All my troubles seemed so far away……….!

Great track by The Beatles. I’ve had my music on shuffle and there’s some great tunes on there, the next track was Amy Winehouse – Back to black. I sang that one even louder! Bet my neighbours love me, not!

Day to myself today, Dick has gone walking with his sister, Frank’s at work & Joy’s at football. I’ve had a leisurely morning followed by chores & other domestic fun. I heard from Harvey via email yesterday.

There was a link on Facebook to a book called:

img_8284I sent him in an email suggesting it was an excellent read and hoped to pick it up in WHSmiths.

H: That must be why I’m a bit heavier than I should be xxxxxx

I’d start by paying your neck the attention it deserves kissing and nibbling, pull your head back with your hair as I move on to your boobs, caressing and kissing tweaking and nibbling working my way south so I can taste your sex and finger fuck you fast and hard.

H: Reading material, I found this whilst looking for you on word press (failed to find you) xxxxx

Link here

I’m so horny thinking about fucking you xxxx

A: Nice!
Great read xxxx
Ps my blog is the last thing you want to read trust me.

H: Xxxx how’s you? I don’t like it when your on a downer, can I help? Xxxxxx

A: I think I’ll be fine. Just need to get through it.

Read it at your own peril!


H: Xxxx ok, not sure if I believe you? Don’t put a brace face on it I can listen? Xxxx

I’ll be in the pub later and should have the ability to mail xxxx

A: Don’t worry about it, really, enjoy your night – I’m completely fine.

H: Xxxx 4 pints in, and thoroughly enjoying (sorry not very sensitive when your on the wagon!, I’ll join you soon)

A: Enjoy! God knows I would if I could xxxxx

H: See you on Tuesday, hugs a plenty xxxxxx

A: Not necessary babe. But thanks for the thought! It’s going to be harder now you’re back so it’ll be what it’ll be. No pressure no risks xxxxxx

H: No pressure no risks xxxxxx sound words

A: I’m the one with the brains in my head in this friendship xxxxxxx

The link he sent me of something to read from ExhibitA was rather steamy but I wasn’t in the mood. I was this morning though when I reread it. I could imagine it was myself & Harvey, good job I had the house to myself. I did think about sending him a photo or little video but I decided against it. I’m still pretty fucked off about the lack of contact lately and although he made a valiant attempt yesterday I’m just not feeling it. I don’t even know whether he read the link I sent to my blog as he didn’t acknowledge it in his reply, he was probably already pissed at that point.

I realised this morning however, that my medication must’ve levelled off finally. I’m not getting as many headaches and I’m sleeping a little better. I think now it’s settled all the crazy manic out of control things I was doing have stopped. Maybe that’s the reason I’m so flat and disengaged with everything? Who knows? I plan to play my music loud and enjoy the day to myself!


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