Breathe Ava

I have almost a week to blog about but I’m not feeling it tonight. Lots going on, plenty of excitement with Harvey until today, but it’s hard to get excited about typing all that up when you feel like you’re being pulled in a million different directions.

Dick is still being a complete schizophrenic mood changing nightmare, Joy is being an amazing friend to her younger friend who is in a horrible situation- more about that another time – whilst juggling her school, gym, football, exams and generally being a teenager. Frank has started his new job and although he’s happy to be away from his old job that he hated, this is harder work and he’s knackered and cranky when he comes home. It’s not a joyful atmosphere at the moment and I’ve tried so hard to distract myself with Harvey but the pressures of everything going on are just too hard right now.

I’ve spent the last hour sobbing in my bedroom and feeling sorry for myself. So pathetic especially as the thing that pushed me over the edge was so fucking stupid and petty. It’s a been hard week, I’m hoping that by pouring my thoughts into here I can let them go and get a good nights sleep.

I will type up the week so far tomorrow. But in the meantime he’s my affirmation for tomorrow:




3 thoughts on “Breathe Ava

  1. If anything, I have learnt that you are strong woman Ava. I understand that you sometimes feel down, but I pray that you pick yourself up soon. Keep smiling, you are a loving being and there is a lot of love to give out…

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