16/17/18/19th December

Good few days really.


Friday was a relatively busy and productive day at work. Brightened up by a call from Harvey. We talked about meeting up on Tuesday and we had both been looking at hotels independently of each other so it’s good to know we both want this. I told him I’d seen a deal for a hotel nearby so he asked me to send it to him which I did. The one he was suggesting was more expensive and further away and although it’s lovely, for what we need it for the one on offer is ideal!!!

Got home to find my living room in complete chaos as Joy had convinced Dick that the tree needed to go up, she’d enlisted the help of her granddad to bring round their spare tree and all the trimmings. All my nail stuff needed to be moved as the tree is significantly bigger than the tree I usually put up which is slim and really elegant. Turns out this tree is too wide at the bottom and it won’t fit so the chaos had to stay until Sunday when we got another tree.


Got up and went out and got some provisions for the kids as we were away for Dick’s Christmas do. Left them with money for take away etc and strict instructions to behave and not trash the house! Frank was going out for his friends birthday so his girlfriend Jayne was going to stay in and keep Joy company.

We got packed up and left for the hotel. Had a relaxing afternoon sat on the bed watching Christmas movies and eating crap. Not exactly mills and boon is it? I did pack some pretty amazing underwear in an attempt to pretend we had a working marriage but honestly don’t know why I bothered. He saw me unpack it and said I’m really not interested so don’t waste your time. Thanks. How nice to be wanted and desired not. Rather than get upset about it I just focused on having a bath and getting ready for the event. He’s still not had a shave so I looked pretty good compared to him, I wore a short black dress, stockings, heels and more make up than a Brazilian drag queen. Painted on a bright big smile and did my usual job of being corporate wife of the year. It wasn’t totally unbearable though as I had some great company in the form of two of my friends (other wives) and we danced and laughed. By 11.30pm I had had enough though but not before sending Harvey a photo of me from the toilets showing my stocking tops and heels.

A: Here I am at the worlds most boring Christmas party, in the disabled toilets with my knickers down, little black dress, heels & stockings going to waste.
Wish you were here!/?  xxxxx

I then made my excuses about 1am and left for my room. Super tired but thought there was little point trying to sleep as no doubt Dick would come up worse for wear and wake me. I decided to put on the underwear and sent Harvey a photo of me wearing it entitled wasted.

A: I took this underwear with me, god knows why. I wore it anyway and took a photo so you could see it at least.
I know you would’ve appreciated it xxxxxxx

I then climbed into bed.


Dick came to bed around 2am and was out like a light thankfully so I got a few hours rest and although I didn’t sleep I was at least comfortable.

Got up to breakfast then came up to shower and pack to go home. Dick saw me pack the underwear and said he was sorry that he doesn’t feel like it and that I shouldn’t take it personally, it’s totally him. Told him it’s ok at least he’s honest but I’m finding it very difficult to not take it personal, after all a girl has needs. I left it there, I was tempted to tell him I was starting to think of going elsewhere but why tip him off?

Went home and went shopping for a Christmas tree with the kids. Found one and left them to it to dress it while I sorted upstairs.

I received a few emails from H in response to mine from Friday & Saturday.

H: I’m on it! (In response to the hotel deal)

A: Good to hear. However not the end of the world if you can’t sort either xxxx

H: Yes please xxxxxx (in relation to the toilet photo)

H: Wow, it’s not wasted on me, you look gorgeous and very fuckable xxxxx (in response to the underwear)

A: Thank you kind sir xxxxx

You walk over and untie the ribbon holding my top together and stroke your thumbs over my nipples making them instantly hard. Give them both a pinch making the blood rush to them so you can suck them. Undoing the side ties on my knickers so they drop to the floor so you can finger fuck me where I stand…………… Xxxxxx

I then got an email, he sent the hotel booking confirmation

H: You won’t be wasted on me on Tuesday xxxx

A: Excited beyond belief.
Thank you xxxxxx

H: Fast and hard hitting your clit on every stroke until you cum over my fingers

H: Pushing you onto the bed so I can eat your sex and noble your clit sucking it hard and biting gently mmmmmmmxxxxxxxxxx

A: Tuesday is going to be amazing so looking forward to seeing you xxxxxxx

H: Me too, I booked under the name of Harvey Spector xxxxx I’ll try and get an early check in I’ll need to leave at 17.30 to 18.00 ish

A: That’s hilarious. They may ask for ID so I hope you’ve factored that into your plans………!
I can be there anytime so that will work for me for getting back.
Looking forward to seeing you xxxxxxx

Got home and made a start on the food shopping in readiness for Christmas, bought everything we needed that we could get already except for fresh meat & veg we need on the day. Came home, put it all away, made tea then had a bath to get myself Harvey ready! Did my nails and had an early night.

Great profuctive few days!





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