Pressed send!

Dear Harvey………

………….. So, I’ve been thinking and I feel it’s time to press pause, not stop, because let’s face it neither of us have done anything wrong, it’s just a timing/distance/no communication thing.
I’m sure when you return we can pick up where we left off should we be inclined to do so. I think it’s evident you have your hands pretty full and I’ll be one less distraction from your very busy life, and to be fair I don’t think either of us will miss a conversation every 10 days and three emails a week.
Take care of yourself and your wife, I’m still here as your friend.

I planned to do this last night but thought better of it, thought no I’ll give him chance to get in touch and see what’s happening, but no. No news so I’ve pressed send. I doubt I’ll even get a reply but it’s done at least.



6 thoughts on “Pressed send!

    1. I got bored between replies. It’s lost it’s momentum and to be honest he’s got bigger things to occupy him, it’s a mercy killing if I’m honest. Hopefully we’ll pick it up when he returns!

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