Happy Thanksgiving

Being in the uk we don’t celebrate this holiday over here, but I do have a reason to be thankful.

Things have pretty dark this year but there has been incredible light in the form of my new friends.

We were put together on my birthday of all days, I was sat in a spa enjoying a spa day when I received a message from my favourite nail polish maker, she was doing a piece about customers and chose her favourite customers. We received a group message on Instagram asking if we would send her a head shot/selfie of ourselves and a link to our beauty blogs (Yes, I also write a beauty blog, well I did but I’ve lost my mojo!). This started a chat between us all about snapchat filters, dick pics and a realisation that we had so much in common that a true friendship was forged. The chat got so long it broke Instagram and we had to move platforms to facebook messenger. We have many things in common, for example, most of us were forces children, brought up on camps and barracks, we’ve struggled with eating disorders, difficult relationships with our mums, its bizarre. We also have a huge love and deep appreciation for Hugh Jackman. I mean who doesn’t?

I’ve shared more with this random group of women that I’ve ever shared with anyone. I would do anything for them, I want to protect them from anything and everything. I’m the oldest of the group and the youngest is 20. We all have our unique perspective on things so that when one of us needs advice there’s always one of us that’s been there, done that. It’s a thing of beauty and I couldn’t be more thankful for them. This has been undoubtedly the hardest year I’ve faced and these ladies have lifted me up and kept me sane.

For this I am incredibly thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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