1st/2nd December


I felt brighter for getting some sleep, finally I think my mind is slowing and it’s giving me a break from the constant churn of ideas/thoughts that wear me out. I think coming to terms with things and taking a step back has helped enormously.

Work was ok, big things keeping me busy & out of mischief which is good.

Didnt hear anything from Harvey, but didn’t expect to so no drama there!

Got home & Dick had given himself a kick up the arse and came home in a better mood. Maybe he got laid, who knows? We went food shopping with the intention of buying only healthy ingredients but epically failed at that. Chocolate, fizzy drinks, biscuits & shit along with loads of fresh fruit, vegetables & meat.

I emailed H as I got a notification on Facebook that my status 7 years ago was that I was having the interview for the job I have now.

A: 7 years ago today you interviewed me for the job I have now. Where does the time go?
Hope you’re ok Xxxxx

I went to bed!


Slept amazingly well. Everyone got up in a good mood which is a lovely but very rare occurrence.

Work was ok still really busy. Just wanted to get through the day as I had epic plans that night to watch Alter Bridge in concert. Day went quite quickly. I got a call from Harvey on my personal phone after lunch which was a pleasant surprise. We caught up about our days and he told me he’d replied to my emails. He told me that our old boss was adamant that I joined their team and was glad that I joined them. I told him I was grateful for the support he’d given me before the interview and he laughed that he used to make excuses to come and speak to me. I’m so bloody oblivious!! We had a conversation about the evening and I can’t remember what was said but I said something about having a coronary or a stroke and the mention of having a stroke pushed him over the edge and he said he’d got hard. Too funny.

After our chat I logged on to see the emails.

H: Wow, I remember the day well! Look at us now!! Xxxxx

H: I’ve missed you as well, Isn’t that breaking rule no 1?

A: Rule 1 is no risk, which leads to rule 2, no audit trail! Do I need to log on and delete your emails or are you keeping up to it?
Thanks for the chat, glad I still have the ability to get you hard without being there 😂

H: Probably as I’m rubbish at email admin although I never have the account on my phone if I’m at home.
It’s always an pleasure to hear your voice xxxxx

A: I’ll log on later and clear them to be on the safe side!
Likewise, have a nice night xxx

Got ready for the concert and it was beyond amazing!!! In between band changes I logged on and cleared his emails. He’s a fucking idiot though because he’s got unread messages, photos the lot! Also his default recovery email is his work one so I’ve deleted that and changed it to mine. I emailed him to let him know.

A: All deleted plus I’ve reset your recovery account as it was still down as your work email! xxxxx

Had an amazing time at the gig. Like a storm were really good, Gojira were a right load of shit, Volbeat were phenomenal and Alter Bridge were just fucking awesome. There isn’t enough superlatives to express how amazing they are live. Got home happy, phone dead, starving, ears ringing & buzzing. Dick was still up when I got in and made an effort to ask how it went. Literally wolfed down some cereals and went to bed!

An amazing few drama free days!


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