19/20th January 2017

Thursday passed quickly with very little interaction with Harvey. We’d agreed after Wednesday’s hot & heavy session that we’re pushing our luck and that we’d better resist temptation in the office. I wore skinny jeans & jumper, no room for possible shenanigans in those tight jeans!

Decided that I really need to crack on with diet and exercise as I go away in 90 days so I was determined to go to the gym and stick to my calorie goal but I failed on both!

Harvey emailed me on his way to work.

H: Morning honey I’m on my way,
How are you?

A: Morning babe, see you soon. Drive carefully.

He arrived at lunchtime and instant messaged me at the desk. He said he’d fallen off the diet wagon and got a sandwich from the local bakery on his way in as he needed the carbs. I replied that I was off for a walk as I needed a break from my screen and some fresh air. He replied to say “I would join you but……..” I told him that he’d just arrived and I wasn’t expecting him to.

I got some fresh air, music on loud and went to the shop across the road to pick something up. Decided on soup and a sausage roll, winning combination right there but not exactly the healthiest thing I could’ve chosen. Got back and sat on my own and ate my lunch with my earphones in. It was lovely to just have that peace on my own, I rarely get to sit and relax so it did a great job of chilling me out. I had Gregory Porter’s Take me to the alley album on shuffle. I highly recommend this if you want soft melodic smooth jazz to listen to. I finished my lunch and cracked back on. Dick text me to say he’d had a full fry up & sent me the photo of it.

D: That was good and needed
Decided fuck the weight just buy bigger clothes.

A: Glad you’re smiling babe however I do feel the need to point out we go away in 90 days and there won’t be any holiday clothes out to buy, so you need to fit in the ones from October at least lol 😂

D: Sure I’ll find something at jackamo & go outdoors sell tents!

A: you’ll look a bobby dazzler dressed in a tent!

He at least was in a good mood so I left him to it. I then got sent a link to a set of photos from my group chat ladies and I absolutely cracked up laughing at my desk. You know when you see something and it completely starts you laughing and you can’t stop? I had tears rolling down my face. I was showing my colleague who sits next to me and he was pissing himself too. There’s no way to put it on here without risk of being traced back to me so I apologise that you won’t get why I lost it.

Harvey emailed me asking what had tickled my fancy so I told him. I managed to compose myself and carried on working. I decided to have a break at 3pm as I needed a break from my screen. Again sat in solitude enjoying the peace. Harvey joined me for 5 minutes but it was very businesslike and no banter. We can definitely do this!

Just before I left the office I received an email from Harvey, he was in a meeting in one of the offices.

H: Good job I’m practising restraint or I would be finger fucking you to a fast orgasm right now xxxxxx

A: Not in these jeans sunbeam you’d lose your hand……..!

H: 💋

A: Bye babe xxxx

Came home and Dick decided we were having fish & chips for tea as he couldn’t be arsed shopping again. I started with a headache and felt really sick so had a very early night, I went to bed at 7pm!

Friday I spent in bed. I rang in sick as I there’s no way I could go in. Headache turned into a migraine that turned into throwing up so I was in a great deal of discomfort and pain. I discovered at 3pm that I was covered in a rash so I ran a cool bath and hoped that would help. I’d stopped throwing up and it just left me with a headache. 19 hours in bed took its toll on my back too so feeling very sorry for myself I stayed upstairs abd tried to get comfortable.

Dick came home from work and bought me up some toast and a coffee, he said he thinks I need to ring my consultant as I seem to be ill all the time just lately. I’ve never got any energy and it needs looking into. I’ve told him that my illness means that I’m prone to being ill and feeling shitty but this is just a migraine and not related. We agreed to differ! I heard from Harvey via email.

H: Evening Babe xxxx,
I’m just on with the supermarket run, can you beat that for a rock and roll Friday?

A: Indeed I can. I went to bed at 7pm last night and other than leaving for a bath at 3pm today I’m still here!
Migraine, throwing up & heat rash. Rang in sick – Rock n roll!
Feel a bit better now it’s just a headache though.
Wednesdays blog post has the highest views ever for my blog 😂😂😂

H: Take it easy, hope it clears soon, I’ll read the blog later with a huge smile and a hard cock xxxxx

A: I am taking it very easy!!
Enjoy the read thank you xxxxxxxx

I went downstairs and watched some tv to break up the monotony. Still can’t believe that Trump is president. Watching the riots makes me very uneasy about the world in general right now. Let’s all pray for common sense to prevail!

After 2 hours of being downstairs I went back to bed. What an utterly boring day!


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    1. Not at all. He rarely reads this if I’m honest but I’m pretty good at speaking my mind. I guess I have the added advantage that he’d read it here anyway eventually. I don’t let that moderate my thought process, I kind of just ramble away on here blindly ha ha!

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