3rd to 14th December

Not much to say really and very little has happened that was worth writing about. I had a relatively quiet previous weekend. Went to afternoon tea on the Sunday with my in laws and some of my SIL friends. I wasn’t particularly looking forward to it but it went ok. Joy came too as she’s now 16 and enjoyed herself and behaved impeccably. Her & my niece get along really well so they were great company for each other.

Last week passed quickly as I had the Christmas do on Thursday and stayed overnight so me, Freya & Emma could spend Friday shopping before getting the train back. It was ok as Christmas do’s go but as usual there’s always the drunken arsehole that has to behave like an idiot. I did miss Harvey, it would’ve been nice to spend some time with him but it is what it is and it’s just paused, not stopped. We have next year to look forward to when he returns.

On Friday I found out that my Christmas wish came true a year early as it’s looking very much like the whole family off to Disney next year is off. Apparently my SIL (not the ones that’s celebrating her birthday which was the main reason for going) has said because she works in a school she doesn’t only want to go for 2 weeks and as I was adamant that we went for longer which meant we’d have a separate villa, she’s moving it to August. She’s called Dick, told him she’s sorted a price out for us all to go directly on the same plane and stay in one villa and suggested he agrees to it all behind my back and surprise us all with it as our Christmas present!!!!!! Luckily he knows I’d be furious which is why he’s told me. He said it’s the last chance for his mom to come away with everyone and that we should consider it. Should we???? I don’t fucking think so, we are already paying for 7 people, August is more expensive and there’s less chance to save up for it. Not to mention the small fact that Joy is already booked to go to the canaries with her friend and neighbours family and there’s no way I’d do that to her again. Fury didn’t quite exactly cover the range of emotion that I was feeling but then realised that actually it’s a good thing as we don’t have to go -result!!! We can now hopefully do our original plan of going the following October so we can do the horror houses etc. as we originally planned!

Then this weekend I went away with Dick, Frank, Jayne, Joy & her friend Taylor. 5 hour trip made uncomfortable as my father in law decided to tag along last minute so very cramped in the car on the way back as Frank & Jayne had to come back a day early as they had to go back to work on Monday! Never again. Just once I’d like to have my family to myself for a change. But saying that we had an amazing time and I got my tattoo covered up with an new amazing design which I love.

That’s it. There has been contact between myself and Harvey, voice and emails, so I’ll post them here in chronological order. We had a bit of a break as we’d (I’d) pressed pause but it didn’t last long. It’s gone back to being steamy so enjoy!

A: I’m sat in here on the worlds most boring conference about ethics & compliance and all I can think about is all the fun I’ve had in this room.
I know I’ve pressed pause, for good reason, but I want you to know that I’m looking forward to pressing play again.
I’m sat here wet just thinking about the first time and how hot & heavy it got. My dress round my waist, my breasts out of my bra and your tongue & fingers getting me off expertly, me bending over the cupboard and you fucking me from behind. Good days 🙌🏼 I miss them, I miss you and I miss the interaction.
Come back soon xxxxxxx

H: Xxxxx afternoon, wow I’m hard now thinking the same thoughts xxxxxxx

It’s your Christmas lunch in 15 I would like to be under the table with my head up your skirt licking and tweaking your swollen clit xxxxxxx

I would settle for a seat close to you so I could hear your voice xxxxx have a good afternoon, wife is asleep so I’m going to stroke one out thinking despicable thoughts and new ways to get you off, tonight would have been epic xxxx

Missing you too

A: It would be so much better if you were coming – literally!
Still here, me & Freya are on the 4.30 train joining them all later.

Enjoy the image of me on my knees while I blow you whilst you hold my pony tail. Think I too will have to relieve the tension when I get there. If you’re good I may send you a photo from the hotel!

H: Yes please, it wouldn’t take long for me to explode in your mouth….. then I can concentrate on you, leading you to the bed by your hair laying you across the corner face down arse up your neck stretched as I pull your head back with your hair, you quivering in anticipation as I smack your arse 10 slaps on each cheek after the 10th my fingers probe you to check your wetness you are getting wet but need further correction, another 10 and you are glistening and ready for my attention, tongue and fingers fast and furious 2 fingers from each hand stretching you wide tongue deep inside and my little fingers teasing your ring before I force the tip of my tongue into your tight arse tonight you will be my anal Whore ……

A: Yes please, that sounds just like what I need right now.
Totally under your command xxxxx

A: Sorry there’s no photos! I look disgusting in them all (and no I’m not being too hard on myself!!) I’ve put so much weight on that even if they were taken from the Hubble telescope I’d look enormous. Needless to say I did try. At least I have some time before you’re back to get my arse in gear.
I did do some reading though and I’m definitely coming round to the idea of being blindfolded & tied up………..!
I missed you loads, I think you’d have made it just about bearable had you have been here. I’ll fill you in on all the gossip when I speak to you.
Have a good weekend, I’m off now until Tuesday so I’ll catch up as and when I can xxxxxx

H: You could never look disgusting xxxxx have a good rest and I’ll email when I can.
Is Dick away in 2017? You might need a day or too for the marks to disappear if I get my way xxxxx

A: You’re far too kind (vested interest lol!)
Hope you have a wonderful weekend and that having your daughter back means you get some help.
Bring it on, so looking forward to seeing you. Naked or otherwise!

I read a blog by one of my favourites on here (Samantha!) so I sent it to him.

A: idea! Enjoy xxxx

Link here

H: Finger licking good xxxxx hard at the thought and would love to bring you off fast and hard xxxxx

A: Can’t wait babe xxxx
I’m seriously overdue a good session.
Hard, fast fucking xxxxx

H: And me xxxx what’s on this weekends agenda?

A: I’m currently in the back of Frank’s car travelling to have my tattoo done this weekend so slightly shitting my pants as I don’t do pain. It’s going to be interesting lol.
What you doing?

H: Tidying the house and putting Christmas decorations up xxxx rock and roll….
Looking forward to seeing your art work and can’t wait to give it a closer inspection with my tongue as I kiss my way to your clit with fingers probing and squeezing, forcing a way inside to finger fuck you so hard you will think I’ve broken you….

Hard and horny, you are naked in thigh length fuck me boots legs apart stood up with your hands behind your head blindfold on, your new ink begging to be kissed, I walk around your body scraping my nails across your back pulling your nipples teasing your body, dipping into your sex slapping your arse bringing you off with my fingers xxxxxxxx

I received a notification from WordPress that someone with a familiar username had found my blog, I was surprised as I’d worked out it was Harvey pretty easily.

A: How did you know I’ve just bought some boots that will very much make that fantasy a reality??
Must make sure they get packed when you return!!!!
Looking forward to it so much!
Ps been reading my blog again have you???? You’re a bit of an idiot using your real name, just saying!

H;  xxxxx

We had a chance to catch up on the phone. We had some general chat about our weekend our families, I had sent him photos of my tattoo as it was being done and he seemed to like it, think he was a bit disappointed I didn’t get the thigh piece done but there’s always next time, he said he’d emailed me so I read it when I got home.

H: I slept well waking up intermittently thinking about your fuck me boots, you were waiting for me in the hotel room and opened the door naked, freshly shaved and wearing a fantastic pair of boots with heels to die for.
You command me to sit in the corner and remove my clothes as I watch you walk round the room teasing yourself and exploring your own body sat in the corner of the bed you bring yourself off as I slowly stroke myself I ask politely if you would lick my shaft and you oblige massaging my balls as you swallow my cum now we are equal I take control leading you by your hair to the bed face down arse up my fingers delving in and out tongue and fingers probing and tweaking fingers dipping in and out pressing down and hitting the spot as my free hand gently smacks your arse you quiver and cum as my thumb stretches your tight arse and my tongue licks your rim.
You obey
“Hands on head”
You obey
“Eyes closed”
You obey
I step back and sit down observing every inch of your body I ask you to turn round slowly
You obey
With your back to me a say “stop, open your legs I want to watch as you finger fuck your self you may lean forward and hold onto the dressing table”
You obey
My cock throbs as you finger fuck yourself and I watch your blood red nails dipping in and out slow and rhythmic as you cum over your hand.
“Stand up”
You obey
“Turn around close your eyes”
You obey
I stand and guide you to the chair
You bite your lip as you hear the zip on my small bag open, I slide a blind fold over your eyes, you smile slightly in anticipation as the silk scarf ties your wrists lightly to the chair, you realise you can just wriggle free if needed.
I stand behind you and kiss your neck squeezing and pulling your nipples playing with your tits stroking squeezing slapping then repeat…..
Pulling your pony tail back hard exposes your neck I kiss and nibble my way to your nipples as I wonder how much pleasure and pain they can endure I reach for my bag and place a tube over your left nipple, pulling the plunger sucks you into the tube pulling it harder makes you gasp as your nipple throbs like never before, locking the plunger I repeat on the other one letting them settle and then stretching further judging your pain threshold and keeping you on the limit.
Nipples extend I finger fuck you fast and hard my thumb hitting your clit on every stroke as you cum again, I reach into the bag and you feel a tube around your swollen clit…. I pull the plunger and you cum and scream at the same time pain and pleasure in 1 locking the plunger I step back to admire the work as I decide what next ……..

A: Good job I came home to an empty house! Fucking hell, that was quite a thing to read after a long day. My nipples immediately got hard and I was wet just from reading it. I’ve just got myself off imagining all of that, imagining your hands stroking me, kissing me, licking my clit, fucking me with your fingers before you fuck me with your hard cock.
Can’t wait until next year, I’m looking forward to sucking you, licking and nibbling you until you cum in my mouth.
Bring on next year!
Thank you xxxx


A; Thoughts? On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being not at all & 10 being everything, how much do you wish we were together right now???
For me it would be around 25 as I woke up hornier than ever and had to take care of myself. I know you’d do a much better job. But thanks for the thoughts you were amazing xxxxxxx

H: 25 would be my number, although I’ve had a hurty head all day, so I would have to lay on my back while you did all the work xxxxx

A: Did you overdo it in the pub?? 😂😂
I’d be more than happy to let you lie there while I rode you so you could watch yourself sliding in & out of me…….

H: That would be heaven, yes I was a bit greedy xxxx

A: Silly boy! However I find no better cure for a hangover than to be ridden quite hard like a thoroughbred race horse and put to bed wet!!!
How soon can you be here?? 😂😂😂

H: See you in 10! I wish xxxxx what’s the chances of hooking up next week?

A: Slim to none really unless I bunk off for the afternoon, what were you thinking?? Xxx

So that’s where we are, I mustn’t leave it so long because I forget what I’ve done, said thought about.

We will see what happens, I’d love to see him but I’m realistic enough to know it’s probably not going to align but there’s always next year. At least we have the odds chat and the online distraction and that’s enough for me now.

Lets see what tomorrow brings.

Night world!


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