18th January 2017

Wednesday went very quickly but certainly was one to remember.

I decided I’d wear the most easily accessible clothing I could get away with! Black bra, knickers & stockings with a loose fitting top and knee length stretchy skirt. Once I’d put my underwear on I sent Harvey a full length photo.

A: Morning xxxxxx

H: On my way xxxxx

A: Drive carefully. Both hands on the wheel 😂

Really busy at work so I kept my head down.

My new phone arrived so I had that to look forward to. Harvey asked me to lunch so we drove to a local deli and picked up a salad and headed straight back to the office, he’s concerned that people might pick up on something if we spend too much time together out of the office. He’s wise to err on the side of caution. However he did give me a kiss in the car in the deli car park and on the journey back he asked me if I’d given any thought to what the surprise might be. I replied that I’d tried not to think about it as the prospect was a little scary and he told me to hold out my hand and gave me a new phone case for my phone. How incredibly thoughtful! He was laughing at me and said what had I expected so I told him I was expecting a 50 shades set of steel balls (As we had a conversation about them ages ago!). He started laughing again and went into his other pocket and passed me the very thing I’d said. Too funny and I think the shock on my face must’ve been a sight as he almost crashed into the barrier laughing. In fact sat here now typing this I’m actually pissing myself again. God, he makes me laugh, he’s a good friend and absolutely is the best tonic in the world.

About an hour later he instant messaged me at my desk asking me to check my personal mail. Well I was stunned to receive the following:

H: Time to obey. Stand up, remove the steel balls from your jacket pocket, walk with your best wiggle to the ladies, relax and bring yourself off thinking of the rope in my bag and the fun we will have on the 8th, with your juices flowing insert the steel balls and then come to me at my desk………

I replied are you joking?? He replied no so I complied, well I tried to.

H: Don’t forget I need photo evidence

I did as I was told, I was so excited, got myself off and I was dripping wet so I took a photo and sent it on email:

A: As commanded xxx

H: I’m hard as hell imagining your fingers working your clit, dipping in and out of your sex you getting wetter and wetter

yes yes yes xxxxx

I then inserted the first ball and sent him a photo of that too………………….

H: I think I’ve just cum…. that’s so hot

Well I’m such a rookie I couldn’t get the second one in and felt like if I moved it’d clang to the floor. I was too busy laughing and bearing in mind I was in the office toilets I did well to attempt it!! I instant messaged him when I returned to my desk to tell him I’d failed.

I had a teleconference in the afternoon that I had a booked a conference room for, once that finished I messaged Harvey to tell him I was free to go through some things with him. He replied that he was already in our favourite one so I went through to him. He’d already pulled the blind down so we soon started kissing and touching. It never ceases to amaze me just how quickly this gets out of hand. I undid his belt but he soon fastened that but did release himself from his trousers so I could take full advantage of him. Hot & heavy session with a very happy ending for Harvey. He was so engrossed in the moment he almost choked me. My eyes were watering and almost popped out of my head but I survived. After we’d finished he told me I was very red. I’m not fucking surprised at all!!!

Finished work and went home. Emailed Harvey.

A: Thank you for the lovely gifts. I appreciate them for different reasons. The phone case was really thoughtful and considerate you’re very sweet to have thought of that.
The steel balls blew my mind, well done for not crashing the car!! I at least tried but maybe the office toilets trying to fit them myself wasn’t the brightest idea, I’m looking forward to getting the chance to use them on the 8th all being well. I suggest you fit them for me at the hotel before dinner then remove them afterwards before you go home………..!
Glad you enjoyed the happy ending

H: Believe me the pleasure was all mine xxxxx
See you tomorrow xxxxxx

A: I beg to differ babe. I had a great time earlier!
Sorry I didn’t see you before you left.
See you tomorrow xxxxx

The plan was to go food shopping but Dick said he couldn’t be bothered as he had had a shit day and couldn’t be arsed so we ordered pizzas.

After I’d had a bath I sat down with Dick and looked at holidays again. He found one we liked as we didn’t want to miss out. I think it’ll do he said and booked it. I’m making the most of our incredibly dysfunctional relationship. God knows what will happen between now and then so I’ll just ride the wave. We’ve still to book Rome and the family holiday in July.

Had a relatively quiet night.


8 thoughts on “18th January 2017

  1. I love reading your posts Ava, and it’s so hot what you and Harvey did, and your fashion sense I proper love it. I enjoyed reading this, can’t wait for the post about the 8th

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I have absolutely no clue! Apparently it’s pleasant sensation as you wear them but as I could only manage to get one of the fuckers in I have no idea 😂 I can tell you after the 8th hopefully.
      I’m hoping a hotel room and Harvey to help will mean it’ll be a success. I think maybe I’m a little too vanilla but I at least tried!!
      Thank you for your comment I’m really glad he’s back.

      Liked by 3 people

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