29th December

Couldn’t settle even though I stayed up late until the early hours.

I stayed in bed until 10am so at least I rested. Got up, washed & dressed and went out to breakfast then went food shopping. Felt absolutely dreadful, turns out I have a rotten cold. This year is going to finish as shit as it started and I can’t wait for it to be over. I came home and couldn’t get warm so climbed into my socks and pjs and got under the covers. I slept for a while so I obviously needed it. Stayed in bed and watched Netflix. Kept out of everyone’s way as I don’t want to pass it on, it’s been quiet & peaceful thankfully. I heard from Harvey.

H: Evening Babe,
I’m living it large and shopping in Asda, rock and roll…. what’s on your agenda? Did you manage to get out? Xxxx

A: Hello stranger,

You’re so rock n roll! I too went to asda and now I’m in bed full of cold. Went out to breakfast then shopping and it’s killed me. I’m a very sexy sight in Star Wars thermal socks, pjs, blanket & a my little pony fleece. I’m a hot mess 😂😂😂
How you doing? Xxxxxxxxx

H: Slowly going insane, I’m going to have to get some daylight tomorrow and go for a walk. Get well soon wish I could bring you a hot water bottle xxxxx

A: Sorry to hear that babe, hope you get a break at some point. That would be lovely but I’d hate to give you this, you’d have to throw it from a distance 😂😂
Big hugs babe xxxx

H: I’d take my chances xxxxxx

A: I’d give you a hug without breathing on you, sounds like you need it babe!
I’m actually missing you, I’ve obviously got a temperature 🤒 xxxxxx

H: Lol , missing you too xxx

A: Looking forward to seeing you babe, something to think about to keep us sane xxxxx

I took some painkillers and had a bath which wasn’t a great idea. When I got out I couldn’t stop shaking. Joy saw I was struggling and told me to go to bed but not with wet hair. I sat in her room with my pjs & covers rounds me while she dried my hair. She’s so grown up it’s frightening. We chatted about various things including her friends and the stuff they’re up to, she’s so level headed and not like me at the age. I’m grateful she tells me things, she’s far more open with me than I was with my mom. She then got me a drink and told me to go to bed. Who’s the parent here?? Dick had made tea for them and they had a quiet night while I went to bed!





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