15th – 17th January 2017

So in my last post I was having a very lazy Sunday. It was a good day. I did absolutely fuck all and it was awesome. I enjoyed a leisurely morning of doing nothing after a few chores. Frank was at work, Joy was out with her football team & Dick went walking god knows where but he wasn’t here and it was bliss!

He came home and before he’d even got his coat off his mum turned up. I’d arranged to give her a pedicure as she is diabetic and I make sure her feet & toes are ok. I sorted that for her and he played on his Xbox the whole time. Even I was surprised he was so rude, but there’s a first time for everything. Once she left I tidied up but decided I’d give myself a pamper. Once I’d had a bath and a full pamper session I gave myself a facial, hair mask, footspa and full mani & pedi. It was lovely to just sit there and do nothing. I didn’t even cook! Joy had dinner with her football buddies, Frank took Jayne out for dinner and Dick decided he’d make something simple as I told him I was on strike. He excelled himself, he came back with fish finger sandwiches for both of us. Who said romance is dead? ūüėā

I received an email from H in response to my last one of me having the brains in this friendship.

H:¬†Don’t forget the looks and fantastic rack!!!!!
How’s you? Xxxxx

A:¬†Are you still drunk? You’re so full of shit but you’re right about the rack at least, it’s pretty spectacular.
I’m fine, feel a bit brighter. Life goes on.
You? Xxxxxxxx

Monday was ok, last day in the office before Harvey returned on Tuesday. We had no contact that¬†I can remember. It seems a long time ago. I really must start to empty my head daily as my short term memory is shocking! I can’t remember much about what happened at all. I know at home it was a shit storm again.¬†Joy had a massive melt down about an upcoming exam so I told her to give herself a break from the revision and maybe see one of her friends. She thought it was a good idea but when she came downstairs to put her coat on to go out Dick tore a strip off her and told her she needed to apply herself and stop messing about. It did not go down well at all with either of us. Joy burst into tears and went back upstairs. I followed her and told her that she need not listen to him, he has no idea how hard she’s worked and that she deserves a break from it but by this point her make up was ruined and she couldn’t be bothered so we just chatted on the bed and had a cuddle. She had a bath and felt a bit better. I went downstairs and had words with Dick. He said he didn’t know she’d been revising since she got in, he presumed she was watching tv and not doing anything. I told him that he’d be better off saying nothing in future as he has no idea what’s going on and only makes the situation worse. Had he have bothered to put his head in to her room when he came in to say hello,¬†instead of jumping straight on his xbox, he’d have a clearer idea of what’s happening. If he hasn’t got the time to do that then he’s in no position to voice his thoughts on what she can or should do!!! So very angry.

We had spoken between Christmas and new year when I was ill, about going to Rome after Joy’s exams were finished. She’s always wanted to go and I thought it would be a good incentive for her. Anyway he’d been talking to his sister when she stayed about taking their mum & dad to Rome for their anniversary as a joint trip. They’ve been plotting and planning so he decided tonight was the night he’d broach that subject. Not great as I wasn’t particularly in a good mood but I did think it was something Joy would enjoy. I said I’d speak to school tomorrow to see when she actually leaves as we need to plan it around that.

Tuesday was Harvey’s day to return to the office. He came back but we didn’t really have much contact. I kept out the way as I don’t want to be a distraction for him, he’s been away for so long he needs to hit the ground running so other than good morning and welcome back I stayed out of the way. He used our instant messaging system to see if I wanted to go to lunch or catch up over coffee but I declined as I had already made plans to see my friend Karen.

We did manage a 5 minute catch up in a conference room but achieved¬†nothing other than a¬†quick kiss, and some brief touching. He did manage to get his hand in my bra though so well played Harvey! We also discussed organising a team event for 3 weeks time so that we¬†would have¬†an opportunity to ‘catch up’ properly.

I spoke to school and they confirmed that as soon as the exams are over¬†Joy doesn’t have to attend school so she’s free and clear to go anytime after the 23rd June. I text Dick to tell him and said we’d speak about it that night.

My phone decided to have a meltdown and keep rebooting itself, switching itself off and on with no warning. I called Dick and asked him to start looking for deals as the contract is due for renewal and as the phone is in his name he needs to get options. He asked me what I was looking for so I said bigger capacity memory, not bothered what colour but would like more data and any phone except the iphone7 as¬†firstly it’s too expensive and secondly it doesn’t have¬†a headphone socket! Next thing I receive a text from my provider to say thank you for staying with us and that my order would be delivered tomorrow!! Ok so Dick decided to upgrade my phone without even discussing it with me. I called him to see what the deal was and he asked me how I knew he’d ordered anything. When I told him I’d received a text message he said he was sorry but it was supposed to be a surprise. He ordered me the iphone7 – I did ask him if he’d even listened to me at all (I know I sound like the world’s most ungrateful bitch) and that I use my phone all day mainly for music and it usually needs charging at the same time, not to mention I hate the ear buds I prefer the old style flat earphones. He said he’d sorted it, it comes with an adaptor and that it was gold, he’d upped the data package¬†and it was the biggest they did at 128gb so it was everything I needed. Aren’t I very lucky girl? I think he’s decided to throw money at the situation rather than actually sort anything properly, I’m not complaining though I get a shiny new phone that I can use my own headphones with. Result!

I emailed Harvey when  got chance later.

A: Thanks for the hug, kisses & the nipple tweaks. Nice to know I can still get you hard!

H: Your voice does it so physical contact is no brainier xxxxxx
I need to tie you up and tease your pussy soon, when can we get a room?
So wishing I’d opened my bag before Christmas xxxxxx

A:¬†8th Feb if you can wait that long, if not sort something and I’ll be there.
I wished you’d opened the bag too!

H:¬†God I love your nipples, I can’t promise I won’t drape rope over your neck, both ends dangling in your cleavage, taking one end I circle your breast wrapping the cord 3 or 4 times forcing blood to the hard and bloated nipple before mirroring the same on your other tit taking the ends and wrapping the them round your back and tying them together….. now let the fun begin when are you free?

I might open it tomorrow, I have a nice surprise for you, I know you hate surprises but if you obey it might just blow your mind xxxxx

A:¬†Intrigued ūüôą but slightly terrified ūüė≥ xxxx

I sent him a photo of my freshly washed & just dried body as I figured he needed a boost as he’d had so little interaction today.

H: Trust me xxxxx night night xxxxx

He’d replied to the previous email but not mentioned the photo that was strange so I emailed him.

A: The photo? Wanking yourself into a coma????
If I were there I could do it for you…….!

H: Photo? No attachment

Got to go, see you tomorrow let the fun begin,
Note down what you hope The surprise will be and let’s see how your mind works xxxxx

A:¬†I hope it’s something that you don’t drop in the office ūüėāūüėā

I resent the photo so at least he had something to look at the next day.

I had a conversation with Dick, he had apologized to Joy and told her that he only wants her to be happy,¬†he will leave the revision advice to me and that he wants to give her an incentive by booking Rome for after her prom. She was happy and said she’s set up a schedule already for revision and wants a white board to put up in her bedroom so he said he’d¬†get that sorted for her. We then talked about a family holiday and about us going away just the two of us like we did last year for our silver wedding anniversary. We looked at some ideas online and decided between 3 options but we’d taken so long deciding all our choices had gone. Decided to give up for the night and look again later. Went to bed.






4 thoughts on “15th – 17th January 2017

  1. X Box? Does he live on that thing? Jesus I’d get that thing out of the house. If any video game comes between family time it really pisses me off. I have no tolerance. He needs to man up and stop playing fucking games all day.

    Glad Harvey’s back. Can’t wait to read your post feb 8 post!

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