30th/31st December

Still full of this dreadful cold. No energy to do anything or go anywhere. Spent both days trapped in bed so not much happened.


Temperature was still high so 2 sets  of pjs and one bedding change later I felt a little more human. I had surprise visitors that had travelled 2 hours to see us. They had come to visit Dicks mum & stepdad but they weren’t home so decided to wait at ours until they returned. No warning, no call just a knock at the door. Who drives for 2 hours to surprise someone without at least checking they’re going to be around??? I came downstairs to say hello but kept my distance as I felt shocking. Even my step brother in law told me I looked really ill!

I went back to bed after they left. We’re supposed to be going to his sisters house tomorrow for a New Year’s Eve party but there’s no way I’m well enough for that so we talked and I told Dick to take the kids and go without me and he agreed thankfully so at least I’m not spoiling anyone’s plans and I’ll get some rest. He spent the day on his Xbox but he must’ve been ok as I couldn’t hear him ranting & raving. Joy went into town with her friends to the cinema and for something to eat & Frank went to work. A very quiet day. I emailed Harvey.

A: Hope you managed to get out today and see some sunshine.
I’m bed bound, can’t stop shaking & feel like shit. In good news though means I need to rest and I’ll spend New Year’s Eve alone as I’ve persuaded Dick & the kids to go to his sisters without me. Looking forward to some peace tomorrow at last.
Big hugs xxxxxxxx


Had plans to meet Freya today for a coffee but had to cancel as I felt so I’ll still. High temperature and in agony with my back from lying in bed, or so I thought until I realised I’ve not been drinking enough with being ill and sweating and I’m dehydrated. Dick bought me up a drink and a pain au chocolat and I forced it down so I could take my painkillers. He decided he wasn’t going to his sisters as he didn’t want to leave me on my own. Told him I was fine but he insisted. He said he didn’t want to go anyway and the kids didn’t either. He’d told Joy she could go to her friends party and that he’d drop her there and pick her up. He also offered to be Franks taxi too. He’s a great dad, and occasionally a lovely husband!

Spent another fun filled day in bed. Dick spent another fun day on his Xbox ably assisted by Frank as it was his weekend off. I had some emails with Harvey that broke my day up.

H: Poor you, I hope your on the mend. Sending big kisses and hugs to speed your recovery 💋💋💋💋💋💋

A: Thanks for the hugs & kisses.
I’m still a hot, sweaty mess and not for the good reason 😂 ha ha!
Lost my peaceful evening as Dick is refusing to go and leave me here. I’m ok, I’m just full of cold it’s not life threatening ffs.
Hope you have a good night, make sure you have a drink for me please.
Thanks for making the last few months bearable, you’ve been an amazing distraction and hope it continues into 2017 😘😘😘
Happy new year babe xxxxxxxx

H: I’ve hijacked my mums dog and getting a bit of exercise then it’s an M&S meal for 2 and a film, hope you feel better xxxxxx

A: Bet the dogs thrilled!!
Enjoy the film & the meal together. Hope things get back to normal for you both soon, it’s been a hell of a year for you all xxxxxxx

H: Lol, if I get through tonight with 1/2 the house and my pension it’s been a win! Looking forward to 2017 and all the opportunities we will have together xxxxxx see you next year xxxxxxx

A: Sounds like it’s been entertaining!
Hope you’re ok xxxxxx
Looking forward to seeing you xxxxx

I started to feel a lot better once I got some fluids onboard so I decided to get up, have a bath and watch a film downstairs with Dick to see the new year in. We ordered a Chinese takeaway and watched one of the captain America films & a Nicolas Cage film about the end of the world, cheery not! Watched the countdown on BBC and wished each other a happy new year from opposite ends of the sofa. No hug, no kiss – I think that speaks volumes really. I text both kids to wish them happy new year and both replied. Frank called at 12.15 to see if dad could pick them up so Dick picked up Frank & Jayne then went back out for Joy & her friends and dropped them home. They ordered pizza and I left them to it and went to bed!

2016 was a shit year, I’m hoping 2017 is a better one for us all.




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