20th/21st December


I had amazing plans today so I got up, washed, dressed and happily went to work! Harvey had booked a local hotel and I was meeting him there in the afternoon. I’d told my colleagues that I was leaving early for an appointment. I’d emailed Harvey to give me some idea about the plan & timings.

A: I could do with a heads up of what time I’m telling people I’m leaving if possible xxx

H: Morning, check in from 13.30 to 14.00 so to suit you xxxxxx
So excited I’ve just knocked one out, now I’m worried I won’t perform arrrrrgghhhhhh xxxxx

A: That is fucking hilarious 😂
Cool your jets man, not long to wait. Let me know when you’re there and I’ll jump in a taxi.
So looking forward to seeing you xxxxxx

I kept busy and tried not to think about it too much. I debated about whether to change into my underwear before I left work or change there. I thought maybe he’d call me on the way so I had some indication of ETA but I received an email shortly before 2pm.

H: Harvey has landed, room 54, towards the health centre turn right opposite and up the stairs xxxxxx

A: On my way xxxx

Left work in a hurry without changing, arrived and knocked on the door and he let me in. He was still clothed I was surprised to see. We kissed and I told him I wanted to freshen up in the bathroom and I wouldn’t be long. I took my washbag with me that contained the underwear I’d worn in the photo on Saturday that didn’t see any action in the hotel. I quickly stripped, had a wash & put on the black tie sided knickers, stockings & sheer lingerie top that tied at the breasts. Climbing back into my heels I walked into the bedroom. His face was a picture, genuine surprise I feel. He told me I looked amazing and that it was quite the surprise and he wasn’t expecting it!

We kissed and it all went from there. I know we had over 2 hours of amazing sex and I lost count how many orgasms I had! He’s such a good fuck, quite good with his fingers & tongue too. Top marks! I can’t remember who did what to whom in which order but it ticked all my boxes. I remember one moment I’d pushed him on his back on the bed whilst I took top rocking on my feet crouched astride him and he looked amazed and said he would remember this for the rest of his life, I think I surprised him, however I can’t last long in that position so it was quite short lived!! After one of the orgasms I started shaking and he asked me if I was ok as I was trembling and I told him it was only to be expected after such an epic orgasm. It was varied positions with plenty of excitement and when we were both spent and time was up we showered and said goodbye.

I got home happy but exhausted and wrote yesterday post God I needed that!!!

Dick came home in a spectacularly shit mood but I decided to ignore him, after all I’d had a good afternoon and wasn’t about to let anyone spoil it. Joy asked if her friend could sleep and I said yes. I had a quiet night, I had a bath, washed my hair and went to bed!


Today has been manic! Dick was on early and made enough noise to wake the dead when he got up. Grumpy attitude complaining about his socks being paired up wrong so guess what? From now on he can pair his own fucking socks up I’m sick of it the miserable bastard! He went off to work and I got up and ready to go to work myself. Another busy day trying to get ahead of myself before I break up on Friday. I ached everywhere! Harvey had joked yesterday that we’d had quite the workout and that we’d ache today and he wasn’t wrong. I could feel it especially in my neck where he’d pulled my pony tail to get to my neck. My inner thighs from where I’d ridden him were quite tender too. I emailed him.

A: Well I feel like I had a damn good workout yesterday! Inner thighs, arms, shoulders and neck all ache today. I can definitely tell what side of my neck you prefer as the right side definitely got more attention than the left!
Good times, thanks again!
Hope you got sorted with the stuff you needed to get done and didn’t trigger any concerns with how long you were out.

H: I’m aching too and that’s with you doing all the work…. no concerns at this end. Wow what a memory bank I have, you looked amazing and the underwear was fantastic xxxx

A: Glad you enjoyed it, you made me feel very desired & wanted so thanks for that. I slept really well seems like all I needed was a good seeing to 😂😂

H: Happy to help, and long may it continue next time I’ll actually take the blindfold and rope out of the bag ……..

A: I don’t believe you!! I wouldn’t have stopped you, for the record………….!

Once again Dick came home in a throughly vile mood but instead of biting my tongue I decided I’d had enough and let rip as there was only us in. I’ve actually reached the point I can’t continue. It’s 4 days to Christmas and he’s behaving like a petulant child and I’m tired of it, I’m so fucked off I’ve told him he either tells me what the problem is and we try and sort it or he can pack his bags and fuck off! I’m serious, I’ll cancel his family coming Christmas Day for dinner as I’m not doing it under these conditions. He doesn’t get to treat me like this and get away with it, it’s not fair. I’m tired of getting upset, crying, feeling like shit when I don’t deserve it. He said he’s just tired and pissed off with work which I can believe but that doesn’t mean he has to bring his shitty mood home and take it out on me! I’ve family arriving and I don’t have time for it I’ve too much to do. I could’ve done some of it tonight but I’ve been that upset I went to bed. Not a productive night at all. Let’s hope tomorrow is better!


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