and a surprise.
I want you to be speechless when you remove my dress after dinner…………!

H: I’m in CR I think you should come and join me I’m sat looking at an empty chair in the corner, I’m waiting for you to come and sit across from me so I can watch you play with your tits, whilst I practice restraint xxxx

A: I don’t think that’s very fair. I prefer it when you play

H: I might join in…..

A: I’ll be there soon. Don’t start without me

So in true bad girl fashion I rocked up to the conference room, sat in the chair and undid my bra. Lifted my top up over my breasts and played with my nipples. Licked my fingers and tweaked my breasts. His face was shocked. I know he didn’t expect me to do that. I told him he needed to come across and help as he does a much better job. Well obviously he wasn’t going to say no was he? He was on his knees in front of me sat in the chair, my breasts in his face as he stroked me through my trousers. I told him to stand, removed his hard cock from his trousers and blew him. He fucked my mouth until he exploded. I swallowed it all like a good girl!

When we were done we just sat in the room discussing work while we got our breath back. I went back to my desk to finish what I needed to do. I nearly pissed myself laughing though when Freya commented that Harvey had obviously had some good news as he had “the biggest shit eating grin” on his face. I felt like shouting I should fucking think so!

He got back to his desk and emailed me.

H: Xxxxxx thanks babe xxxxxx

A: You’re completely welcome. You have this ability to make me do the most inappropriate but completely wonderful things xxxxxx

H: And you me xxxxx have a nice relaxer and hope you sleep well xxxxx

A: Night babe see you next Tuesday

I left work and got home. I didn’t even get out the car before Tina & Lucy appeared asking if they could have 5 minutes. They both looked shattered, they came in and Joy made coffee while we talked. They had been to the doctors and been given the number for Marie Stopes clinic to call and make an appointment. I think Tina just needs someone to offload to as she doesn’t want anyone to know and therefore no one to talk to. I said I am here for them both. Lucy is upset as she knows she wants an abortion but is terrified about having an operation. They think she’s 5 weeks so I explained she’s unlikely to have an operation and that I imagine they will go down the route of using tablets. I explained what happens, that they will give her 1 or 2 tablets to take orally then give her a tablet (pessary) to put inside her. At this point she was sobbing and said it was too hard and that she didn’t want that to happen. I asked her if she was having second thoughts about the abortion and she said no. But she didn’t want anyone to look there and that she was embarrassed! I explained that it wouldn’t be the worst thing she’s had up there and we all started laughing. She asked me if it would be painful and I was honest and said I didn’t know as I’ve never been through it but I’ve been through it with my friend and yes it was painful and she would bleed. Although she would only pass something no bigger than a grape, it would still be painful but she would get through it. Her next period would be quite bad possibly but after that everything (physically) should go back to normal. Tina was now sobbing again and saying how she can’t watch Lucy go through this. Lucy starts screaming that she can’t do it on her own so I told them both to take a deep breath. I told Lucy that I would go with them both as support and if it got too much for her mum I would go in with her. I told Tina that my priority would have to be Lucy on this occasion. Tina rang Marie Stopes and they spoke to both of them. They have an appointment for Tuesday morning at 8.40 and Lucy will receive an hours councelling over the phone. Then at 9.50 they will do a medical assessment and a scan. I guess depending on how that goes will determine what happens next. They went home and I cracked on with Tea. Dick had come home while we were all sat discussing this in the lounge so he’d said he was off for a shower to give us some privacy. When I went upstairs after they left he hadn’t had a shower at all he’d just sat on the bed reading his ipad. I told him what the plan was and he wasn’t impressed. He told me that I was the wrong person to get involved and that he couldn’t see why I’d risk upsetting myself. He thinks they’re selfish for bringing it to my door. How are they selfish?? They need support and Lucy doesn’t know about our losses, it’s not even a consideration to them and that’s perfectly understandable. They are in their own circle of hell right now and if I can help at all then that’s what I will do, I wouldn’t be much of a friend if I didn’t. He has absolutely no compassion at all. He said he’s thinking of me but he’s not at all, he’s just a horrible man.

I did some chores, washing etc, had a bath and an early night. I had an early start the next day as I was at a different site 3 hours away so I went to bed I stayed out the way.


7 thoughts on “25th January

  1. I can’t wait for the 8th either, a lot of anticipation. And girl, you and Harvey are hella naughty, sneaking at work… that’s some cool stuff.

    Proper love your conversations 😊

    Liked by 2 people

      1. I can’t say that I support this comment ;). You two are too much together. Brings back fond memories. We didn’t have locks on the doors though. How do you keep from being walked in on? And how do you keep it random so people don’t notice the frequent conference room meetings?

        Liked by 2 people

      2. I have to go to those rooms all the time to speak to different people and often have teleconferences in there so it’s not obvious at all. I do think though the risk increases all the time so it’s definitely something we need to stop.

        Liked by 1 person

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