My previous post Pressed send! detailed the email I sent Harvey. I wasn’t sure when he’d see it or if he would reply if he did, but I was surprised to see that 4 hours later he had.

H: Dear Donna,

I wasn’t expecting that curve ball! Never say never…. I’m lost for words at the moment….
We have a strong friendship and I’m sure/hope we will press play in the near future.

H: Night night babe xxxx

A: It’s a little hard to maintain momentum when there’s so little communication. I hope you understand, it’s very hard to have a conversation when you have to wait half a week for a response……..!
I know you have bigger things to concentrate on so we can catch up when things get less busy for you.
Night babe xxxxxxx

I sent that response and thought that would be the end of that.

Stupidly sent out an urgent text message to the whole team en masse and forgot to take him out of it. He replied very professionally, he also asked when the Christmas do was as he was going to try and come. I gave him the dates but he replied he definitely can’t make it and he’ll see the team next year. I had a brief moment of “he might be coming excitement” followed by a real low disappointment that he couldn’t. It’s complicated because I miss him, not just the sex, but the friendship. I miss talking to him about random shit and I worry that he doesn’t have anyone to rant or talk too, he doesn’t have time to talk to me so how’s he’s dealing with everything? Ultimately it’s not my problem but it doesn’t stop me caring.

Logged on tonight to see another email.

H: Evening Babe,
I fully understand and agree it’s difficult or nigh on impossible to maintain a conversation at the moment, 2017 will be better, I’m still smiling xxxxxxx are you watching the game? Sons coming round with a few beers and a takeaway xxxxxxx

A: Thank you for understanding, I’m really looking forward to catching up in 2017 all being well. Gutted you can’t make the meal (not just for selfish reasons either!) but your family must come first, they don’t know how lucky they are, glad you’re still smiling.
Enjoy the match, I’m not a big ******* fan and hate ******** so I plan to watch the GP2 instead.
Enjoy the game, the beers & the takeaway xxxxxxxx

H: Thinking of getting this inked
(An image of a robotic body part he’s had major surgery on – no not THAT!!)

A: Very relevant but extremely expensive & very painful. Can I watch? 😂😂😂
Mines in less than two weeks and I’m starting to shit myself thinking about it!
How’s the beer??

H: Cold and very nice, too much pizza so full I can’t manage another beer, so 3 buds and bed xxxxxx

I’ve no idea how much that would be, or where to get it done? Thoughts?

A: 3 buds you’ve turned into a lightweight! 😂
I have no clue around here, I only trust the guys doing mine and that’s a 5 hour drive away! Get recommendations from your friends & go see some. Your looking at between £80 – 100 per hour and that would take about 3 to 4 hours depending on shading, colour etc as a guide.
Sleep well, thanks for the chat xxxxx

H: Night babe xxxxx

A: Night babe xxxxx
You’ve gone from one fucking extreme to the other……..!

A: Not complaining by the way, I’ve missed you xxx

All sounds positive and friendship intact still. So pleased he responded the way he did, he could’ve sulked and stamped his feet but he didn’t, he was dignified and lovely. My friendship with him is important and I’m so pleased we haven’t fucked that up.


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