For good

So I’m having a day of sorting things out, emptying cupboards & generally early spring cleaning. I got so many lovely gifts I needed to make room for. I put my iPad on shuffle and now I’m in bits.

At my moms 60th birthday party my sister organised a karaoke dj. My mom wasn’t one for the spotlight but she did get up and sing Adele – someone like you, and everyone was amazed. She had a beautiful voice I don’t know why she didn’t sing more often. I get my love of music and musicals from her. We sang together for the first, and sadly, last time. She chose the song, she chose For good from Wicked and it was difficult to sing but we did it and by all accounts we sounded amazing. Cheers, claps and standing ovations all round. The clip has just auto played on my iPad and I’d forgot I had it. I will treasure it forever. I can’t link it on here but I have found the original on YouTube. Maybe if you haven’t heard it before you’ll hear the lyrics and understand why I’m so upset.

For good – Wicked



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